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Darts Betting SitesNot sure if you have watched a game of darts recently but this sport has changed significantly in the last few decades and now is a completely reputable professional sport. The times of smoke-filled rooms, players drinking 10 pints of beets and punters screaming are gone.

The arrival of sponsorship cash, TV income and the PDC split from the BDO has changed the whole sport and now you can see players that have their own shirts, have their own followers and so on. The best players in the game like Michael ‘Mighty Mike’ van Gerwen are getting seven figures and competition is always pushing the boundaries.

Best Betting Sites On Darts

Currently, there are two World Championships and lots of other annual tournaments from both formats of the game so betting opportunities are significant. In our betting on darts guide, we will help you to find the best betting sites to bet on darts, explain how to bet on darts and also what are the top competitions available. We will also be looking at the best odds, payouts and a lot more.

Best Online Bookmakers For Darts Betting

The vast majority of bookmakers will cover both the BDO and PDC World Professional Championships main darts events. Not all the betting sites, however, are doing the best jobs when it comes to covering this sport so we have flagged to you what are the top darts bookmakers for odds, offers, depth of markets, live streaming and coverage. In short, we have done all the homework for you so sit back, relax and read on!

UnibetUnibet  – Double Tops

Unibet are taking darts really seriously and this can also be seen from the fact that they are sponsoring lots of events. As a result, they have great markets coverage and odds are better than the average. In addition to that, they are also live streaming major events, especially the tournaments that they are sponsoring.

Top Regular Promotions

Existing customers will be treated very well when they bet on darts with Unibet as this betting site is running lots of regular promotions. Those deals are high value and if you consistently take advantage you can increase significantly the value.

Another interesting angle to consider is that, because Unibet is a European focused betting site, you will find lines and promotions on players of many different nationalities: if you are planning to bet on a non-UK player then Unibet is a must bookmaker for you. Unibet also has a comprehensive section with in-depth news and statistics that will help you in making your bets. Unibet Full Review.

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BetVictorBetVictor  – Bullseye

BetVictor has to be mentioned as one of the betting sites for darts because they have fantastic markets coverage and great odds. This betting site seems to be covering more darts games than most of their competitors and the fact that this is a sport of focus for them is quite clear as they do sponsor frequently darts tournaments like the World Matchplay.

Competitive Odds

As we have seen in others sports BetVictor tend to have the most competitive odds which are in some cases available even a year in advance of the event taking place. Even if BetVictor are not providing live streaming if you are watching the match on TV you will find that BetVictor in play section is simply great regardless if you are on a desktop or mobile. The number of darts betting lines available is simply impressive both for pre-event and in play and the darts payout is healthy at £100,000. BetVictor Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Treble Twenty

William Hill is the sponsor of the PDC World Darts Championship and it is not surprising that they are not offering a disappointing service when it comes to darts.

Odds are competitive especially on the events that are sponsored by William Hill and the market depth is impressive. Another strong point about William Hill is that you will be able to find odds on tournaments well in advance and not only on outright winners but on a wide range of markets.

If you like to study your bets in advance then take a look at William Hill darts news section as it is truly excellent and will help you in making the right decision. Payout limits are some of the best as they go all the way up to £250,000. William Hill Full Review.

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BetfairBetfair  – Maximum Checkout

Betfair is a solid dart betting site and especially around the major tournaments, you can find some very valuable offers. As in Betfair style, you will be able to find money back promotions and free bets: for instance, you can get a bonus if a player hits a max checkout.

Lots Of Betting Offers On Darts

Betfair sportsbook also has odds that are better than average and they are covering a wide range of lines. Considering the frequency of the offers, it is strongly advised that you check their promotions first before committing to place a bet somewhere else: don’t forget that if you get a good money back deal you can really add value to your bets.

Betfair also provides very interesting stats and news features for darts so keep an eye also considering they are all free of charge. The maximum payout on darts is £100,000 so well in line with the competition.

Don’t forget that on Betfair you can also take advantage of the exchange where you can get sometimes much better odds and you can also lay prices. Betfair Full Review.

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BetwayBetway  – Solid Throw

Betway is a betting site where you will be able to find a large number of darts offers: in most tournaments, you will be able to find a lot of added value and it makes sense to bet with them.

Betway has managed to become a top betting site for a wide range of sports: in fact, they are the ‘go to’ online bookmaker for minor sports.

Promotion For Every Major Event

On darts, you will be pleased to know that they have a promotion for every major event: sometimes they do offer money back (for example if your player loses and the final checkout is more than 100), extra bonus (if, for example, your player hits a maximum checkout) or a free bet (that can be in the form of place a bet before the game and get a free bet to use in play). So if you have an account with Betway and you bet on the most important darts events you will surely get great added value. Betway Full Review.

