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Betting on CricketCricket betting was happening well before sports like football and even horse racing, and it was so popular that it required an act of parliament to control cricket gambling already in the 17th century.

Cricket is a very professional sport that is now played in more than 100 countries around the world and in Britain, for example, it tends to give that patriotic feeling when we place a flutter. Here at BestBettingSites.Online we believe that Cricket is the sport that has betting markets capable of suiting all types of punters: this is because cricket has a specific game structure that can go from a whole test series which generally last six weeks to a six-ball overs. So there are considerable opportunities to bet on Cricket, and they will match with different ways of betting.

Lots of Betting Lines Available For Cricket

Cricket is fundamentally a very aristocratic gentleman’s game, but it has seen a huge of youth and excitement dose entering the game in the last few decades. The old long test match still is part of the game, but for those people that cannot take five days at a time out of their lives, there are also other versions of the game that are much shorter and probably fit best with our fast times. There are one-day internationals, and even rapid paced Twenty20 matches that resolve in a single afternoon or evening.

With all those options there are a vast amount of betting lines available for whoever is interested in betting on cricket. Some bookmakers are providing a better service than other on cricket and in this guide, you will learn everything about them, but also you will find out how to bet on cricket, where to find the best odds and offers, the standard terms of the sport and the top competitions to bet on.

Best Online Bookmakers For Cricket Betting

The international cricket usually is covered by all the major UK bookmakers that we have listed on our site. It doesn’t mean that every one of them is doing the same good job in regards to this sport, so it is essential to check in regards to markets available, quality of odds and offers.

Below we have listed what we firmly believe are the best cricket betting sites for odds, live streaming, market depth, offers and more. If you bet on cricket regularly, then it makes sense to select some of those bookmakers as you will get significant added value over time. The best way is to open several accounts so that in any situation you can take advantage of the best prices and deals.

William HillWilliam Hill  – Superb Cricket Streaming And Features

William Hill is one of the best bookmakers when it comes to Cricket coverage. In addition to having excellent market depth, you will also be able to watch many domestic county matches in live streaming. They also have some top international games from time to time.

Odds are generally better than average on cricket, and also they do offer very early outright ante-post lines. As for other sports, William Hill is leading in regards to top news, statistics and this free of charge service can be of great help in selecting the right bets.

Wiliam Hill is a reputable betting site for cricket and even if you will not be able to find a vast amount of offers you really can’t go wrong with them. William Hill Full Review.

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888-sport 888 Sport  – Safe Pair Of Hands

888 Sport is a top betting site as far as cricket is concerned. In addition to having excellent market coverage (all major international, domestic and shorter formats) they also have odds that are better value than the competition. Some of the specials markets they have you won’t find it anywhere else.

Live Streaming

888 Sport also live stream the best events and provides a handy and free of charge service with news and stats combined in a remarkable live betting feature. 888 in play offering is perfect for a sport like cricket and allows to find the most relevant betting options very comfortably.

By betting on cricket with 888 Sport, you will also benefit from a vast range of offers especially around essential tournaments like the World Cup or event like the Ashes. Those offers are generally in the form of money back or free bets promotions. The 888 Sport Cricket promotions always tend to be a little different from the standard ones you might find elsewhere so worth checking them out. 888 Sport Full Review.

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Paddy PowerPaddyPower  – Edged For A Four

Paddy Power is a very good all-around cricket bookmaker. In addition to having fantastic market depth and coverage, they do also stream live some of the best matches.

On Paddy Power, you will find a top quality blog which is full of news, tips and opinion features all in line with the cheeky ethos of this Irish brand. Regardless if we have a big or small match, depth of market is excellent and you will be provided with betting lines that are not available elsewhere.

Lots of Cricket Offers

Even if raw cricket odds are not the best we have seen, similarly to others sports, Paddy Power is providing a constant stream of offers and promotions that can enhance the value for customers. Nearly every day you will find great money back, enhanced odds and free bets offers. During events like the Ashes, for example, Paddy Power was giving out double odds on any top runscorer bet if they would also score a century in the game. Considering how much you can get from Paddy Power in regards to cricket, ensure this bookmaker is included in your cricket betting portfolio. Paddy Power Full Review.

