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Betting on BoxingIf you are analysing event by event basis, you can see that punters do bet more on average for high-level boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) than football or horse racing. The reason is that the vast majority of fans tend to bet on the winner of a fight and they are also incentivised as odds usually are very competitive so they can get a healthy return.

Find the best betting sites for Boxing

If you are already betting on boxing or MMA or if you are planning to do so in the near feature it is important to know what betting site go for as even the little difference in odds can produce a considerable effect long terms on returns. More and more markets are becoming popular, and in this guide, we will look at things like round betting, the method of victory, points wagers and a lot more. The vast majority of fights can now bet on live in play, and this makes the whole thing a lot more exciting. It is therefore not a surprise to see that betting on boxing has become a lot more popular in recent times.

So if you want to know who are the best bookmakers for betting on boxing and MMA, how to find the best odds and offers and what types of bets are available then just read on. We will provide valuable insights together with more general news about the significant events and the history of boxing.

Top Online Betting Sites For Betting On Boxing And UFC

The vast majority of bookmakers will be able to offer at least good outright fight winner markets for the biggest match, but apart from that, the standard coverage tends to be rather weak in regards to boxing and MMA. For this reason, we do suggest to bet on some of our recommended bookmakers as those have excellent market depth, regular offers and can give you a much better long-term betting value.

BetwayBetway  – Best Bookie For MMA And UFC

Betway is making a name for themselves in the betting industry as the best betting site to go to when you want to bet on something else rather than football and horse racing. As we can see by visiting their beautifully designed website, they are dedicating lots of focus on sports such as darts, eSports, golf and others ‘less popular’ sports. In doing so, they are attracting lots of new UK customers, so it is a brilliant strategy.

Excellent market depth

As far as boxing is concerned, they surely have an excellent market depth, and they do run regular money back offers for significant events. The raw odds are decent but it is on UFC that Betway stands out: they have a massive coverage and always run promotions around top events like money back if the favourite will succeed either by knockout or technical knockout, refund if the fight will finish in the first round and similar.

Betway offers are also very generous regarding value as, for example, they are giving money back on stakes up to £50 instead than the regular £25 that we usually see around. Betway Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Great All-Rounder

William Hill is a massive bookmaker, and they haven’t ignored the growth in popularity of sports like boxing and UFC. Punters will, therefore, find a great depth of market and also offers and competitive odds with this betting site.

Top Odds

William Hill are particularly good at providing boxing/UFC specials, and they also have a much better layout that splits the different competitions into class (bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, etc.): betting on this sport is, therefore, a lot more intuitive and it is easy to find the fight you are looking for even if you are looking far in advance. As we have seen, William Hill tend to lead regarding early prices and sometimes they also offer markets on potential fights that haven’t been officially announced.

William Hill also has a very detailed section where you can find the latest boxing betting news and statistics: this is helpful to find the right selection to bet on, and it is entirely free of charge service. William Hill Full Review.

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BetVictorBetVictor  – Early And Best Prices

As we have seen for other sports, BetVictor tend to have the best odds and boxing, and UFC is no exceptions. We have compared market for market, and we can see that they are beating all the major competitors when it comes to outright result lines at the very least. So BetVictor is an excellent betting site to use also because they tend to release very early prices.

BetVictor has the best odds

Lots of operators tend to wait for how the market is positioning and then set their odds, but this is not the strategy used by BetVictor. Their traders are very confident, and they do release odds on most fights well before the others.

Even though BetVictor is not famous for giving out the best offers we have to say that we have seen some outstanding free bets on boxing. They are not very common but when they are released tend to be of high value. For example, you can get something like place a £5 UFC acca with 5+ selections and get a £5 free bet on the primary fight. BetVictor Full Review.

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CoralCoral  – Best For Enhanced Odds And Refunds

Without doubts, Coral is the bookmaker that is running more enhanced odds boosts on boxing and UFC in the betting industry. So if you are looking to get some greatly enhanced odds on your fight, then this is the betting site you want to try.

Coral also has some of the best and newest money back promotions which span across all different fights. Even if Coral is well known for their offers, we should also add that their market depth is well above average. They also have a completely free of charge section where you can grab the latest news, results and stats to help you select the best bets. Coral Full Review.

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SportNationSportNation  – High Limits, Big Payouts

SportNation might be one of the newest boys in the block, but they are making a name for themselves already. They are a betting site for proper punters, and as a result, they are offering very high payout limits and also have a great loyalty points scheme that rewards loyalty well.

Betting Offers on Boxing

Boxing is that type of sport that tend to attract large bets, and it is not surprising to see that it is a big focus for SportNation. If you are planning to place a big bet on this sport make sure you consider this betting site as in addition to accept large bets they do also run, from time to time, interesting enhanced odds offers and free bets especially on big fights.

