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Bet NowEveryone loves something for free and you won’t find a better industry than betting in regards to a number of promotions on offer. In this section, you will find some of the common deals that you are going to find with betting sites. Also we will provide you with full guidance so that you can pick the most valuable offers. As there are so many we will make your life easier by sorting the offers by sport and type on our different dedicated pages.

Increase your chances of beating betting sites

Offers, promotions, enhanced prices and free bets give the opportunity to punters to beat the bookie and cancel the house advantage. It is not very easy though to orientate yourself in the many bookmakers’ offers. Some seem the same on the surface but when you dig down and read all the terms and conditions you figure out that there are differences. It is therefore important to understand those first to avoid disappointments down the line.

So sit back and enjoy the travel on the betting sites offers. After this, you will have a very good understanding of what is available and what you can expect from the best betting sites.

Offers For Existing Customers









Loyalty Free Bets And Bonuses For Existing Customers

Loyal CustomersWe all like to have a good welcome bonus from a bookie. In addition, to provide added value it also gives the opportunity to test the new betting site. You can then see if the product matches our expectations. The main issue with welcome bonus offers is that when the deal is over you get tempted to move somewhere else and take advantage of another welcome offer. This is obviously a concern from betting sites. To respond to this they have introduced some very interesting customers loyalty offers. In this way, you will continue to receive regular offers, free bets, prices and enhanced deals as you show commitment to the brand.

Price & Odds Boosts, Price Promises And Enhanced Odds

Price BoostsEnhanced odds betting offers have become more and more popular and there are lots around. Most are just temporary and linked to a specific event. Others are more general and valid for a longer-term. The first are the ones we normally call a price boost. Those type of deals are found in outright result betting especially when there are big matches, tournaments, horse racing festivals and so on.

What are the advantages of price boosts?

Price boost quality and value depend on different sites. In general, are good enough to attract you to bet. So as a punter this is great news as you can find really good value if you shop around a bit.

Recently some of the best betting sites also allow you to choose your own bets to boost. Normally one a day but you get more around top events. This ultimately gives customers a great ammunition to back the exact predictions you want without having to take the offer decided by the trading team. We have a complete section on price boost. Here we will highlight the operators that offer the best price boost quantity and quality.

Difference between Price Promises and enhanced odds

Price Promises are provided by some of the best bookmakers and are different to best odds guarantees or enhanced odds. Those are dedicated to loyal customers who bet on qualifying markets. Price promises are very rare because the cost for the business of such promotions are high and will completely cancel the house margin and actually put the customer in a better long-term position to make a profit.

Accumulator Offers

AccumulatorAccumulators are the predecessors of the single match betting. In the early days, you were only able to bet on accumulators and it was only in the last twenty years that the ‘minimum trebles’ rule was abolished on football betting. Yes in the past you needed to make at least 3 selections in order to have a bet accepted. This means that accumulators are for bookmaker the bread and butter of their industry and there is very good bonus offers to take advantage of. Check out our accumulator betting guide if you are not sure.

ACCA Insurance

Acca InsuranceAcca insurance is one of the most popular promotions in the UK and it is normally applied to football although in some cases also to other sports like Tennis and Rugby. With Accumulator insurance you normally get your money back as a free bet is a selection lets you down when you have made an accumulator bet that has met a number of conditions.

Those conditions are normally very different depending on the bookmakers so make sure you follow our guide to understanding those terms before starting.

Accumulator Bonuses And Free Bet Clubs

Accumulator BonusAccumulator bonuses are very different from acca insurance as instead of giving you the money back if a selection lets you down you get better terms if your accumulator wins and has the minimum number of selections required. Those type of offers are also known as acca bonuses and are provided by a lot of online bookmakers.

Check terms and conditions carefully

In some betting sites, you will find that they have tiered the percentage returns based on the number of selections. In other offers, you will find that they have put a flat rate with a minimum number of picks. Conditions can be very different between the sites and many have a maximum stake and payout limits that are important to know before getting involved. Some of those sites are paying in cash while others will pay in free bet tokens. You can take a look at our acca bonus page to find what is the best betting site for you.