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UnibetUnibet  – Best Average

Unibet has a bit of everything when it comes to betting on cricket. In addition to live streaming some of the best events, they also have a vast range of market and depth and a brilliant section where you can find news, tips, stats and results.

Top Cricket Promotions

Unibet, however, does excel in regards to cricket promotions: most of the times you will have an offer available, and also these deals tend to be of better value compared with others bookmakers.

Even if Unibet is traditionally a European bookmaker, they have made a bit of a name for themselves as one of the best places for betting on traditional British sports like Cricket, Darts, Snooker and so on. If you usually are betting on those sports, it makes sense to consider Unibet that will surely reward your loyalty over time. Unibet Full Review.

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BetwayBetway  –You’ll Always Get An Offer

Betway doesn’t have the same market depth that some of the competitors but do have some great offers on this sport and this is why it is worth considering it when betting on cricket. So regardless if you usually are betting on T20, a one-day international test match or World Cup this betting site will provide a vast range of free bet or money back promotions.

Money Back Offers

Another thing we have noticed with Betway is that it tends to have a more fun element compared with other betting sites. For example, you could get ‘money back if the last ball is a 6’ in T20 or ‘money back on top batsman wicket-keeper if there is a century or hat-trick’ and a lot more. If you like betting on cricket, make sure to include Betway as it integrates well with other bookmakers. Betway Full Review.

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CoralCoral  – Smashed For 6

To be completely honest Cricket is not the top sport at Coral. However, the reason why we have included this betting site in our list is that he deserves mention as it has excellent depth of market and great offers for the biggest games.

So we suggest that, before you place a big cricket bet, you check what Coral are offering. Coral also tend to run long-term retention offers that span across all sports like free bet clubs. Even if those are not specific to cricket, they need to be considered as those are good, for example, in test cricket matches when you can bet over several days and earn additional bonuses for doing so. Coral Full Review.

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A Brief History Of Cricket

History of cricketCricket was the game of the Old British Imperial Empire. The first international match was played in 1844, and the first international test match is going back to 1877. Cricket is believed to have born in Saxon times, but it wasn’t until the 17th Century that it became an adult sport.

The Beginnings

The word cricket seems to derive from old English words for ‘stick’. The first real evidence of the game is from a court case in 1550 with school children that were playing on common land in Guildford. The first reference to the adult form of the game was from 1611 when two men received a fine as they were playing cricket on Sunday instead of going to church.

Village cricket became popular in the middle of 1600’s and was also banned under Cromwell. After the restoration in the 1660’s cricket continued to drive and became a gamblers sport with The Gaming Act that was passed in 1664: with that law stakes on cricket were limited to £100, which is roughly the equivalent of £15,000 today.

Gambling helped the formalisation of the sport with lots of professional teams that started to appear. Cricket rapidly spread to several British colonies like North America, Australia, India and the West Indies even before it reached the north of England. The first rules were written in 1744, and after that, the game started to acquire popularity in the likes of Yorkshire.

The game continued until a fundamental restructure was done in 1800’s which marked the beginnings of the county game. The railway network started to improve and this facilitated regional matches to be played more smoothly. The first County Championship began in 1890.

Cricket Growing Is Continuing

In 1877 England had the first international tour of Australia, and this was reversed the following year. In the 20th Century, international cricket continued to grow and the modern test series we see today were all established. Cricket has helped massively to improve relationships in the modern Commonwealth.

The most recent game of cricket was created in the new century, and the inaugural Twentty20 World Cup was played in 2007. Online betting fits perfectly with all format of the modern game, and there are always new markets and opportunities to bet on.

How To Bet On Cricket

How to bet on cricketCricket has always been associated with betting. During the years betting opportunities have increased significantly also due to the creation of the various formats of the game. You can either bet by the minute in play on the next over or you can put a big bet on outright series: regardless of your type of betting style, there are lots of betting opportunities for you.

In our guide, we will take a look at the most common cricket bets and how you can place them most effectively. We will also analyse how to get the best value odds and the most common offers to watch out for. Find out more in our bet types section.

How The Sport Of Cricket Is Played

How to play cricketIt is clear that cricket has some of the weirdest terminologies that date back to the days of Old English language and this can be somewhat confusing for beginners. Here we will be looking at the primary rules of the game and also some of the words you are likely to find.

