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How Can You Bet Online When Abroad?

abroadNow that it is possible to be connected from everywhere we take for granted that we can bet even when we are abroad. Unfortunately, it is not that simple as yet, as gambling laws are different even in neighbouring nations and this means that as soon as you are out of the UK, you will need to check what is the local regulation.

It usually depends by the operator as some might have acquired the license to operate in that territory while others might not. In this article, we will look what is the situation with the major betting sites so that you can find out if the country you are going to visit is covered and what are the others opportunities to bet. Brexit is also likely to affect those scenarios and if you want to see how betting abroad might be impacted take a look at our Brexit and Gambling section.

Best UK Betting Sites For Betting Abroad

By having more betting accounts with multiple betting sites you stand a better chance of being able to have your wagers when abroad. It is important to note that just because a betting company is accepting accounts in the country you are visiting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can still bet through your betting account. If in doubts best to check with the customer service to see what is the situation.

Below we have recommended the best betting sites that have the best international coverage, and that will increase your chances dramatically to be able to place your bets when on the road.


Ladbrokes is a massive bookmaker and it is active in many international markets. After all, this is not surprising as it is the oldest bookie in existence (since 1886) and since margin with Coral they have become the largest betting company in Britain.

Ladbrokes have listed 200 countries in their website where you cannot place a bet: if the country you are visiting in the list you might be okay but just to be sure it is worth to get in touch with Ladbrokes. After all one of the strong point of this large betting site is their customers’ service that can be reached both via live chat, email or phone.

It is worth noting that in some countries you will be allowed to bet but not in all markets or sports: in Germany, for example, you can’t bet on horse racing.
Ladbrokes it is one of our preferred bookies for when we are abroad. They don’t have to be used only on travels as they have a great betting site full of resources, odds, depth of markets and offers. Full Ladbrokes Review.

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Coral is one of the biggest and most popular betting sites in the UK and is also very handy when abroad. Even if they don’t have the same level of coverage of some of the other ‘big guns’ they are active in some countries (like New Zealand for example) where others aren’t so worth having Coral in your betting ‘luggage’ account list.

Similarly to what said before, it is worth checking with the customer service to ensure the place you are going has no limitations with Coral.

If you do not have an account with Coral, it makes complete sense to open a new one as they are a great bookmaker with regular promotions, great pre-event and in-play odds and top live streaming service. Full Coral Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill

William Hill is one of the biggest and oldest UK bookmakers, and as such, they do have licenses in lots of territories. There are more than 70 countries where it is possible to bet with William Hill, and some are Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland. Even if you are in Russia, you can bet through this bookmaker.

So including William Hill in your bag would be a great thing to do before leaving home. Full William Hill Review.

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888-sport 888 Sport 

The 888 holding group, which owns 888 Sport are an international online betting company and are present in a lot of countries. They are one of the legal betting sites that you can find everywhere you go, and it makes sense to have an account with them before going abroad.

One suggestion is that it does take a while for 888 Customers service to come back with an answer about the legality of betting through them in a specific country, so ask their support few days before leaving home. Full 888 Sport Review.

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Betfair is a bookmaker that have excellent offers, are innovative and as you might expect as they are included in this page, have perfect international coverage.

In the last few years, Betfair has expanded into more territories, and this means that you can now bet with this betting site in more than 50 countries. This is a betting site you should definitely have in your portfolio if you are going abroad and want to increase your chances of having your regular wagers. Full Betfair Review.

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Other Bookies Available Abroad

In addition to the once we have highlighted above there are also some others bookmakers that should be considered when travelling as they have an excellent reach:

Unibet – This betting site is huge in Europe, so if you are going on the continent they won’t let you down.

Betfred – This is another large betting site that is worth having in the betting account portfolio as they are in places that others aren’t.

BetVictor – This bookmaker has always had the vision of going abroad and in fact has been one of the first UK betting company to move their offices away from Britain. They have good worldwide coverage.

What Are The Rules For Betting While Travelling Abroad?

betvictor abroad restrictionsThe main problem is that the gambling laws are not unified between different countries and this is why the situation is pretty confusing when we are passing the UK border.

We have tried to summarise what are the situations you might come across when travelling abroad:

Licensed Unrestricted – in this case, a betting site has to have a license to operate and also need to pay local taxes and abide by local rules.

Licensed Restricted – here you might not be able to use your UK account abroad or you might be restricted to some markets or sections of the site.

Regulated – this is a situation with a grey area. Those countries do have gambling laws but do not license operators online. Bookmakers will make their own decision as to whether operating in the country.