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A Brief History Of Darts

History Of DartsIn all honesty, it is unknown when this game was invented. In fact, humans were throwing stones at targets well before they could even speak so this must be a rather ancient game.

It looks as though this is a game from the Middle Ages. These early darts though were a lot longer, around 25cm and sections of tree trunks were used as the board. The growth rings of the tree were used as targets similar to the modern dart board. Anne Boleyn apparently gave Henry VIII a set of darts in 1530.

The Beginnings

In 1989 the paper flight was invented and in 1906 the metal barrel made the dart a much more reliable equipment. In 1896 it was Brian Gamlin that created the usual 1-20 numbering plan that we have today on the dart board but variations of the board continued to exist in different locations.

Even with all the differences darts continue to grow in popularity over the years: when the World War was over, it was very rare to go into a put in the British Empire and don’t find a darts board. It was in 1954 that the National Darts Association was formed and fixed national rules were established.

History Of Darts Betting

At the beginning of 1900’s playing of games of chance was banned in pubs and darts was also included in this. In 1908 Jim Garside was brought to court with the offence of having allowed a game of chance on his premises. Garside decided to take William Annakin with him to court: Annakin was a local champion and hit all the number the court asked. In the end, the court ruled that darts was a game of skill and not a chance and that it could have been played in pubs.

Darts betting continued to be present in local tournaments: beer was most frequently the betting currency. Things have changed significantly nowadays as professional leagues, and bookmakers sponsorship have delivered millions to the game.

How To Bet On Darts

Betting on DartsDarts is a perfect sport for betting as tournaments tend to last a full week and legs can last minutes: this means that there are betting opportunities that suit all tastes. You can either place a world championship outright bet and sit back and enjoy the show, or you can bet in play leg by leg. In this guide, we will show you some of the most common bets that you can place on darts. Click here to find out all about the different bet types.

How The Sport Of Darts Is Played

Darts is a straightforward game. Every player has three darts that they throw at a board from a distance of 7ft 9.25 inches. The board has the bullseye at a 5f 8 inches from the floor. The throwing line is called the Oche.

Darts is played from 501 to zero, and the numbers on the outside of the ring are the score. The first player that gets to zero wins the leg. The outer ring is the doubles (i.e. hit double 11 then you get 22 points). The inner ring is the treble (i.e. treble 11 is worth 33 points), if you hit any other part of the number you will earn a single. The double ring in the centre is the bullseye and outer bull: the outer bull is worth 25 while the bullseye is 50 (double outer bull).

Rules Of Darts

The highest score is treble 20 (i.e. 60) while the lower score is zero if you miss the board entirely. The maximum points achievable with three darts is therefore 180 points.

In order to win a player need to reach zero using a double number (double 1, double 3, etc.) and this is also known as doubling out. A game will continue until a player has doubles out. The final score is known as the ‘checkout’ The highest maximum checkout is 170 points: 20 (60), treble 20 (60), bullseye (50). The minimum number of darts that are needed to win a leg is 9: this is very rare but it would be 180 followed by 180 followed by a 141 checkout. The majority of top players will check out with around 15 darts.

Darts matches are made of legs and set. A set is usually made of 3 legs and matches are the best of so many sets. Finals can take several hours as can be best of 15 or more sets.

Outright Result Betting

The vast majority of bookmakers are offering outright lines for darts tournament and championship winners. This type of bet is by far the most popular, and therefore you should be looking to get an excellent value odds. As we have seen with other sports when bookmakers are competing for odds they are running on tiny margins so that they can attract and retain as many customers as possible.
This is undoubtedly happening for darts outright bets so make sure you check some top bookmakers before committing with a price.

Win, Place And Each Way Betting

Similarly, to tennis, darts games are played between two contestants and for this reason placing an each way bet within matches is not possible. Having said that you would be able to find betting sites that are offering each-way and in some cases place only prices for the main tournaments: usually, two places will be 1/2 the odds. Win betting is by far the most popular bet type for darts matches.

Accumulator And Multiples

Darts tournaments lend itself very well for accumulator betting. Since in early rounds lots of games at happening in a single day this means that you can place rather large accas with the hope of winning big.
If you decide to place a darts accumulator bet it makes sense for you to take full advantage of an all-sports accumulator bonus or acca insurance.

On darts, you also have the choice to place other types of multiple bets like full cover bets (i.e. Yankee) or full cover bets with singles like Lucky 15.