There are two teams made of eleven players in cricket that are competing to score the maximum number of runs (points) before all team members are dismissed (knocked out). A match is separated into innings in which one team will field, and the other team will bat.

Cricket Rules

A batsman needs to hit the ball when bowled in a way that he can score runs without getting knocked out. The fielding teams aim is to bowl the ball at the batsman so that he can hit the bails off the stumps of the wicket or cause a mistake from batsman that will allow the ball to be ‘caught’ without bouncing.

A batsman is at each end of the small rectangular pitch with the aim of defending the wickets from the ball by using the bat. The bowlers will rotate bowling over of 6 consecutive balls at the batsman. To get out a batsman he needs to be bowled directly, run out, caught or leg before wicket. LBW is when the ball misses the bat and hits the batsman’s legs but would have gone on and hit the wickets. When a batsman is eliminated it is replaced with the next batsman in the list until all the 11 players are out or the batting team decided to declare.

The Fielding Team

The fielding team will position players over the oval pitch where they think they have the best chance of getting the batsman out. At the end of the pitch it is what called boundary: if the ball gets to the boundaries without bouncing or being taken the batsman will score six runs; if it reaches the boundary but bounces the batsman gets four runs.

Test matches can last a total of 5 days and are played with two innings for every team. One day internationals, also called ODI’s are one day only matches of one innings per team of 50 overs each. The shortest format of the game is Twentt20 where each team gets just 20 overs against their opponents: those games can be played in a single afternoon or evening.

You can place bets on everything from the outcome of the next ball to the result of a test match.

Cricket has lots of rules and terms, and you can find comprehensive cricket guidelines at the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC was established in the 20th century, and it is a body with the responsibility of regulating and enforcing international cricket rules.

Outright Result Betting

If you are looking to place an outright bet in Cricket, there are tons of opportunities available. You can either bet on the winner of the big ODI and Twenty20 World Cup or the winner of a single match. You can also place outright bets on individual innings of a test match and individual sessions of an innings. In a nutshell, there are lots of opportunities available to bet on cricket, and this is why this sport is perfect for online betting.

Since outright lines are the most competitive ones, it makes sense to check multiple bookmakers to ensure you are getting a good value odds. There are also lots of new and existing customers offers around significant series and tournaments that can significantly enhance your returns. Some bookmakers are consistently offering those offers so make sure you check the ones we have selected in this page.

Win, Place And Each Way Betting

Those types of bets are prevalent when betting on crickets’ knockout tournaments like the one day and Twenty20 World Cup tournaments. You can also place those type of bets on events like the county championship leagues and cups.

Generally, since a test cricket match, it is played between two teams in a number (series) of matches the teams are tour other countries due to the length of the game. This is the reason why conventional each way and place betting doesn’t make sense. The ICC, however, has finally arranged a proper test match championship and in this case, you will be able to place also those bet types. Sometimes is also possible to place each way bets on a match like the top batsman, bowler and so on.

Cricket Is A High Scoring Sport

Because cricket is a high scoring sport, the draw is very rare. It is common for punters to bet on a draw: since innings scores in the hundreds it is rare that we have a scoring draw but if the play is stopped ruing a given game, for example, due to rain or light, then the game can end in a draw. Considering only betting on a tie if you think that the weather forecast looks particularly bad.

As the draw is a kind of ‘special’ situation, you will find that lots of bookmakers are offering draw/tie money back deals for the major events. It makes sense to check the rules before betting as some bookie also combine ties and draws together while in others they do offer separate lines for each of those outcomes.

Top Bowler, Top Batsman

Predicting the top scoring batsman or bowler is the second most common bet type in cricket. This type of bet can be placed on the top scorer in a whole test series, individual match, innings or even the entire season. The reason why those type of markets are so popular is that odds usually are higher than outright markets and are therefore more appealing to punters.

If you are doing your homework you will be able to see that different pitches will suit players differently and from there you can guess who can have a stellar game. In the usual top scorer bet you will predict the total number of runs scored or wickets taken. Others similar bets are betting on the batsman with greatest scoring efficiency (runs/balls faced, etc.) or you can back the bowler that will get the best bowling figures. Similarly to other sports, top player bets can be either overall or within the same team.

