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Betting Guides – Making The Best Of Your Betting Activity

At BestBettingSites.Online we not only have offers and betting sites reviews but we also provide highly details guides so that you can make the best of your betting activity. In this section of the website, you will find all the info you need to know about betting: we will look at the type of bets that are possible to make, popular offers, events and so on.

Best Betting Sites Complete Guide

betting on football 300x169 - Betting GuidesWe have analysed all the best betting sites in the UK that have a regular gambling commission license and looked at all the most essential features that can advantage you, the punter. In this guide you will also be able to learn what are the markets covered by the different betting sites, mobile betting functionalities, live betting and streaming, odds available and lots more. It is essential that you find and bet with the top betting site that matches your taste perfectly.

SportsBetting Guide

First Goalscorer BetEven if you are a veteran punter or a complete amateur, you will benefit from our betting guide as you will be able to find lots of information on how to bet efficiently on your favourite sports. We have selected the best bookmaker by sport: in addition to sports history guides, you will also be able to learn where to find the best odds, payouts sports terminology. In short, you will be given all the ammunition you need to get the most from your sports betting activity.

Payment Methods Guide

Banking solutionsThe main advantage of betting online is that you can easily fund your account from the comfort of your home without having to go in a shop. You can also do that on the go via your mobile phone. In our payments methods guide, we will take a look at the different opportunities to make a deposit or a withdrawal. We will also look at what are the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits and what are the pros and cons of the different payment methods.

Low Stakes & Low Deposit Betting Sites

Online BettingIn the past, we used to bet on betting shops, and there was not a minimum bet: it was possible to place a bet with 10 pence or twenty pounds it wouldn’t make any difference. A peculiarity of online betting is that there are minimum deposits, and those are generally set at £10 but are higher in some instances. If you are not willing to deposit £10 then you should check our guide where you will find lowest stake betting sites.

High Stakes And High Pay Out Bookmakers

Useful featuresThe online betting industry is buzzing with operators and this is great for punters as offers are better and also there is a considerable amount of betting sites to choose from. Since our site only presents the Best Betting Sites, we have handpicked what we believe are the best operators as we value quality over quantity. Smaller bookmakers generally tend to have significantly lower payout especially for less popular sports: this means that if you are looking to place a large bet or if you are looking for a big win then you should divert your attention to bigger online bookmakers capable of offering higher payout limits.

How To Bet Guide: How to Go From Beginners To Professionals

competitivityAs mention, this guide will be useful for you regardless if you have never placed a bet before or if you have been betting consistently for years. This is because we do cover the basics of how to place a bet but also more innovative ways of placing wagers that can enhance your betting activity. By following our guide, you will learn more about the betting industry and how to add significant value to your bets and ultimately increase your winning chances over time.

Football Betting Guide

Top Goalscorer OffersFootball alone has more than 70% bets in the UK and the more you know about the sport the better the chances to be more successful with your betting activity. This is why we have created full football guides section where you will find everything from the history of the sport, the best bookmakers to bet on football, betting guides on singles and accumulators and so on.

Horse Racing Betting Guides

Horse Racing BettingHorse Racing is an ancient sport and betting on horses has always been there. Lots of beginner punters might be a bit scared by the particular terminology used in this sport: if this is the case merely look at our betting guide as we have straightforwardly explained everything. Even if you regularly bet on horses with our guide, you will get useful insights on new markets and also on innovative ways of placing your wagers. In addition to that, we will also teach you how to look and take advantage of the most valuable offers in this sport.

Bet Types

Betting rulesThere are so many different ways of betting that even an expert punter might ignore some. In our complete guide, we have taken a good look at every way of betting so you will discover what is, for example, a Lucky 15 or how to place an each-way bet. To help you understand quickly, we have also provided some real examples of how those type of bets actually work in real life and also what are the pro and cons and the related risk/rewards.

Online betting sites nowadays allow for a tremendous amount of betting opportunities: you can bet on singles, you can do spread betting, multiple bets, forecast, conditional bet, etc. As mentioned, even if you are a betting veteran take a look at the guide and we guarantee you will find some bet types that you never crossed the path with.

Live Streaming and How To Stream

Live StreamingIf you want to watch a game or a horse race you can nowadays use some of the top bookmakers and watch it directly from your computer or mobile device. Some betting sites are better then others in providing live stream service to their customers and in our live streaming guide we will look at the reasons why. We will also explain how you can stream and what are the events that you are likely going to find. We also flag what the best sports to bet in play while watching in streaming are.

Live In-Play Betting Sites & How To Bet In Play

Horse BettingAll the major betting sites are offering live betting and some have huge sections with hundreds of in play betting lines. This is hardly surprising if you consider that with the arrival of the live streaming nowadays more bets are placed in play than pre-event. As always not all the betting sites are the same in regards to In Play service: in our guide, we will find out what are the best in play betting sites and also how you can get the most from this thrilling betting experience. We will also take a look at the different features available like cash out and how to get the maximum advantage of the in play offers.

