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Betting on GolfGolf is another of those old games that have spread through the world, and it is now one of the most watched and bet on sports in the world. It is a game full of up and downs, sand bunkers, lakes and magnificent scenery. Golf has a rather slow nature compared with other spots, and it is more exclusive. There is a tremendous amount of money moving with it: top golf players are some of the wealthiest sportsmen in the World, and as a consequence, this is one of the most popular sports as far as betting is also concerned because it has excellent TV coverage.

Betting On Golf Is Huge

Tiger Woods, one of the best players of recent years, has had golf earnings of around $110 million and this is not surprising if you consider that the popularity of golf has attracted wealthy sponsors. Betting on golf is also huge, and there are a lot more lines and offers than ever. Regardless if you are planning to stick a few quid on the Open or if you are regularly betting on this sport, you will benefit from our betting on golf guide. Here we have selected the best golf betting sites, provide all the information you need on what are the best bets for golf, how to locate best odds, terminologies and also what to expect in regards to offers and best promotions.

Best Online Bookmakers For Golf Betting

The most reputable UK betting sites cover the vast majority of golf tournaments. Golf has a considerable number of followers however it is still a smaller sport if compared with football so regarding odds there is less competition. In addition to that, not every bookmaker is as reliable when it comes to golf bets, offers and features, so it is essential to select your golf betting sites carefully to get the maximum value.

At BestBettingSites.Online we will show you all the best golf betting bookmakers and also we will show you how to find the best offers, how to live stream golf, where to see the best news, stats and results services and lots more. After all, it is vital to know which are the betting sites that gets a hole in one shot and which one are stuck in the bunker!

CoralCoral  – Major Winner

Over the years Coral has become one of the best betting sites as far as golf is concerned. They have markets available for every European and PGA tour in addition to any other major golf events.

As you would expect, the depth of the market is excellent, and you can generally get some tremendous outright odds. Coral also is very generous as far as enhanced odds promotions are concerned with new and existing clients that can take full advantage. With Coral, you can place several bets types like group bets, match bets, 2 and three ball bets and some others. With this betting site you can, free of charge, access a fantastic results section which is far better than the competition.

Coral is an excellent choice for golf betting, and it is one you want to have in your betting sites portfolio. Coral Full Review.

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Paddy PowerPaddyPower  – Wears The Green Jacket

Golf is a very famous sport in Ireland, and there are some fantastic golf courses on the Emerald Island. It is therefore not surprising that Paddy Power takes this golf very seriously: market coverage is excellent and there are lots of betting opportunities on essential tournaments but also minor tournaments and trophies.

Even if the depth of market isn’t quite at the level of some others top betting sites this bookmaker really stands out in regards to offers. Raw odds are not as good as the competition though but this issue is resolved with the regular money back offers and enhanced odds promotions that Paddy Power are consistently delivering to Golf betting customers. They also run some very bespoke offers which are sometimes focused on Irish players.

Extra Place Golf Offer

A famous Paddy Power offer is the golf extra place enhancement: the vast majority of bookies are only paying out five places for each way and place bets on golf tournaments, but Paddy Power regularly push that out to 7 or even eight places. We have seen in some big major that they have paid out on ten places! But Paddy Power special offers are not limited only on the main events: members will get regular golf free offers throughout the year like free bets and insurance promotions.

Paddy Power also has a dedicated section where you can get the latest news, results and stats: since the service is of high quality and completely free make the most of it as, if used correctly, it can increase your chances of winning. Paddy Power Full Review.

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BetVictorBetVictor  – Par For The Course

We can certainly say that golf betting at BetVictor is great and that this is one of their best sports. Market depth is fantastic here with all the majors and many of the minor events covered. In addition to that BetVictor is particularly great at US golf coverage with a huge number of bets available.

You can bet on almost everything with BetVictor like outrights, who will make the cut, group betting and a lot more. This betting site is also running player specials from basic top American or top European player to whether a player will end in the bunker or the rough.