In addition to those, you will also find some free bets deals that will give credit to regular accumulator punters. These offers are normally given in addition to the bonus we have just highlighted.

Football Offers

Football betting offersNormally offers that are in this section apply to low scoring sports like football but sometimes also other sports like Ice Hockey especially around top events. Due to the popularity of football those type of offers tend to be by far the biggest and most high value available. After all, more than 70% of all the bets made online are on football so it is not surprising to see that this sport is central in the bookmakers’ strategy to attract new customers.

If you want to know more about the best football betting sites you can visit the dedicated section we have made. To find out how to bet check our football guide.

Goalscorer Offers

Top Goalscorer OffersGoalscorer offers are very much appreciated as weird things can happen when you are betting on this type of market. For example, it can happen that you back the first goalscorer and then the player you have backed goes on and scores the second goal instead. Surely this is not a great betting experience. Betting sites have lots of attractive goalscorers and other goal offers that will surely help you out. Those type of offers range from each way offers to those where you will get paid a refund on all goalscorer bets if a given player is to score. Some betting sites will also pay you extra if your player will score more than one goal, etc.

There are so many different offers out there. It is therefore important to ensure you are betting with the right betting site so to take full advantage.

Competitions And Jackpots

  • Football Jackpot – This is a very interesting funny way to have a bit of a laugh alongside your normal accumulator. It is run by Coral and you need to pick who you think is going to win out of a list of 15 preselected matches. If things go in the right direction you could win a huge jackpot. For as little as £1 you can win more than £100,000 so worth giving it a go. If nobody wins than the pot is rolled over to next week.
  • Golden Goal – This is a Free prediction game from BetVictor which is available each week for the Sunday late kick-off (normally at 4 pm). You will need to guess the correct score, the first player to score and the minute they will score. Do that correctly and you will win or share a prize pool which is at least £25,000 every week. If nobody wins that the jackpot prize will roll over with another £25k that will be added every week. There is no need to deposit or bet in order to opt-in and all prizes can be withdrawn immediately.
  • Free Prediction Games – betting sites are also running lots of free predictions games where you can win cash prizes from £1,000 to £100,000. How? You will need to make a prediction on a goalscorer or result. Those type of games are easy to play and are free. No betting will be needed and you only need to be an account holder with those betting firms. Surely those are not easy to win but you have lots more chances than let’s say the national lottery. Considering that will cost you nothing if you lose it is worth considering them carefully.

Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing Offers

Horse Racing BettingThe offers that you will find in this section are mainly applicable to Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing. Horse racing is a huge sport in the UK. More than 1 million adults do at least a punt once a year on a horse race. Bookmakers, therefore, are keen to offer a money back, insurance and extra credits. Since there are many offers it can be difficult to orientate and spot what are the best options available.

Check our full horse racing betting guide

Here we have done a full review and we will present only the top offers from the best UK leading horse racing betting sites and also greyhound racing. We have tried to present to you those promotions that are long-term and designed to provide long-term value from your race bets. If you want to know more check our horse racing betting guide.

Totepool Offers

tote bettingIf you are betting on the tote you will get better odds than normal horse racing betting. Tote betting is done peer-peer. You win the pool which is relative to the amount of money bet and the number of people betting. Surely winning is harder but if you get it right you will get a high payout. Betfred own the tote but license it out so you will find lots of betting sites that are offering tote and totepool betting and a number of offers around it.

Best Odds Guarantees

Best Odds GuaranteesBest odds guarantees are now offered by most of the leading online bookmakers but what is exactly? Those type of promotions are normally open to UK and Irish horse and dog racing. There are also opportunities for some of the biggest international races.


Basically, if you back a horse at 4/1 and the odds end up increasing and the industry starting price ends up higher. Let’s say it moves at 9/2 then you will be given the better SP odds. In the case where the SP odds are not better than the odds you firstly took than you will keep your original odds. In addition to this, you can also have Best Odds Guarantees Plus: with this promotion not only you will get the SP price but also 10% on top.