Player Or Team To Score A Century Or Fifty

Player or team to score a century/fifty is a prevalent type of bet in Cricket. If you believe a player is in good shape you can get good odds on a batsman to score a century: odds usually are around 4/1 to 20/1 for the leading order batsman. You can also find enhanced odds offer deals on those markets around top games.

There are also some variations on this bet: for example, you can back a team to score a century in a complete match or an innings. Alternatively, you can back a century to be scored on day one. These betting lines are typically combined into win cast betting like ‘Player A to score a century and India to win’, etc.

Runs Scored / Innings Lead

Another common type of bet is to predict the number of runs in an innings or match: for example between 220 and 240 runs. You can also bet on the number of runs a team may be leading/losing or even predict the winning margin of the match.

You need to know that the winning team wins by some runs/wickets. When the bowling team bowls out the competition before they get the specified run total, this is called winning by ‘x runs’. Another situation is when a team wins a test match by bowling out the opposition twice before they can reach the runs total from the winning teams’ first innings. This is called winning by an innings and X runs/wickets: it is not a typical scenario, but the odds are high for this possibility.

Fall Of Wicket / Method Of Dismissal

In this type of bet, you will predict who is going to take the next wicket, when it will happen and how the next wicket will fall. It is an enjoyable type of bet that is particularly good in play as it usually has a quick turnaround.

Examples of those bets are ‘Player A to take the next wicket’ or ‘Steve Smith to be the next batsman out’ or ‘wicket to fall in the next 50 balls’ and a lot more.

Another type of bet is fall of wicket: the most common and therefore the favourite market is ‘caught out’ or by the field or by the wicketkeeper following by LWB and bowled out. Other dismissal methods are rarer and will have higher odds (like for example a player to be run out and so on).

‘Overs’ Betting

If you want a bet that will give a quick turnaround, then you can find in cricket in the over (6 bowled balls). You can bet on the result of the first ball for example (not ball, no-ball, wide, wicket, one run, two runs, etc.). You can also bet how many runs will be scored in an over, you can bet on odd or even total number of runs, or if the over be a maiden (no runs scored), and so on.

You can also bet on a series of overs like ‘number of runs in the match or in the next 15 overs’, ‘number of wickets in the match or in the next 20 overs’, etc. Whatever is the line you can think off in a cricket game it is very likely that the top bookmakers will offer it.

In conclusion, you can also bet on the number of overs that will be bowled in a session/ day/innings/match by a whole team or individual bowler.

Highest Partnership

Since cricket isn’t just about one player, the success is therefore often defined by how many successful partnerships are made between batsmen: this is why those markets are regularly bet on, and the odds are very valuable with offers that are sometimes being run as well. For example, you can bet on the number of runs scored in the opening partnership (first two batsmen) or any collaboration during the game.

The majority of partnerships are more fun to be bet in play. Apart from the opening partnership, it is impossible to know what combination of batsmen will be every time so you can only place those wagers while the game is on.

Over/Under Betting

Cricket is a high scoring game and for this reason over/under betting it works well. This type of bet is particularly impressive when there is a firm favourite, and therefore outright odds are not very attractive. Over/under wagers can be placed on cumulative runs for a whole match or a single inning. Offers on those markets are quite rare but around significant events is best to check to get the best odds.

Over/Under bets can also be placed on individual overs, a whole session, innings and generally any given period.


Handicaps do work well on cricket betting, and the vast majority of bookmakers will offer at least few lines. Again if there is a definite favourite or a team is winning or losing in a match, handicap lines can rebalance odds and make the wager a lot more interesting.

For example, Australia is playing India, and Australia is just 1/5 and India are 8/1. If you take a -100 run handicap on Australia and a +100 run handicap on Bangladesh odds are likely to come close to even and make the whole bet a lot more attractive.


Accumulator betting can be placed in cricket either in a tournament or league that has multiple games. The common win-draw-lose accas multiples can also be placed on many markets from run totals to top batsmen/bowlers, etc. The most important thing to check is that markets are not linked (so, for example, are in different games). Cricket acca offers are quite rare in cricket, but some bookmakers have all sports acca insurance and accumulator bonuses that can also be used to increase the value of your cricket accumulator.