Great Odds

As we all know BetVictor are not great in regards to golf offers but the main selling point of this betting site are great odds and a fantastic book that will keep you entertained. If you don’t have an account with BetVictor make sure you add to your portfolio of golf betting site: they are running a very good sign up welcome offer if you join by clicking on the green button below. BetVictor Full Review.

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BetfairBetfair  – Chipping In From The Rough

Betfair has launched a few years ago their fixed odds sportsbook and they are pushing it especially to golf enthusiasts. For this reason, you can really get some great golf offers from Betfair and in addition to it also some top early prices and great market coverage.

New and existing customers betting on golf are rewarded with some very generous offers: for example, Betfair does normally pay 7 or 8 places in each way and place bets. But Betfair is not just golf offers: an independent review has found that Betfair has had the best overall odds in the last year on the golf tour. So basic prices are also very good and if you add on it some enhanced offers you can really get a huge value.

Betting Exchange

Don’t forget that with a single Betfair account you can also access the exchange: here you will be able to back markets as you would with a regular betting site but you can also lay bets, becoming your own bookmaker. This form of peer-peer betting normally results in better returns when there is lots of liquidity: so for golf majors make sure you keep an eye on the exchange to take advantage of the main opportunities available. Betfair Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Professional Golfers

William Hill is a such a giant bookmaker that it is very difficult to ignore for every sport, and golf is not an exception. William Hill needs to be considered carefully especially for outright odds as those are very competitive. In addition to that, they are normally running a regular money back or enhanced odds offer that can deliver extra value.

William Hill also has a superb section where they do offer news, results and even tips to help you place your golf betting in the most successful way. This betting site has clearly an edge as far as ante-post markets are concerned so make sure you are aware of it and take advantage when necessary. William Hill Full Review.

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BetwayBetway  – Safely On The Green

Betway is focusing on golf and this is clear as they are running some very good deals especially around the bigger golf tournaments. The depth of markets is really good and betting is very intuitive thanks to their nice sleek interface.

Both new and existing customers are able to benefit from Betway enhanced odds and enhanced places: those are particularly concentrated around big events and can generate a substantial value for punters that take advantage.

Lots Of Enhanced Winnings And Insurance Offers

The number of enhanced winnings or insurance offer for golf events is great: for example, you can get money back if your player missed the cut, instant payout if your player is leading after the first round, a refund for ending second and a lot more. Since the offers tend to change a lot from event to event it is difficult to say which one will be available in the near future so the best is to check regularly as we can say with certainty that there will be at least one to take advantage of. Betway Full Review.

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A Brief History Of Golf

The precursor to golf was a game that originated in Holland in the 13th century and was played with a stick and a leather ball. The winner was the player capable of reaching the target with less number of strokes.

Although the concept was the same, the modern golf game was developed in the middle ages in Scotland and was banned by King James II in 1457 as it was distracting from archery practice. Over the next three centuries golf will be prohibited other times but always managed to survive: the oldest rulebook is dating back to 1744 and was written by the Company of Gentleman Golfers. Since these golfers were playing at Leith Links, it became known as the Leith Rules. The basis of Leith Rules is still in place in today’s game.

Born In Britain

Similarly to other sports originated in Britain it was initially restricted to royalty and aristocracy. In the 19th century tourism exploded in Scotland and golf started to spread across the whole UK. By 1880 golf started to establish itself in the British colonies and golf courses started to increase in number: by the outbreak of the first World War in 1914 there were over 100 courses in England alone.

Golf has arrived in the US very early around 1739 and the first National Amateur Championships was played there in 1894. By 1932 there were already 1,100 US Golf Association affiliated clubs and by 1980 there were nearly 6,000. Nowadays there are well over 10,000.

In the beginning, golf didn’t have a set number of holes as the number was based on the layout of each course. St Andrews for example only had 11 holes but in 1764 many were considered too short and were merged leading to 9 holes (they were played twice making a total of 18 holes).