Racing Free Bets, Bonuses And Money Back

Free Bets OffersFeature race offers are becoming more common and are again usually linked to big televised race meetings and events, usually to be found on the weekend. The idea is if you back a winner with minimum odds (e.g. 4/1 or more) in a qualifying race you will be given a free bet on the next qualifying race at the same stake. These bets tend to ride so if you are really lucky backing one winner can lead to free bets on a few more. Like all offers, bookies have different terms and qualifying events. Some bookies will give you a free bet or bonus the first time you bet on racing or if you bet on select races too.

Lots of money back offers available for horse and greyhound racing

You will also find lots of different money back offers for horse and greyhound racing. Those are available especially around big meetings and TV races. Common offers include money back if your horse is second, loses by a length or head or money back if your horse fails to run or is disqualified.

Our racing offers page covers all the long-term and reliable free bet, bonus and money-back offers from our recommended bookmakers.

Faller Insurance

Faller InsuranceFaller insurance is an offer that is dedicated to jump racing as we can see from the name. If the horse you have backed will fall in a qualifying race then you will be given a money-back which is normally in the form of a free bet.

Coral are one of the best when it comes to long-standing offers

Coral tend to have the best and most long-standing offer but there are now many other bookmakers that are offering similar things so make sure you check the terms and conditions. Generally, you will be given a stake refund if your horse will be brought down by another horse or if the jockey will fall or unseats.

Faller insurance terms tend to variate quite a bit. For this reason, just make sure you read those carefully. Some bookmakers do not usually include in the offer for example horses that pull up, refuse or run out.

Lucky 15/31/63 Enhancement Offers

Lucky BetsWhat is a Lucky 15 offer and how do you bet on a Lucky 15? A Lucky 15 is a type of full cover bet. It combine a number of multiple and single bets into a single package. This means that you can cover every accumulator, treble, double and single possible from your selections.

The Lucky 15 was firstly created by Fred Done of Betfred back in the 1980’s. Since that it has become a very popular bet and there are lots of different offers available around it.

What betting site has the best betting offers?

This is a rather tricky question to answer, and the reason is that betting offers tend to change from time to time. The same operator can be particularly active during a certain period or event and quite in others. Don’t forget that betting offers are a marketing tool used by betting operators to either acquire new customers or retain the existing ones or both. Our suggestion is to sign up to several top bookmakers. In this way, you can take advantage of any new best betting offer that is launched regardless of the betting site that is coming up with it.

What is the most popular betting site?

There are several betting sites in the UK that enjoy great popularity as they do operate fairly. Those also provide great value to their customers. If you want to know which ones those are in more details feel free to visit our betting sites review section where you will find detailed information on all the best UK betting sites.

How do you use free bets?

It might vary depending on the betting site. Generally, you need to pick the selection or the selections you want to bet on and add those in your betslip. Once you have done this, just enter the desired stake in the stake box. Then tap ‘use the free bet’ selection. Once you have selected the free bet, just click to confirm your bet and all is done.

Can you make money sports betting?

Some professional sports bettors do make a living from sports betting. You would generally need a success rate of 52.4% on average to break even. To turn your sports betting activity into a career, you have to get to a 53% winning record. This rate will allow you to make consistent money from sports betting. Remember that in the UK sports betting is also tax-free.

What happens if you win a free bet?

If you win a bet with a free bet you might not be able to cash out until you have met the wagering requirements of the offer. Also, your stake will not usually be refunded. Always read the terms and conditions of the free bet offer. Do that before placing it, so you don’t have bad surprises later on down the line.

What are bonus bets?

A bet that has been placed with a bonus bet will only pay out the winnings. It will not pay out the bonus bet stake. For example, if you have placed a £20 bonus bet at odds of 2.00 your winnings will only be £180 as the £20 is retained.