Cash Out & Partial Cash Out Functionality Guide

Betting on DartsCash Out has become a very popular functionality also because more and more people are betting in play and like to take action on the go. With this feature, you can decide to cash out your bet (or partial cash out) if you believe your wager will go from a winning to a losing position. In our guide, you will be able to find out what are the best betting sites that are offering cash out functionalities and also when is best to take advantage of cash out. We will also provide you with information on how to use cash out in a smart way with other promotions

Bet Editing Complete Guide

Some betting sites also provide the opportunity to edit your bet both before the event and in play. We have a complete guide on bet editing so that you can learn first what are the bookmakers that are offering this opportunity and also what is the best practice to make the most of this feature. The live bet editing is very similar to cash out with the difference that instead of taking your winnings you place straightaway a second bet. If used correctly, this feature can not only be a fun way of betting but also can reduce your losses and increase your winnings.

How You Can Request Your Bet

Nowadays you will find such a variety of betting markets that you can almost bet on everything. If, however, you want a price for an event that is not present on the betting sites you can contact the bookmaker directly. Getting bespoke odds might require some days, so it makes sense to approach the bookmaker a few days before the event. Requesting a bet is very simple, and in most cases, you can also do so via social media (i.e. Twitter). In the guide, we will be looking at the value of those bespoke bets, how to make the most of it and also what are the recommended bookies to use for such service.

Bet Builders Guide

Some of the best betting sites are also offering bet builders: similarly to the request a bet functionality you can combine related markets from an individual match into multiple bets that reflect more closely your predictions. With those features, you are more in control and are lots quicker than traditional bet request. In this way, you can compare lots of markets in parallel.

Best Betting Sites & UK Gambling Industry

The UK is one of the better-regulated gambling markets in the whole world and in Britain, there are some of the biggest gambling companies. In our guide, we will take a close look at the top UK betting operators and also see what their offering to UK residents is. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn how the UK betting market is working and what are the rights you have if you are a UK customer.

Bet Calculator from BetVictor

If you do a quick search online, you will find a vast amount of bet calculators that will help you find the returns from different bets. If we look at betting sites though we have realised that the vast majority of bookmakers are not offering this service, maybe because they are not keen on you working out better value bets. BetVictor, however, do provide a perfect bet calculator where you will be able to figure out exactly the return you can have from any type of bets: this even include things like forecasts and reverse forecasts. To use it is very simple, and you don’t also have to have an account: if you are serious about betting, make sure you take full advantage of this useful and necessary functionality so to always go for the maximum value.

Betting Terminology / Glossary

Every sport has its own terminology and the same for the related betting. If you don’t know for example what a Pony is or you not sure what a banker bet represent don’t worry! In our guide, we are detailing out every single term so that you will not get confused when dealing with the world of online betting. You can use our betting glossary at any time when you encounter terms that you are not sure about it.

History Of Gambling & Bookmakers

Gambling has been with the humans for most of the history however for the majority of the time it has been unregulated and illegal. To understand betting today, it is essential to look at the evolution, and in our guide, we will take you through the most critical stages of the bookmaker’s history: we will look at how the law has changed over the years in Britain, the first bookmakers, betting sites, exchanges and the rise and fall of some operators. Ultimately we will also make some predictions on how the gambling online will look in the future.

What are Gambling Licences and What Are The Gambling Laws In the UK

Terms and conditions 300x297 - Betting GuidesAs mentioned the UK is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to betting industry regulation. Every bookmaker that is acquiring UK customers must now have a gambling license which is given by the UK Gambling Commission: this makes sure that customers money are guaranteed and that they can get fair treatment. For a customer, it is essential that you know what your rights so check out our guide when you will find all the critical information about the current law, the role of the UK Gambling Commission, how can an operator obtain a UK Gambling License. We have also listed the top betting sites that are operating in the UK. To understand the contest take a look also at the history of the betting law and what is the process to make a complaint if something goes wrong.

Betting Tax In The UK

Over the years regulations in regards to betting and gambling taxes in the UK have changed, and in this guide, we will take a good look at what is the current scenario and how the British regulator has come so far. We will also analyse the situation of a professional gambler and how winnings need to be declared. Different types of bets like spread betting are subject to different tax regulation compared with fixed odds so we will provide information about this. This, of course, in addition to a brief history of betting tax and also how you can bet if you are outside the UK or travelling.