Golf Balls Have Changed Over Time

Golf balls have also changed significantly over the course of the years both in size and weight. The golf ball was only standardised in the US in the 1930’s. A number of rules were set on the ball including things like a maximum speed of 250 ft/s which have had a great impact on the format of the modern game.

Golf clubs were also very different and initially made of wood. Only in the mid-1800s, the ball integrity was good enough for iron heads to be introduced and by 1890’s aluminium shafts started to appear. With the improved knowledge of materials and aerodynamics, we have seen huge changes since 1970 with clubs that are now a lot lighter, thinner and stronger than ever before.

The Name Golf Is From Scottish

The name golf is coming from the Scottish ‘gouf’ which means ‘to strike’ and it is not coming from the phrase ‘gentlemen only, ladies forbidden’ despite the popular myth. Golf is now a multi-million-pound professional sport and there are players that are earning tens of millions during their careers. There are 4 majors in the sport, the US Open, the British Open, The Masters and the PGA Championship. Jack Nicklaus has the major record at 18 having won his first n 1962 while Tiger Woods is currently in second place with 14 majors. It is interesting to note that Jack Nicklaus is not even making it into the top 100 golf earners by a long way and this show how much money has now entered the sport.

Ladies golf mirrors the men’s game as they have 4 major tournaments plus a 5th major that is called Evian Championship. Patty Berg has the record with the most majors won at 15.

How To Bet On Golf

Golf HistoryGolf is excellent for betting although it can be quite slow at times. The odds are valuable, and there is nothing like placing a cheeky punt to get the excitement to grow. As the sport is trendy, there are many betting options, and nowadays you can bet on many aspects of the game. Since each tournament last for a whole week you can either place a bet on the outright winner and sit back and enjoy the actions, or you can bet live in play hole by hole, with everything in between.

In our betting on golf guide we will be looking at what are the most common golf bets, the offers that you can expect and also how to find the right golf bet that best suits you.

How The Sport Of Golf Works

Rules of GolfGolf is a sport that is played in rounds, and a round usually is 18 holes that has to be completed one by one in the order the court is set up. Some courses have 18 holes and shorter nine-hole course (which are played twice).

The Green

The game starts with players that are placing the golf ball on the tee in the tee box. A tee is a small peg where you can place the ball to rest: it is not compulsory for players to use the tee but this is normally the case. The player begins the game by ‘teeing off’ with a long distance shot that is also known as ‘drive’. The golfer will continue to play the ball from where it lands with the aim of getting onto the ‘green’ and into the hole with the least possible shots. The green area is where the grass is well maintained and it is surrounding the hole. It is also known as ‘putting green’.

Depending on the type of shot the player can use different clubs. For example, to drive the ball into long distances players are using large wooden-headed clubs that are also called ‘drivers’. Smaller iron clubs are instead used for shorter distance shots where more control is necessary. The ‘putter’ is a particular type of iron club that is used on the green to get the ball into the hole.

Some Holes More Difficult Than Others

Some holes are more difficult than others as they have hazards in the form of sand bunkers, water pools, streams or lakes. There is also a long grass at the edges of courses that is called ‘rough’. If a ball lands in a particularly difficult area the player will need to ‘chip’ the ball back into a smoother turf that is also called the ‘fairway’.

Holes have a ‘par’ associated with them. The ‘Par’ is the number of shots the hole is expected to take at that level of golf. Players can, therefore, be ‘par for a hole’, ‘over par’ or ‘under par’.

Scoring In Golf

Scoring in GolfIn golf, you are aiming to complete the hole with less possible shots as you can. It is very rare that a hole is reached with one shot and you will find that Golf has many names for shots that are below or above the par. Those are named after famous birds.

Golf Betting Rules

Are the US Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) that administer the golf rules. In the last 500 years, rules haven’t changed significantly, and the game is likely to continue in the current format in the foreseeable future.