This is undoubtedly a bookmaker you want to have in your boxing and UFC betting portfolio so if you don’t have an account with them yet, go ahead and open a new account as you will also receive a massive welcome bonus deal when you click on the green button below. SportNation Full Review.

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BetfairBetfair  – Reliable Offers & Prices

Betfair is well known for offering excellent odds and also to provide regular offers. Those qualities do extend to boxing, and in fact, they hardly get beaten on price on significant events, and in addition to that, they do also run offers on top of them.

On the most significant fights, Betfair will throw at customers free bets, money back and enhanced odds deals that can significantly improve the value to your wagers.

Having an account with Betfair if you are serious about betting on boxing is a must also considering that you will also access their sports betting exchange where you can be your own bookie and lay bets to other customers. Usually, the exchange also has even better odds than the already very competitive fixed odds sportsbook. Betfair Full Review.

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Find Out How To Bet On Boxing, MMA & UFC

UFC BettingIt is generally very simple to bet on boxing especially if compared with other sports. The fights are taking place between just two competitors, so the most important things are the match result and round result but also the method of victory and the score. Surely it makes sense to look at what are the bets that are returning better value and also what are the different type of bets that can be placed for UFC, Boxing and other MMA events.

To Win Flight / Match Up Betting

As you would expect this is by far the most famous market available on boxing and for this reason, you will be able to get better odds as bookmakers are competing for it. It is therefore essential to do a quick scan to check that you are getting the best odds but also that you are not missing out on the best betting offers around.

Similarly to what we have seen with tennis, the main problem of betting on the outright result in boxing is that lots of fights are not evenly matched and firm favourites are facing long odds outsiders. This is why, unless you can benefit from very generous offers some people prefer focusing on other markets where returns are more interesting.

For UFC the outright result market is also called ‘Match Up’, but it is the same thing: you are betting on who will win the fight.

Total Rounds – Over/Under

In this market, there are two options as you can either bet on the exact number of rounds or also bet over/under a given amount of rounds. As you would expect this is higher in boxing than UFC as in boxing, the average over/under value is between 7.5 to 10.5 while for UFC this is 1.5 or 2.5.

Total rounds betting is well competitive, so especially around top events, you can get excellent value odds and sometimes even enhanced price boosts. Lots of bookmakers will only offer you a single over/under market, but if you get in touch with their customer service, they will be able to price any selection you wish.

Round Betting

Another favourite way of betting is predicting on which round your fighter will win. This is a particularly exciting market in our opinion as normally you can benefit from very good odds. If you have an idea of how long the fight might last then this is a good opportunity. On the negative side, not many bookmakers are offering this market which means there is less competition and odds might not be the best. Also, you will hardly find promotions for Round Betting.

Round betting in play is, however, a lot more popular and has seen a growing trend over time. In round betting, you can wager on the fight being assigned with a technical decision in boxing or by points in UFC. You can also bet on whether there will be a draw or a technical draw.

Grouped Round Betting

Round group betting is a variation of round betting where instead of betting on the exact round a fighter will win you do predict the result within a range of rounds. So you could say that fighter A will win in rounds 1-3. In this market, you can also bet on the win, decision, technical decision etc.

It is worth noting that although winning a bet in this market is more comfortable than in the Round Group, the bookmaker margin tends to be more significant compared with the outright result so unless you have a solid opinion on when the fight will finish, our suggestion is to stay away from it.

Round By Round In Play

A fun way of placing multiple bets on the same fight is to bet round by round during the fight in play: if you are watching the game live you can make informed decisions and get the most from this activity.

If you are going to do so our suggestion is to use Betfair as they tend to boost prices live in play and also have lots of in play specials especially for the most significant fights.

Fight Outcome / Method Of Victory

You might find different names for this market depending on the betting site you are using and also sometimes the name is different if it is referring to boxing or UFC. This type of bet, however, is pretty simple to understand as, in a nutshell, you are predicting how the fight will end.


So, for example, you can bet on just one fight outcome like a knockout, technical knockout, draw, technical draw, disqualification, etc. or you can make a group bet where you can predict the fight to end in some different ways. For example, on UFC you can bet on the fight to end by Knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or submission.

Similarly to what we have said above this tend to be a somewhat niche type of bet, so make sure you are using one of our recommended bookmakers as odds are otherwise very poor. Having said that there usually are promotions for this market so around the most critical fights spend some time to look around for those.

Fight To Go The Distance

Although this is a simple yes or no bet, it can be interesting when there are fights with firm favourites. For example, you might have a fight with a 1/10 favourite, and you believe he will win the fight. Unless you are going to bet your mortgage on that price it is not worth getting involved. If however, you believe that his opponent will be able to last the whole distance then betting on this way can deliver significantly better returns. Sometimes there are offers around this market too so worth checking on big fights.