UK Betting Age Restriction

In the UK it is not allowed to be involved in most forms of gambling if you are under 18 years old. Although the law is quite clear there are some questions around it: for lottery games, for example, the minimum age is 16 and for certain arcade games there don’t seem to be any limit at all. The regulator has struggled to come to terms with the fast development of technologies, and now questions like this are being asked: should the age of 18 be the firm limit for all forms of gambling? There are also lots of studies that are ongoing on the effect of gambling advertising on youth and how to reduce problem gambling. We will take a look at the most important once and at the measures that are currently being discussed to address those issues.

Betting Systems Guide

Betting Systems are very old. In fact, they have been around since betting has been invented. There are lots of different betting systems from the most famous like Martingale, D’Alembert to the dodgy ones that you might hear down the pub. If you are looking for the perfect system, don’t waste time as everyone will have it’s own pros and cons. In some cases, those even go against the terms and conditions of the betting sites which will, therefore, stop you at some point. This doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage from some of the most genuine betting systems and in our guide, we will take an in-depth look at the best performing legal betting systems, how they work and who has created them.

Betting Odds Guide

What are the oddsOdds are at the base of betting, and if you want to be successful as a punter long term, this is your bread and butter. In our guide, we will look at the different odds formats (Fractional, Decimal and American) and how to convert those. Some continental bookmakers for example only provide decimal odds and those are mostly used in exchange and spread betting: it is, therefore, essential for you to understand how they work especially if you are used to gambling with fractional bets. As you will be able to see from our guide, there is nothing to worry about as understanding how odds work is pretty straightforward: our experts have also made some useful examples so that you can quickly grab the concept.

How Are Odds Set by Bookmakers and How They Make Profit?

Bookmakers do employ traders that are expert that set prices on their behalf. Odds are set based on a probability an event will occur but also are influenced by the number of bets made on a particular outcome. Traders have the responsibility to balance the book and avoid that liability for a betting site will be too high. Make sure to read our odds guide as if you are able to understand how bookmakers are working you will also be able to see opportunities and get the maximum value out of your betting activity. In this guide, we will be looking at how odds are created, how bookmakers are managing their books and how to spot odds that have low or high value to punters.

How To Beat The Odds

As you will know betting doesn’t have any winning guarantees, but you can still ensure that you get the best possible value from your bets. Bookmakers’ odds are set by traders, and they usually build in the margin on every selection: this is fundamentally how the bookmaker is making a profit over time. Traders, however, can also make mistakes and give out odds that do not realistically represent the probability of an event to occur. As a punter, you want to be as skilled as possible to spot potentially overpriced odds lines and also have strategies in place to beat the bookmakers over the extended period.

Responsible Gambling Guide

Gambling is excellent fun, but it can become addictive. In the UK lots have been done to protect vulnerable subjects and bookmakers are required by the Gambling Commission to promote responsible gambling. We have a complete guide that will present all the different features that are available to punters to ensure that gambling is carried out in a safe and controlled way: you will be able to learn about self-exclusion, deposit limits and a lot more. Betting is great fun so let’s all make sure it stays this way.

Why People Like Betting?

In everything we do we take some risks and gambling is just part of human nature. With the arrival of digital opportunities to bet have increased and we are able to gamble or trade legally and securely at any time of the day. The adrenalin that comes with betting is fun but let’s not forget that there are limits and those shouldn’t be passed especially by those individuals that have some pre-disposition to addictions.

Betting Sites Complains, Limits and Bans

It does happen that players do not read terms and conditions of an offer or of a bet and that result in losing winnings or even the stake. If you are thinking to get away by abusing offers systematically to ensure you always win, do remember that you might be banned by the operator. If however you genuinely believe that it wasn’t your responsibility and that the betting site is merely refusing you to pay then there are steps you can take that we have outlined in our guide.

How To Make A Complaint Against A Bookmaker

Everyone makes mistakes, and this can also happen to bookmakers. If you believe a gambling operator has made an error that has damaged yourself you can make a complaint. The UK Licensed betting sites are required by the UK Gambling Commission to take customer complaints very seriously and have internal processes that have been set to deal with those. If you are not getting the case resolved after making a complaint directly to the bookmaker, you can always refer the matter to independent bodies like IBAS, ASA and the Gambling Commission. In our guide, we have explored precisely what you should do in such situations.

Betting Site Verification & ID

You might have asked yourself why you are required to provide identification to an online betting site. The straight answer to this is that bookmakers that are operating in the UK are required by law to check that you are allowed to be their customer. They need to ensure you are over the legal gambling age and that you are living in the country. Those rules are set so that minors and vulnerable people are protected and that fraud will be tackled. All those rules are contributing to making UK one of the safest places to bet and although you might find them annoying at times those are necessary. Some gambling sites will also require you to go through ID and verification checks. In our guide, you will find a lot more details about this so feel free to take a look.