If a golf tournament is abandoned the result will stand as long as 36 holes have been played. If the whole field has not played 36 holes than the game will be void and the stakes will be returned. In case your bet has settled before the game being abandoned this will stand.

Outright Result Betting

The easiest way to place a bet on gold if to select who you think is going to win the tournament. You can then sit back and relax for the whole week! Golf field is enormous and the odds are decent for outright bets. There is healthy competition between betting sites which means that some bookmakers, like William Hill, are pushing those odds to be very valuable. It is also likely that you will find enhanced odds offers for popular outright bets so make sure you do a proper check before placing your bet.

Attracting New Players With Aggressive Golf Offers

To attract new players and retain the existing ones, lots of betting sites are running offers at a loss, and you can get a significant advantage: those offers usually are associated with the most popular players. If you like spotting outsiders, then you can also get some insurance if a top player wins.

A popular outright bet on golf is known as ‘betting without’: in this bet, you can back the whole field with the exclusion of a player or some players (which are usually the favourites). Despite odds are lower for those type of bets, the possibility of winning is significantly improved.

Win, Place And Each Way Betting

Since golf players are ranked on a leaderboard with their cumulative tournament score, there are lots of opportunities not only to place conventional win bets but also for a place and each-way bets. Usually, each-way and place bets are around five places for the best bookmakers with payouts on these that are typically 1/4 of the winning odds.

Betting sites are offering lots of promotions around those type of bet: for example, you can get enhanced place terms or even better odds.

Dead Heat Rule

Given the way golf scoring is made, there are great chances of tied at the end of the tournament: this is also called dead heat. In this case, a bookmaker will pay out on tied positions. In Golf, there isn’t a possibility that a dead heat will happen for the first position as a playoff is played between the tied players to find out the winner.

If for example you have placed a £6 each way bet on a player to finish in the top 5 and your player ends up in 4th place tie with 2 golfers then the dead heat rule means that the £6 part of your each way bet will be divided by the number of players in the dead heat (in the example three players) and this is multiplied by the paid places they are tied for (in our example two places, 3th and 5th). So the bet will become £6/3 x 2 = £4.

So this is something to remember when you are placing each-way bets on golf. A lot of times players are finishing in tied positions and your bets are subject to dead heat rules. Make sure you consider this aspect when deciding how much to place and the type of bet to make.

Top Finish Bets

This is similar to place betting as in this case you are making a bet on a player to finish in let’s say top 5 at the end of 18, 36 holes or at the end of the tournament (usually 72 holes).

Depending on the betting site you can make bets for top 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 20 and so on. These bets are particularly valuable if you spot a player that has lots of potentials but you don’t think it has yet what it takes to win the whole tournament.

Group Betting

In big tournaments, you will have vast fields of players. Group betting allows the bookmaker to restrict the field to a more manageable number. The winner will be the player that has the lowest score and the highest ranking in the group.

Those bets are particularly popular when you have a firm favourite, and you want to exclude from outright bets. It goes without saying that given the fact that the group is a subset of the whole field of players, the odds will be generally lower.

What Are Group Bets?

Group bets can be placed on the whole tournament (usually 72 holes) but also over 18 holes or 36. Depending on the group even if a player misses the cut, you can still potentially win here as in theory it still has the chance to rank higher than the other players in the group. If there is a tie or dead heat, stakes are refunded.

It is rather hard to find betting offers on group bets but on major events, you will occasionally find those.

2 Ball And 3 Ball Golf Betting

This is also a form of group betting. In early rounds of a golf tournament players are in action in groups of 3 and in the final round they are divided into groups of two. This allows for great betting opportunities as all the players in the group are playing at the same time so the game is a lot faster and you won’t need to wait for the end of the game to see the result. It goes without saying that this lends itself really well to in play betting.