Unregulated – it sounds dodgier then it is. Unregulated markets are those where there isn’t a specific law that applies to online gambling. Similarly to above, the betting site will make a decision if operating or not in the territory. A downside of betting in an unregulated market is that if something goes wrong, you might not have any protection at all. This is more concerning if you are opting for a local operator. If you just bet with your usual UK bookie, you should have no issues.

Illegal – betting sites are doing what they can to block customers to access from illegal territories. Many however will try to go around by using VPN services, but the downside is that if caught winnings might be forfeit. In addition to that, you might face legal proceeding if caught by local authorities. We suggest not to take the risk.

Generally holding more betting accounts with more betting sites will significantly increase the chances of you being able to bet from most countries in the world legally.

Licensed Markets

In licensed markets, bookmakers have to comply with the local regulation to get a license from the local authorities. If a betting site has the license in a country you are visiting you should be able to use your betting account there.

Many betting companies, however, are required by law to have separate websites (like for example ‘.it’ vs ‘co.uk’) and if this is the case, you might need to open a new account with that brand to bet in that country. Since to open a new account you need to be resident in that country you are basically not allowed to bet despite having a ‘UK’ account with that company.

Regulated, Unregulated And Illegal Markets

Rules and RegulationsThere are many countries in the world where there are simply no rules that regulate online betting and gambling in general. This means that they are in a ‘grey’ area situation. Some other countries do have some laws but yet they are not issuing licenses to operators.

Always remember that ultimately it is your responsibility not to bet from a country where gambling is illegal. Just because you are able to reach a betting website it doesn’t mean that you are allowed, and you are taking a considerable risk of not getting the payout and also get prosecuted if you are doing so from a market where gambling is illegal.

VPN – Virtual Private Networks

Lots of people try to go around the rules by choosing to use VPN to login into the betting websites when they are visiting other countries that are restricted by the betting company they usually bet within the UK. The VPN will hide the IP address and present a different IP address so that the betting sites think that they are in the UK even if you are abroad.

We do not suggest to use it as it does go against the terms and conditions of the betting site and if caught you might get your account terminated and lose any bets you have placed over the VPN. The best betting sites are using technologically advanced software capable of identifying those customers that are logging via VPN. The best thing to do is to legally use a betting site that also operates in the country you are visiting.

Taxation in Other Countries

VPNDifferent countries have different rules when it comes to tax, as you can imagine. In the UK bookmakers have to pay all the tax, and the punters are exempt. In Germany, for example, there is a 5% deduction both on the stake and the winning which has to be paid from both German residents and people that are betting within Germany. This is something to keep in mind as even if the betting site might let you bet from Germany, you might have an unpleasant surprise when looking at the winnings!

FAQ Betting Abroad
faqCan I bet in Pounds When Abroad?

If you are able to access your account and your account is in British Pound, you should be able to continue to bet in that currency.

Can I Make Deposits & Withdrawals When Abroad?

Again if you are allowed to use the betting account and have a registered method of payment set up, you should continue to operate deposits and withdrawals without any problems

Should I Sign Up With A Foreign Betting Site When Travelling?

You might be able to, but we suggest you don’t. In some countries the regulation is not good enough to protect customers and if this is the case you stand a chance of losing your winnings and maybe also have your financial and personal details hacked. The best would be to use a UK bookmaker that also legally operate in the area.

Should I Have Multiple Betting Accounts?

We suggest you do and there isn’t any harm in having several betting accounts with more betting companies. UK Bookmakers operates in different territories so by having more accounts you stand a better chance of being able to use a reliable betting site when travelling. In addition to that, you will also be able to benefit from generous welcome free bets offers and also shop around for the best odds. If you want to see a list of welcome offers take a look at our betting offers guides.

Is It Best To Place My Wagers Earlier?

Surely placing your bets before leaving the UK is an option but there are also downsides one of which you will not be able to make spontaneous bets or bet in play. If you really unlucky and there aren’t betting sites accessible from the location you are, you can always phone the bookmaker and place the bet: this will be still classed, thanks to some loopholes, as a bet placed within the UK.

Can You Take Part In Free Games And Free Bet Clubs While Abroad?

Some of the offers are limited to the UK, so I am afraid in some cases you won’t be able to take part unless you leave a friend or someone you know at home to enter free games or place a bet through your account while travelling. BetVictor and Coral, for example, are running great free games where you can win lots of money without risking anything. It is a shame to lose those when away so try to arrange some coverage where possible so you can still enter.

Is Any Difference Between Sportsbetting vs Casino When Abroad?

Sportsbook and Casino are different products and are typically licensed separately. It is possible when abroad you might be able to access only one of those two. Even in the UK some companies only offer sportsbook, and some do offer only casino: it is because they might not have both licenses.