Possible Fights

Bookmakers have started to offer odds on possible future fights or match ups. In our opinion, it is not worth betting on something like this as you can potentially lock down your stake for a long time and the fight might not even happen. In some situations, you will get a much better price than if you were to wait.

So generally this is a no-no market, but if you think that a fighter is going to improve significantly in the next few months, then it is an excellent opportunity to secure some high odds.

Outright Champion

Another famous boxing bet is to predict the fighter that will win a division, a championship or a belt. If you believe you have spotted the next heavyweight champion before the rest, then take advantage of this betting market.

Odds tend to vary significantly from one betting site to the other, so it is vital that you shop around: you might find that some bookmakers will not display the odds for those selections, so it is a good idea to get in touch with them to get the odds.


Multiple bets are becoming more and more popular especially for UFC where there are many fights in a session. We have noticed that more and more accumulators offers are made available, so it is worth to check if those are available if you intend to place a multiple bet. Betway and BetVictor have recently launched some accas offers on UFC so be on guard!

Live In-Play Betting And Steaming

SportsbettingBoxing and UFC are a perfect fit for live betting sports. Differently, from other sports, the equipment and venue have a minimal impact on the final results, and it is all down to the individual fighters.

So by watching the fight live you can spot changes in the fighter’s attitude and place your bet before the odds will change. For this reason, betting round by round is becoming more popular than ever.

Watching Boxing Live Streaming

Nearly all the betting sites are now offering in live markets especially on the biggest fights. The bookmakers we have recommended for boxing will all offer a large number of markets you can bet in play.

Due to TV rights being too expensive it is difficult you will find big boxing and UFC fights in live streaming but most betting sites are providing in-play graphics, and some also have audio coverage. The best way to bet in play on fighting sports tough is to do so while watching the fight live on TV.

The vast majority of high-level boxing is broadcast in the UK by Sky Sports or Box Nation.

News, Results And Statistics

The betting sites we have suggested in this page does offer the greater coverage regarding news, results and statistics on boxing. The biggest bookmakers like William Hill tend to have the best features, previews and tips: everything is completely free of charge so you can potentially take advantage of the news and bet with other bookmakers in case the odds are better.

History Of Boxing

History Of BoxingFist fighting is as old as the human being. Before we could talk to each other, we were fighting!

Fighting as a sport tough is probably started as back as the 3rd century BC with the Sumerians and then the Assyrians and Babylonians. It was the Greeks tough that organised the sport correctly and it was included in the Olympic Games in the 6th century BC.

The Beginnings

The fighters at the time bound their fists in leather to avoid significant injuries, and the sport was also used as a mean to satisfy the gods. The Romans took the game a step further as they developed a battle glove called cestus with studs to try and cause the more significant damage. Fighters were usually slaves and had to fight to the death in amphitheatres to entertain the emperor and the Roman people.

Boxing disappeared in history between the end of the Roman empire and the 17th century: this is mostly because newer forms of combat were more popular during the middle ages like sword fighting.

Boxing re-emerged in the late 1600’s in Britan, and the first recorded champion was James Figg that won the title in 1719 and kept it until 1730. Figg is regarded as the father of modern boxing. Written rules however only emerged in 1743 from champion Jack Broughton also known as Broughton rules. Those were written to protect athletes from serious injuries. In those rules were introduced the count when a fighter is downed and to stop hitting while on the ground. Also, no hitting below the waist was allowed. There were no time limits on rounds tough, so the fight was continuing until a fighter was downed.

Queensbury Rules

Queensbury RulesThe Marquess of Queensbury rules were made in 1867 for amateur championship fights that were held at Lille Bridge in London. Those 12 rules were written by John Chambers and defined boxing like a stand-up fight in a 24 square foot ring where hugging is not allowed. Those rules introduced ‘fair sized’ gloves to make the fight to last long and being more tactical. Those are more or less very similar rules to what we have now and allowed boxing to acquire great popularity and provide great entertainment.

Modern Boxing

Modern BoxingFollowing the ‘less barbaric’ Queensbury rules the first heavyweight champion Jim ‘the Gentleman’ Corbett won the first title in 1892 in New Orleans by defeating John Sullivan.

Over the following 50 years, boxing did struggle to find legitimacy. In the US it was banned in most conservative states although loved in Nevada. In the early 1900’s things become safer as the National Boxing Association was created in 1927 and was followed by the International Boxing Association after WWII in 1946. Those two associations organised fights between the best talents and in the same way also promote ethics to improve the image of boxing.

Calls For Sport To Be Banned

Even though calls for the sport to be banned have continued due to being linked with long-term brain damage, the sport has improved massively in popularity. Today three major international organisations regulate the sport and are the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Boxing Association (WBA) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF). The best fights nowadays generate hundreds of millions in revenue, and high-level fighters are some of the best-paid sportsmen on the planet.