Forecast, Conditional And Spread Betting

You might not find those type of bets on the betting websites, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be placed especially on tournament results. Conditional bets are a lot less frequent though but again, in theory, it should be possible to place them.

Darts also lends itself perfectly to spread and index betting thanks to his points system. Make sure that if you venture yourself into spread betting, you are fully aware of the risks that this type of not fixed odds bet carries.
It can be a very lucrative way of betting of course, but it is not suggested for beginners.

Handicap Betting

From our analysis, only a small number of betting sites are providing handicap betting on darts even though the points system used by this sport is perfect for this type of bet. Handicap bets will give points, leg or set advantage or disadvantage to a player with the aim of balancing out odds in matches where there is a clear favourite. Let’s imagine that Phil Taylor is playing against a newbie and he is just 1/33 to win while the newbie is at 100/1. If the game is in the best of 9 sets, a handicap bet could give -4 set to Taylor and +4 set more to the underdog. In this scenario, the odds are likely to be close to evens making a bet on Taylor a significantly more exciting proposition.

180 Maximum

If a player managed to hit a 180 (3x treble 20), then it has achieved the highest possible score from three darts. Doing so is hard but as you can understand top players are likely to hit the maximum more times than the others.

You will be able to find betting lines on 180 maximums pre-event but also in-play in the form of ‘will there be a 180 in the next leg’, ‘first 180’ and so on.

Checkout Markets

You can also bet pre-event or in play on whether a player will score a 170 maximum checkout. Statistically, these are even rarer than 180 maximum and odds will be particularly appealing as a consequence. Alternatively, you can also bet on which player is going to have the highest checkout in a set/match/tournament. There are opportunities to bet also on the range of the checkout shot (i.e. check out of between 100-150) or the double number that the player will check out with (double 16 for example).

9 Dart Finish

Nine darts are the lowest number of darts that are necessary to check out in a 501 darts leg. To do so, a player will need to have two lots of 180 and 141 checkout. It is tough to do that and expect considerable odds for this market. Even if the top players have shorter prices for this market, these checkouts are very rare so you can also bet that there will be just one in an entire tournament.

Highest 3 Dart Average

Football strikers usually are judged by how many goals they are capable of scoring. Darts players are judged on their three darts average. Those that have the best standards are winning more tournaments as you can imagine.

There are many opportunities also in this case as you can back a player to have the highest three-dart average in a set, match or over a whole tournament.

Correct Score

It is possible to bet on the correct score in a darts match or even in a darts set. In both cases, we are talking about ‘best of’ and there are lots of different outcomes.

Winning Margin

Betting on the winning margin within a set or match or even within a leg could be an excellent opportunity to add value when there are firm favourites. For example, you can bet on Taylor to win a set of over 100 points and so on.

After X Legs & Sets Or Race To X Legs & Sets

In addition to having the opportunity to bet on outright match winners, you can also bet before the event and in play on the outcome of a number of legs or sets.

Double Results

Here you can bet on the result after a certain number of sets or matches and combine it with the final result.

Special Markets

Darts it is all about players, and there are strong personalities in the sport. For example, there are specials like how many times a player will punch the air during a game and similar things. Although those bets are fun to make it is important to remember that the majority of those options will have poor real value as competition between bookmakers is scarce.


BDO-V-PDCIn 1973 Ollie Croft decided to create the British Darts Organisation (BDO). This competition grew very fast in popularity, and by 1975 it was already on TV screens with the Embassy Championship. In the 1980’s there were more than 800 BDO events across the UK. Things were going well for darts, but by the end of the decade, the sport was strongly associated with poor health and heavy drinking. As a result, TV coverage disappeared, and the sport started to decline.

In 1993, however, the top 32 players decided to come together with the aim of reviving the sport on TV. Ollie Croft, however, wanted to maintain the ownership of the game and decided not to agree: the players responded by forming the World Darts Council (WDC) that was a separate body from the BDO.

The World Darts Council (WDC) was then renamed Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in 1997 and had its leagues and championships. Until today the BDO and PDC have entirely separate pools of players and their world championship that it is usually played at the same time.

Darts Championships Tournaments And Competitions

British Darts Organisation

Phil TaylorWorld Professional Darts Championships – This was played the first time in 1978, and it is still broadcasted by the BBC. It is the BDO’s major tournament, and it is held at the famous Lakeside Country Club during Christmas period every year. The winner will get around £300k.

Winmau World Masters – This is the oldest BDO tournament as it started in 1974. Since 2002 it is played at Bridlington and sets are shorter (best of 3).

BDO World Trophy – This is the new BDO competitions and the first significant tournament being created since the split from PDC. It is running since 2014, and it is taking place in February with a winner fund of £100,000.