What To Do If A Betting Site Closes

Under the UK law, customers money has to be held in separate accounts by the betting sites. The money, however, does not have the same protection as your money in the bank and it depends what is the operators level of protection that they have opt for your money. It is likely that if a betting site is closing you will lose what you have in your account, however, the chances of this happening are minimal as if you spot some warning signs you can withdraw the money and also it is likely other bookmakers will buy them out. Find out in our dedicated article what is likely to happen when a betting site or a casino go burst both offline and online.

How To Bet When Abroad

A number of UK bookmakers will permit you to place wagers when you are in different countries however this depends on the license, regulation and also if the bookmaker is operating in the region. In our guide, we will take a look at what are the top UK betting sites that are covering most countries abroad and also at the rules that apply in those circumstances: i.e. tax laws VPN’s and so on.

Gambling Laws In The World

Rules and RegulationsThe UK is typically considered to be a nation of gamblers, but on the other hand, we should be proud of having some of the best-organised regulation in the world. Even if gambling operators can provide almost every gambling services in the UK, they have to do so under strict rules which are made to protect vulnerable people and minors. There is, therefore, a right balance between freedom and regulation. The situation is not the same around the world where gambling laws are somewhat disconnected, and we have a full spectrum that goes from entirely illegal to entirely unregulated. Find out here what are the main countries that have a regulation that is following the UK path.

Betting And Brexit

Gambling is already being regulated and taxed at a country level so Britain leaving the European Union should have a small impact on the UK and European punters. The main things that will change though would be for betting companies as they might be paying different taxes depending on where they are based. As a result, betting companies might need to pass increased post-Brexit costs to the punters. In our dedicated Gambling and Brexit page we look at the possible implications that Britain leaving the UK might have on the UK and the European betting markets.

What Are Related Contingencies

Sometimes it is difficult to establish if two bets are related to each other. This is however very important as it will affect the type of bets that you are allowed to make and also the odds: for example, you are not allowed to bet on a goalscorer, and correct score in the same match as those are deemed to be connected. You can, however, place bets like scorecast so in our guide, we will be looking at all those scenarios to make things clear once and for all and help you in the everyday betting.

When The Bookmakers Lose

We have all heard that the bookmakers always win in the long run. Although this is true, there are moments when bookmakers do get it badly wrong and pay the price. In our article, we will take a look at the history over the last 50 years and analyse what has been the biggest bookie’s mistakes that have cost them millions. We are sure that this read will give you great satisfaction!

The Decline Of Greyhound In The UK

Betting on Greyhound RacingWe have explored why Greyhound Racing seems to be in decline in the UK after in the past it was followed by around 35 million people. The rise of other sports and TV coverage has caused lots of trouble for greyhound racing, but in the last few years, we have seen an increased number of bets especially thanks to live streaming and live betting provided by bookmakers. Read here what is the situation of greyhound racing and also what the future is likely to hold for this traditional sport.

Independent Greyhound Racing in the UK or Flapping

‘Flapping’ tracks are those that are unlicensed and therefore not regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. Although standards are lower and more questionable than licensed greyhound racing, those are not illegal, and punters and spectators are still allowed to go and bet if they wish to do so.

Amateur Sports Betting

Any bookmaker will give you odds on the Premier League, but if you are planning to bet on some amateur sports event, you might find more issues. You can bet almost on everything nowadays, but you need of course find a bookmaker that will offer you the price for it. In our article, we will take a look at what are the best bookmakers to place amateur bets and the things to be careful when making those decisions. We will also look at the reasons why the majority of bookmakers are concerned about potential corruption for the more obscure events.

Match Fixing & Betting

Unfortunately, match-fixing is part of the sport, and even if we don’t like it, it happens from time to time. The good news is that modern betting sites have the lots of technology nowadays to spot match-fixing practice and raise it to the authorities effectively. It usually is not the match result that is fixed but secondary markets that are less riskier and require less number of corrupted athletes. In our article, we will be looking at what are the famous examples of match-fixing and also what it is going to happen to your bet if the suspicious activity also affects your wager.

Betting Fraud

Since on betting money are involved there will always be someone willing to steal them. Over the course of the gambling history, there are lots of example of players trying to steal from operators and also rogue betting operators trying to get fiddle customers to their advantage. In our betting fraud piece, we will look at how this can be prevented and also what are the most famous incidents.

What are Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

Regardless if you bet online or on shops, you will probably have heard about fixed odds betting terminals. The FOBTs allow customers to stake up to £100 in a bet every 20 seconds and have been at the centre of controversy as they can be addictive and also used for money laundering. In our FOBT page, we have taken a detailed look at Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and also looked at the revenue they generate for bookmakers and the potentially negative impact on society.

Betting Using a VPN

Most people are nowadays using VPN to access the internet: this is done to provide added security and privacy and are generally a handy tool for accessing the web. VPN’s, however, are usually not allowed by betting sites as there is the risk that subjects could use VPN to mask the location people are in and possibly betting from countries where gambling is illegal.