Illegal Boxing And Betting

Nowadays you can place a legal bet on boxing with a considerable amount of bookmakers however for many years this hasn’t been the case, and many fights were held in pub basements, derelict buildings with betting being placed illegitimate. Some unlicensed bookmakers would take bets on the winner: as you would imagine sometimes the fights were fixed and other times those individuals were not around to give the payout.

Boxing Rules

Since Queensbury rules were introduced there, haven’t been many changes in boxing. Fights are still made up of three minutes rounds with a one-minute break in between. The majority of professional boxing goes on for up to 12 rounds. There are one referee and three judges in the game.

During the fight, the judges award points for punches. If after 12 rounds there isn’t a clear winner then they decide on the winner. Boxers can win a fight before reaching the end of the 12 rounds by knockout (KO): this is when the opponent is downed for the count of ten seconds at which point the referee ends the fight. Fights can also be stopped by technical knockout (TKO): this is when the referee, the fight doctor of fighters corner decide that the fight cannot continue safely.

Boxers cannot hit below the belt, the back or back of the net. They can’t spit, bit, head-butt, kick, trip, push or hold their opponent. In rare circumstances, a match can end draw both on rounds and points, but that on average only happens once every 50 fights.

Amateur And Professional Boxing

Amateur BoxingSubstantial prize money rewards boxing at the highest level. Amateur boxing was also added to the Olympic programme in 1908 and has become one of the most popular Olympic sports since.

Amateur boxing rules are very similar to professional boxing, but fights are shorter and usually of just three rounds. Fighters wear protective head guards to protect from injuries.

Since 1982, 15 rounds was the convention for professional boxing, but in that year the death of Duk Koo Kim that went into a coma in the 14th round forced the World Boxing Council to make the game shorter (12 rounds). The same did WBA, WBO and IBF.

History Of UFC And MMA

History of MMAThe Ultimate Fighting Champions is a mixed martial art competition that is managed by a company that operates from Las Vegas. There are events in 11 weight categories that takes place all over the world. The first was held in Denver in 1993, and at the time there were only a few rules with fighters that were effectively competing to see which martial art was the most effective.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Over the years UFC fighters have created their styles by combining the martial arts of boxing, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and others. They have also created a unique form of fight called MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). UFC founders started with the idea that this was a one-off spectacle but things expanded quickly.

At the beginning UFC was promoted under the tagline ‘there are no rules’ and in fact, this is true as you can do everything except eye gouge or bite. By the end of 1990 UFC was seen as a violent form of human fighting sport and was banned in two-thirds of the US states. For this reason, UFC started to reform and introduced some rules and also weight classes.

UFC recovered in the early 2000’s, and 2002 nearly sold out the MGM Arena and also sold a tremendous amount of TV subscriptions. The following decade saw UFC expand into the whole US and foreign markets attracting a considerable amount of viewers.

Rules & How UFC / MMA Works

At the beginning of this sport rules were nearly not existent, but with the reform made in UFC in the late 1990’s new rules were created by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board in 2001.

Rules Of Mixed Martial Arts

Those rules were called the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. There are rounds of 5 minutes with a 1-minute break. The match can be up to 5 rounds. Fighters are judged on a 10 point system, and the winner is getting 10 points while the loser will get 9 points or less. Penalty points for fouls are deducted from the final score.

There are eleven weight classes, and matches can finish for submission, knockout, technical knockout, a judges decision and disqualification. In addition to eye gouging and biting fighters cannot perform anymore the nasty tricks from groin grabs to fish hooks and they can’t use offensive language. UFC fights take place in what is called the Octagon (eight-sided octagonal cage). This usually is 9 meters across and 2 meters high with a chain link fence.

Odds And Payouts


If you are looking to back a winner in a big fight then you can get some of the best odds around. It is essential to check the odds on the different bookmakers before committing as not only you can find better value but sometimes also enhanced odds offers or free bets especially around significant events.

It is more difficult to find good odds for the smaller fights, so you need to consider if what you are getting is too weak to be accepted. If you are stick with the betting sites we have suggested in this page you are generally going to find fair odds and excellent depth of market.


LimitsPayouts tend to be rather low on boxing and especially on UFC and MMA. A lot of bookmakers have maximum limits at £10,000, and some go as low as £1,000. If you are planning to place a large bet, so you need to select the bookmaker carefully to avoid disappointment down the line.

Betting with the bigger guns like William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes and others make sense. Payouts on those bookmakers tend to be very large for the sport. Below is one example that we took from one of them:

  • Boxing – £250,000 maximum payout for most markets
  • UFC – £25,000 maximum payout for most UFC markets