Specials And Other Cricket Bets

There are a massive amount of specials markets that are available for this sport, and it will be impossible to cover all here. You can, for example, place a wincast bet where you have two or more linked outcomes like ‘Player A to be England’s top runscorer and England to win the match’ and similar. Alternatively, you can bet on the winning margin between the teams (i.e. 100 runs) or if there will be a six scored on the first day or a double century.

You can also bet on other things like the man of the match, who will win the toss, player v player markets, player X to score more runs than player Y, etc. Some bookmakers are also offering things like who will be the next team manager or captain, etc. Most of those specials are great fun be careful as the competition is low and bookmakers tend to offer rather poor odds. Sometimes though there are enhanced odds offers on particular markets, so it is worth taking full advantage of those scenarios.

Other Betting Systems

Cricket allow any betting systems to be played including Lucky 15’s, forecast betting, conditional betting, Asian handicaps, spread bets and a lot more. Depending on the bookmaker you might need to ask customer service for odds with some of these bet types.

Live In-Play Betting

Betting In Play CricketAs we said earlier, cricket is one of the best sport for bet in play. Lines are available on everything: from one minute to 5 days in play and punters have a considerable amount of opportunities to find and place the bets they want.

After all, cricket is an old long game, and it is very tactical: this opens up great potentials. Imagine that you see a player that is looking a little tired and could deliver a disappointing ball. In this case, you can bet live and take advantage of this insight.

All the betting sites we have suggested in this guide are offering all sorts of in play cricket betting however always check the odds before committing a bet as you usually will have the time as cricket is a rather slow developing game. To read more information about bookmakers that have in play betting features take a look at our betting site reviews.

News, Results And Statistics

Not all the bookmakers are providing a tremendous amount of news, results and statistics but some do and excellent service can not only provide a free of charge good read but will also help in your cricket betting. Bookmakers like Paddy Power or William Hill have great news and blog service so take full advantage of those when betting on cricket.

If you can get lots of information on a team, you can predict with a lot more precision what is going to happen during the game. Sometimes understanding the mentality of a team can go a long way in gaining an advantage even over professional odds-maker: in 2015, for example, no bookmakers were predicting England to win the Ashes, but there were strong signals it was coming.

Live Streaming And Commentary

Live streaming is not as critical to betting on cricket like for other sports. Surely a Twenty20 game is quite fun, but it is probably not the best to watch a 5-day test match on a small streaming window. There are also some bookmakers that do stream some cricket like for example William Hill and 888 Sport, but it is rare that someone will watch the entire game in the live stream so you will probably dip in and out.

Coral (and other bookmakers) do have live commentary services, and those tend to integrate well with in play betting. Alternatively, you can also watch the matches on Tv and bet in play with your preferred bookmaker.

Cricket Betting Controversies

Cricket as a sport has unfortunately had a lot of betting controversies since from the very beginning. As mentioned earlier in 1664 the government passed the Gaming Act that was designed to prevent a significant amount of money being gambled on cricket. Over the centuries there have been lots of attempts to try control betting and gambling, but scandals have arrived until today.

In 2000 the police in Delhi managed to intercept a call between the South African cricket captain, Hansie Cronje, where they discover he had taken cash from a blacklisted bookmaker to throw matches. He was banned immediately from all cricket. Similar things happened to some Indian’s players there were also forbidden.

Pakistan Controversies

The ICC decided to set in 2000 an anti-corruption board headed by a former Met police commissioner. In 2010, however, another fixing scandal was discovered during the 4th test of a Pakistan tour of England. The News Of The World newspaper discovered that Pakistani fast bowlers would bowl no-balls at specific points during an over: gamblers were then placing large bets on no-balls to be bowled.

In 2018 there was another controversy as the Australian captain Steve Smith was at the centre of another fixing scandal in a test match against South Africa. He admitted colluding with bowler Cameron Banroft to alter the condition of the ball using a form of sandpaper. This had a significant influence on any bets placed even though the reason for fixing the match was not related to trying to settle bets.

Cricket Competitions

In the UK the cricket season will go from spring to autumn, and during those months there is a considerable amount of national and domestic cricket to bet on. Online betting however now allow betting on matches that are taking place all over the world: this means that there is something to bet every single week. To help you decide where is worth having a flutter we have listed below some of the significant national and international tournaments and leagues.

