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Best Horse Racing Bookmakers

Best Horse Racing Bookmakers Guide

There are lots of betting sites out there and even though all of them offer horse racing, it doesn’t mean you will get the same level of service with every one of them. This is why our horse racing betting team have reviewed and compared data, markets and odds to come up with an ultimate list of the best horse racing bookmakers. The list is continuously refined as our experts are checking every month to see if there are changes to the ranking.

Below you will find the updated top 5 horse racing betting sites. Make sure that you are bookmarking this page and check at the start of every month to find out if there have been significant changes and to ensure that you are always wagering with the absolute best horse racing bookmakers out there.

Since there are lots of betting sites that are offering horse racing betting it might be a rather daunting experience to continuously checking which are the operators that are providing the best possible value. This is where our site is helping you as you won’t have to spend long hours researching and you can straight on get to the business instead. We do suggest you open a betting account with at least 5-6 or top horse racing bookmakers as in this way you will be able to make a decision based on value on a bet to bet basis. If you already have accounts with the bookies suggested below, check out our dedicated free bet section where you will find lots of others interesting options. All the betting sites that we have listed on this site have a regular UK Gambling Commission license so they are 100% safe and trustworthy.

Best 5 Horse Racing Bookmakers

BestBettingSites.Online: Find the Best Horse Racing Bookmaker Easily

Every single day we are working hard to collect horse racing bookmakers information to ensure we are only listing the top horse racing betting site. We then update our ranking so that you can be sure you are getting the best possible value when betting on horse racing.

One bookmaker that is consistently scoring very high when it comes to horse racing odds is BetVictor. Even though we cannot predict what will happen in the future we can certainly say that when you are wagering with BetVictor you are pretty sure to get very competitive odds on most horse races. The results of our tests were that BetVictor Horse Racing odds were the best or joint best 61% of the time. This means that if you had an account with BetVictor for your horse racing wagers, you would have got the best possible price 61 times out of 100 bets. As you can clearly understand, this is an excellent value over a certain period.

Best Horse Racing Bookmakers

What is the Best Horse Racing Bookmaker when it comes to Best Betting Promotions?

There are lots of different bookmakers that are tempting potential horse racing customers with special offers. Others also give out generous promotions to keep existing horse racing punters active.

Everyone loves something for free, especially when betting is concerned and we strongly advise to take full advantage of betting promotions: having said that, do not just go for any offer but check that it will fit into your regular wagering activity. If you are also betting on other sports in addition to horse racing you might want to check our sports betting section where you will find the best bookmakers split by different sports, including horse racing.

You should never take advantage of an offer just because the value attracts you: if it is an event or a market that you are not comfortable with you might end up losing more money then anticipated. You should only use those betting offers that fits well with your personal betting habit. The majority of horse racing betting offers are those:

Horse Racing Enhanced Odds Offers For New Customers:

Since there are so many bookmakers out there offering horse racing odds, betting companies need to make an effort so that they stand out. One way to do that is to provide extremely generous odds to new customers that will open an account with them.

They usually do around big events like the Cheltenham Festival: for example, you can find 50/1 for a favourite horse to jump a fence. As you can see this is taken to the extreme and it is a way to make big headlines and get more customers. The maximum stake is usually limited to £1, but still, those type of horse racing betting offers tend to be more generous than the regular introductory free bets (which are typically added on top of the enhanced offer). Those type of offers are limited in time as they are linked with a betting event so make sure you are making the most when those are available: you can check our homepage for the latest horse racing enhanced odds offers.

Enhanced Odds Offers For Existing Customers

Most players love to see their loyalty being rewarded and rightly so. Bookmakers tend to offer, from time to time, enhanced odds offers especially around big events to incentivise their players to stay loyal and active. For example, you might get some odds to increase for a certain period of time just in the few hours before the race. Alternatively, during big horse racing festivals you can get some runners at double the odds or bigger. Usually, enhanced odds offers for existing customers do not carry the same value as the new customers’ promotions but still will give you a great added value.

For instance, you might get a 6/4 price increased to 2/1 or a 10/1 to 12/1.

Moneyback Specials Offered By the Best Horse Racing Bookmakers

Those type of offers are very popular for horse racing betting. They allow punters to get money back if something happens during the race: for example if your selection ends up second within a certain distance or if within certain places from the main favourite. In some cases, some best horse racing bookmakers are even refunding all losing bets on a certain race.