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Build Your Own Bet With Bet Builders

Bet BuildersBet Builders are in short an automated way of requesting a bet from a betting site. If you want a price that is not listed in the betting sites, until now you had to request the odds by getting in touch with an operator either via social media, email, phone or live chat.

Usually betting sites have become quite efficient in responding however you still need to plan sometime in advance as you would need to wait for a reply. Also, it is not an ideal way if you want to compare the odds with others betting sites.

Majority Of Requests Are On Football

The vast majority of request a bet are around football markets, and with Bet Builders functionality you can skip the human intervention and build your bet automatically. This will not only save you time, but it will also allow you to check the odds of more combinations.

Several top sites are offering this feature, and the reason why we haven’t listed those here is that the principle is all the same. Below you will find all the details on how to build bets, how the odds are created and how to ensure the best possible value.

How Can You Build A Bet?

Building Bet functionality is pretty straightforward to use. Some versions of it are restricted to mobile (like Coral for example), but in most cases, you will be using this functionality anyway from this device. At the moment most betting sites are restricting bet builders to football, but it is important to check as not all leagues and events are available.

When you have identified the qualifying market, you can start building your own bet. Bet Building is made by mixing different markets together to come up with a unique combination of two or more bets that has to happen in order so that you can get a payout. It could be match result, sent off, number of corners and so on.

Instant Odds Price

Once you are happy with your selections, you will be offered an instant odds price. You can also change the selections of the bet like you wish by adding or removing items: obviously, this will have an immediate effect on the odds.

Once you are satisfied with your predictions, just set up a stake and then proceed to place your bet as you would normally do with regular betting markets.

Bet Builders & Related Contingencies

related-contingencyBet Builders functionality allow you to select and combine some markets that are linked with the same event, also called related contingencies. Related bets are those linked markets that will influence the outcome of a different market.

So to make an example result and goalscorer markets are very closely related. It is more likely a team will win if a player of that team will score and the other way around. This is the reason why you are not allowed to combine related contingencies into a standard acca bet.

Related Contingencies

To allow punters to still place bets on related contingencies betting sites have created off the shelf packaged bets like scorecasts and wincasts. If you, however, wish to combine different markets together you can do it by using a Bet Builders or odds request feature.

How Odds Are Calculated And How Fair Are They?

Betting sites are making a profit by building margins into their odds. The perfect scenario for a bookmaker is to balance all the possible outcomes in a market: to do so they need to attract an equal proportion of bets on all the different outcomes so they can make a profit.

Balancing a book is a lot easier for markets that only have a reduced number of outcomes and that do naturally attract lots more bets. Less famous and obscure markets do carry more significant risks to the betting site and to balance these bigger margins are built in.

More Selections, Bigger The Bookies Margin

If you are betting on a very popular football match, every individual market will be very competitive so you can expect the final odds to be decent. Having said that, the more selections you are combining, the bigger the margin becomes so eventually you will get more value in betting on the match result alone.

The way Bet Builders are calculating odds is by using a software that is taking the price of every single scenario and combine it with the others taking into account the fact that those are all related contingencies.

If you believe that those predictions will come through using a bet builder it is a good idea. Bet Builders bets are carrying higher risks both for you and for the betting site however if you are correct the rewards can be excellent.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Building Your Own Bets

pro-conThe most significant benefit of building your own bet is the fact that you are in total control. Usually, when betting, you are trying to find betting markets that are as much as possible close to your ideas, but when you are building your own bet, you can find the exact match.

A Bet Builder is an automated way to combine some related bets together with the final scenario that should match what you believe it will happen during a football game. For instance, you might think a team will win, but it will be a hot game which means there will be 2 red cards: with Bet Builder you can place a bet that exactly follow your idea of the outcomes of the game.

The nice thing is that by combining the predictions, you will increase the odds and can potentially turn a small stake into a big win. Similarly to accumulators, you can place a few small stakes bets with bet builders in addition to your regular wagers. Surely Bet Builders bets with small stakes are quite funny to place and also risks are rather minimum.

Advantages And Disadvantages

It is important to remember that bet builders odds will be poorer in comparison with the other bets types and this is the main disadvantages as fas as they are concerned. Betting sites know well that those types of bets carry more risks and for this reason, they do build in more significant margins. Eventually, though it is down to you that is going to decide if the odds offered are a good value based on the scenario you predict.

A good thing about using Bet Builders vs Request A Bet is that you can compare the odds you being offered with others top betting sites. Lots of betting sites now have this feature, and you can secure the best possible price by shopping around a bit.