International Tournaments And Matches

  • Cricket World Cup – this is the most important event of the one-day international limited overs game. This competition is played every four years and the first time was in 1975 in England. The structure has been changed several times over the year, but in the 2015 World Cup, there were 14 teams with two groups of 7 teams. The top 4 teams in each group were progressing to the knockout stage.
  • ICC Champions Trophy – The Champions Trophy is a one-day international format competition that is usually scheduled every two days, and the first one was played in 1998. The eight highest-ranking ODI teams will face each other in two groups of 4 before the knockout stage.
  • ICC World Twenty20 – Also known as the World T20. This is the most important tournament of the shortest form of the game. The first tournament was in 2007. 16 teams are competing for this title with a group phase followed by a knockout stage.
  • ICC World Test Championship – Test cricket also has a major tournament like the ODI World Cup, and it will begin in 2019. The top-ranked sides will play a series of matches over two years, and the overall winner will get a trophy. The Ashes will also be counted towards this trophy.
  • The Ashes – This is the most famous of the test series between England and Australia. The series takes place every two years between the two countries. It consists of 5 tests over a period of around eight weeks, and it is usually followed by ODIs and Twenty20 games. A small urn containing the ashes of a wooden ball is the unofficial trophy of the competition. This is by far the biggest match in all of the test cricket, and there are a vast amount of offers available, and the odds are very competitive.
  • One Day Internationals – Those are made of games of 50 overs for each team and one batting innings. Competing team has to have ODI status awarded by the ICC. Points are made by winning games against the top 8 ranked teams that are competing for the ICC Champions Trophy and all teams that will take part in the World Cup.

Local Domestic Tournaments & Matches

  • Indian Premier League – This is one of the top Twenty20 domestic leagues in the world. The Indian Premier League is one of the most watched cricket league in the world and has some of the best players. Established 2008 it is dedicated to eight teams.
  • T20 Blast – Is the UK’s version of the IPL. It started in 2014 with the 18 first class county teams that are divided into two groups of 9 teams. Teams will play each other home and away. The top four teams in each league are then allowed to enter a knock out stage to compete for the trophy.
  • Big Bash League – This is Australia’s version of a Twenty20 league. It started in 2011, and eight teams compete in two leagues of 4 teams followed by a knock out stage. There are lots of other countries that also have their T20 leagues and competitions like the Caribbean Premier League.
  • County Championship – This is the England and Wales top-class cricket league which is made of 18 clubs representing English and Welsh counties. This league started way back in 1890 with Yorkshire that is leading in the table with 32 league titles. The league is divided in two division of 9: every team will play each other home and away in 4 days matches.
  • Royal London One Day Cup – This is an over 50 ODI competition that is played between 18 top county championship teams.
  • Other Countries, Leagues and Matches – Every ICC country that has acquired test status run their national cricket leagues, cups and competitions. Information on each competition can be found on the site of the ICC.

Odds And Payouts


If you are betting on outright lines for the most significant tournaments like the World Cup or big test series like The Ashes, then the odds are very competitive, and you will also find great promotions. Bookmakers are competing during those events to acquire new customers and retain the old ones so you can expect lots of aggressive enhanced odds offers, free bets and money back promotions.

Some bookmakers like BetVictor usually are better for raw odds, and others like Paddy Power and 888 Sport are better for offers. The best way is to select a portfolio of trusted betting sites to be able to take advantage of every situation.

Always Check The Odds

If you are venturing yourself into other match markets like over/under, handicaps, a method of dismissal, etc. odds value tend to be a lot lower. Not many bookmakers are offering these lines, and it is normal that they are less competitive. The same can be said for minor leagues are trophies that are not covered by the majority of betting sites.

Although novelty and special bets are sometimes available odds tend to be of low value unless you find some rare enhanced odds offers. If you are planning to place a large bet, it is probably better to pick up the phone as you might be able to negotiate better odds for those selections.


LimitsCricket is a very popular sport in the UK so payouts tend to be decent but don’t expect to see the same kind of limits that you can get on football and horse racing. The best bookmakers will have a payout limit of around £100,000, but this can also be significantly lower so best to check before placing big singles or multiples.

Also note that if you are placing multiple bets that have a combination of several lines, markets or sports, then the payout will be restricted by the line with the lowest limit.