British Inter-County Darts Championships (BICC) – This takes place every month between all British counties from September to May.

WDF World Cup – It takes place every two years in October since 1977. England Men have won 11 times.

WDF Europe Cup – This is another tournament that takes place every two years (opposite to the World Cup). The first one took place in 1978.

BDO British International Championships – This is a Men’s and Women’s Championship between the Home Countries of England. It has been played every year since 1979.

Other BDC Events – Others BDC events are the six nations cup, British Open, International Open and many other tournaments.

Professional Darts Corporation

World Championship – This is the most important PDC tournament and it takes place over the Christmas period and ends in early January: this has the highest prize fund darts competition in the world (more than £1.5 million), and Alexandra Palace hosts it. Phil Taylor has won this tournament 14 times since it started in 1994. You will find the best odds and offers for this major darts event.

UK Open – This is played every year at Butlins, Minehead. It is a three days tournament with 168 players that are eliminated until a single win is found. It is also called the FA Cup of Darts and has a prize fund of £300,000. Phil Taylor has won it five times.

World Matchplay – It takes place at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool and attracts an audience of 2000 plus people. Matches are played over legs instead of sets. If there is no winner with ten legs, then another six legs are played. The prize fund is £500,000, and again Phil Taylor has won it 15 times. This tournament is played in July.

World Grand Prix – It started in 1999 and had short rounds. Taylor has won it 11 times, and the prize pool is £400,000. It takes place in October.

Premier League Darts – This started in 2005, and it is broadcasted by Sky as the Darts Premier League. It is a five months (February to May) tournament where the top ten PDC players compete in a league that is hosted in different venues over the UK. The prize fund is £700,000.

World Grand Prix – This competition was firstly played in 2007, and it is the only one that has players from the PDC and BDO. Players that have made it to either PDC or BDO finals in a previous couple of years are invited to take part. It is played in November over nine days, and Phil Taylor has won it six times. The prize fund is £400,000.

Players Championship Final – This is a competition that is dedicated to the top 32 PDC players every year which started in 2009. The prize fund is £250,000, and it is played in different venues.

European Championship – 32 top European players, are fighting to win a share of £300,000. It started in 2008 and Taylor has won it four times.

World Cup of Darts – A PDC tournament that has started in 2010. The best 24 countries face each other at the end of October to win a price of more than £250,000.

The Masters – A non-ranking PDC tournament that started in 2014 between the top 16 PDC players that are competing for around £200,000. It takes place at the end of October and beginning of November.

Live In-Play Betting

SportsbettingAs we have seen already in this guide, darts is a great sport if you like betting in play. You have a lot of different opportunities as you can either bet by the leg, the set, the match or even the whole tournament. Not all the betting sites are offering great opportunities though in regards to in play betting: some have a massive amount of lines available while others are rather scarce. All the bookies we have listed at the top of this page have great coverage, so our suggestion is you stick with them, and you will be completely fine. If you want to find more details of individual bookmakers in play feature, then check out our betting sites reviews.

News, Results and Stats

Darts is not covered as other main sports however some bookmakers are offering an excellent service like for example William Hill, Betfair and a few others. In most betting sites you will find however live scores and results but don’t expect to see too much more.

Live Streaming And Commentary

Since lots of betting sites are sponsoring darts competitions, they do also stream the events. You will be able to watch lots of darts tournaments on William Hill, Coral and Unibet. Lots of games are however available in mainstream TV channels like Sky Sports, Eurosport and so on. We believe that Darts is a sport that has to be watched if you are betting in play.

The reason why we suggest this is that the major variable in the sport is the individual player and by watching the game you can observe how he is doing and get useful insights for your betting.

Odds And Payouts

Some bookmakers are trying to give poor value odds for sports that are not so popular, and this is the case for Darts. For this reason, it is important not to commit to the first price you see and shop around a bit especially if you are betting on outright bets. BetVictor usually have great prices on darts and have lots of different markets available, so this is a bookmaker to consider very carefully when betting on this sport.


LimitsDarts payout limits are a lot lower than in mainstream sports like football and horse racing. Some bookmakers go as low as £5,000 or even £1,000 so you need to check very carefully especially if you are planning to place a large bet. All the bookmakers we have selected in this guide, however, do have payout limits of over £100k for outright bets. If you are planning to bet on less popular lines, check the terms first as payouts could be lower.

Here is an example of a payout limit structure for a top bookmaker:

£250,000 for BDO, PDC, Premier League Match and other main tournaments
£25,000 for the remaining Darts tournaments