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Bet TypesIn the last decades, things have changed significantly as far as betting and sports are concerned. In the digital era betting sites are now able to provide bets for every taste and for every event on the planet. There are so many opportunities that it can even be confusing for the punters who are used to place just a simple single or accumulator. For example, on betting sites, there are all sorts of handicaps, Asian bets, Yankees, Lucky and so on.

With this guide, we are trying to give you the basics to understand the different sports type bets so that you can decide what the ones that meet your taste are. Having a better understanding of what betting opportunities are available can have a significantly positive effect on your sports betting activity.

Standard Bets
Single Bets

singleA single bet is a bet that is placed on an individual selection. It doesn’t need to be an outright bet (like for example Chelsea to win the game) but it can also be just a single betting like (for instance Chelsea to score over 2.50 goals). So a single is any bet with a single unit stake, and that also includes straight line accumulators.

When betting on singles make sure that you check that the price you being offered is of good value: a single is one of the most competitive bet types and therefore betting sites are competing to provide the best odds. Normally single bets have higher minimum bet limits than multiple, but it should never exceed £0.50 or £1.

Win, Place & Each-Way Betting

Even if those types of bets are typically used in horse racing, they can be applied to any sports.

A win bet is a single bet that will give you a return if the selection wins the event. A place bet instead will still give you a profit if your selection will end in a predetermined position: for example, a place bet on the winner of the Premier League might require your team to end in the top 3 positions in the table.

What Is Each-Way Bet?

An Each-Way bet is instead a combination of a win & a place bet: it usually does require two stakes. For instance, you might bet £10 each-way bet at 8/1 on Man City to win the Premier League with 3 place bets: the total bet, in this case, would be £10×2 = £20. In this case, you will have half of your bet which is £10 on Man City to win the Premier League and the other £10 on a place bet at a quarter of the odds (which will be 2/1).

If Manchester City wins the Premier League you will get paid on both parts of the bet: so you will be getting £80 for the win bet and £20 for the place = £100 + £20 stake back. If Manchester City finishes second or third, you will still be paid the place part of your bet so you will have £20 + £10 of your stake back so £30 in total.

It is possible to place each-way accumulator, and full cover bets as well. Every bet that has a place chance can have an each-way component. Always remember that each-way betting will always double your stake as you will be making two bets instead of a single one.

Accumulator Betting

MultiplesIt is described as multiple bets some linked win singles that are also called accumulators. To have a return, you need all your selections to win. A double bet is the result of two betting lines (for example Chelsea and Man City both to win), a treble bet is the result of the outcome of 3 betting lines. Accumulators that are higher than a treble are typically called X-Fold where X is the number of selections (like four-fold, five-fold and so on).

You can decide to place more multiple bets depending on selections: for example, if you have 5 selections you could also place 1 five-fold bet, 5 4xfold bets, 10 x trebles, 10 x doubles and 5 singles. So if this is your decision you should probably place a full cover bet as we will see in more details later.


Multiple bets odds are cumulative: if you do place a £1 treble and each selection has odds of 6/1, 9/1 and 16/1 the multiple odds will be 1189/1.

There are also some accumulators that offer fixed odds on some selections regardless of the real cumulative odds: this is done when there are enhanced odds offers for example. For example, you could get 6/1 on Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea all to win while the actual odds will be 5/1. It is essential to check that the actual odds you are being given are of good quality as you might well get a better true odds cumulative price by shopping around.

Accumulator bets usually are being considered poor value because betting sites have high margins on those. If this is generally true, we do love those type of bets as you can potentially win large amounts with a very low stake. You can read more about accumulator betting, the best strategies and the best bookmakers in our comprehensive accumulator guide.

What are the More Complex Bets?

In the past, more complicated types of bets like the full cover, forecast, spread betting were dedicated only to few experts that were betting on those in shops. Also, those bets were typically restricted to horse racing alone. The significant change that has happened with online betting is that those type of special bets were made available to a much larger audience and also more sports.

Full Cover Betting

Full cover betting is more complicated on paper, and this tends to put off more punters. In fact, there is nothing to be scared of these types of bets as they are merely multiple accumulators. In this section, we will be looking at those bet types to help you better understand how they work and decide if they can be useful for your betting style.

Handicap Betting – those bets are particularly useful when there are firm favourites. They do provide an advantage or a disadvantage to one of the contestant making the odds more balanced: for example, a handicap can be a goal advantage to a team before the game etc.

Full Cover Betting – this is the combination of multiple bets that will ultimately give you more chances of winning given some selections. This is made of 11 bets that are 4 fold accumulator, 4 x treble and 6 x doubles. In the full cover betting, you only need two selections to win to get a payout.

Conditional Betting – this type of bet needs some conditions to be met for the bet to continue. For example, you can place a bet on Tottenham and Arsenal both to win, but instead of placing two separate single bets you could do a conditional betting: only if Tottenham will win, your initial stake is re-invested on Arsenal to win. With this type of bet, you can win twice if both teams are winning but if only one selection wins you will lose your stake.

Forecast Betting – with this type of bet you are predicting the final order of some selections. Similarly to the other kind of bets, this is mostly used in horse racing but fundamentally can be used in any sport. The most common type of forecast bet is to predict the order of the first two or three horses in a race. A different type of forecast is to predict the horses that will finish in the top 3 but in every order, etc.

Spread Betting – this is non-fixed odds betting where you make a prediction about a given result, and the reward that you get is based on how accurate was your prediction. This is a concept taken from financial markets but with sports might be a bit more complicated and it is mostly used with American Sports like NFL and Basketball.

Speciality Betting – this is a type of bet generally based on mathematical algorithm: they can be very complicated to understand at first but once into it can be fun and rewarding. One special bet is the Union Jack and you can discover more info here.
Bet Calculator – when placing a system bet it might be tricky to see from a bet slip what is the component that will give you the payout. For this reason, BetVictor are providing a bets calculator that can be used easily and freely and you won’t even need an account. The calculator will cover every bet type you can place, and you can also use it to build any bet you wish.

Horse Racing Bet Types

Going horse racingGambling started in the UK with horse racing, and this is one of the most important sports as far as betting is concerned. Some bet types fit this sport perfectly, and in this section, we will look at what are the most common betting terms used and all the different bet types you can place. We will also look at how to place those bets and where to find the most valuable odds and offers.

Football Bet Types

Top Goalscorer OffersFootball attracts more bets than any other sports, and in this section, we have looked in details of all the different types of bets that can be placed. You will learn how to place regular bets like accumulators but also more complex bets like full cover, Lucky 15, forecasts and similar. We will also tell you where you are likely to find the best offers by bet type and what are the things to watch out for.

Tennis Bet Types

Types of tennis betsTennis betting has grown significantly in recent years thanks to the digital era. Many different bet types can be placed on tennis: some are more straightforward, and some are more complex. In this section, we will take a look at all the different opportunities by wager type and also where to find the best value and offers.

Other Sports Bet Types

Below you can access all the different sports guides by merely clicking on the relevant links. In those sections, you will find all the details of the different types of bets available by sport and also a comprehensive guide on how to place them.