2/3 ball betting is a type of golf bet which one is going to be the player out of the group of 2 or 3 players that will win. Players will have different odds depending on their form and ability but this can be a great way of backing a player you like to win their group without going as wide as backing him to win the tournament.

Dead heat rules also apply in 2 and three ball betting, and if there are players that withdraw during the round, then the bets are void.


A golf tournament is just a single event so doesn’t lend itself to multiple betting. However, the option to group bet does allow accumulators to be placed.

A favourite type of golf accumulator is to bet on the winner of a series of 2/3 ball groups. In a large field, there will be lots of groups playing and therefore lots of betting opportunities. The majority of bookmakers are also offering golf accumulator insurance so check this before committing to a multiple.

Top Country/Region

Another popular way of betting in Golf is to bet on the top player from a specific country or region. The majority of bets are made on the best US player or European player, but there are also bets all the way down to countries, like the best Irish player, top UK player, best Australian, best of the rest of the world and so on.

This type of bet is particularly advised if you are more familiar with players from a particular country or region: if you know more about UK players but not sure how they do against players of other nations, then this is a good bet to place.

Hole, Round And Match Betting

Golf is a tiered game as there are 72 holes for the major tournaments and are generally split into five rounds. There usually is a cut off at 36 holes where the leaders will continue to play the two final rounds, and the rest of the players are going home. This means that there are substantial betting opportunities to be taken.

Lots of bookmakers are offering to bet on who will win the next hole (this is generally within 2/3 ball group of players), and you can also bet by the round (either within a 2/3 ball group or another group defined by the betting site or even the whole field). A very popular bet is to predict who is going to win the first round or who is going to make or miss the cut after the first 36 holes.

The match betting, which is who is going to win the whole tournament, however, is still the type of bet that generates the majority of turnover for bookmakers and where you will find the best offers.

Prop Bets

Since golf has an interesting scoring system and lots of obstacles to reach the hole it lends itself well in regards to prop betting. So many bets can be resolved with the question yes or no. For example: ‘Will Rory McIlroy end up in a bunker in the match/round/group’, ‘will someone in the group score an Albatros’, and so on. Those bets can be fun but the odds usually are rather low value, so unless you have an offer then you will find better by shopping around.


Golf tournaments have huge fields, and this means that there are lots of special betting available. A favourite way to bet is on individual player’s performance either over a whole season or during a match. For example, you can bet on whether a player will reach a particular score or if they will hit an obstacle an so on. Many punters are betting on how many masters a player will win in a season or on how many seasons a player will need to reach a number of titles.

So the opportunities are endless, and there are also lots of novelty bets especially from betting sites like Paddy Power. Although those bets are fun be careful with special betting as the vast majority will have poor odds and also payout limits will be capped to a low level.

In Play And Pre-Event

Since a match of golf is a long process, there are lots of in play live betting opportunities available. If you fancy some action, you can place group bets by the hole, or you can place a bet on the winner and sit back.

The vast majority of betting sites usually are offering mixed pre-events, and in play, betting offers: for example if you place a bet to a golf market before the tournament you will receive a free bet or risk-free bet to use in play. If you are planning to place a bet anyway before the tournament, keep an eye for those offers as they will give you an extra free chance to win more in play.

Types Of Golf Bet

types of golf betsThe nature of golf allows for lots of betting types and strategies. For example, you can place simple single bets on outright lines, individual player betting and so on. Each way and place betting is also very common and offered by the vast majority of bookmakers. If you want to know more about bet types visit our dedicated section.

It Is Possible To Do Multiple Betting

Although multiple betting is less popular than in other sports, it is still possible to do multiples with group betting or with 2/3 ball betting. Similarly, there are opportunities to place full cover bets and also full cover bets with singles like a Lucky 15. These bets can be placed on group bets within a single tournament, or you can even place multiples bets on the final result of different tournaments or events (as long as there isn’t a link between them). There aren’t many offers for those type of bets, but this can change when major tournaments are around.

Handicap And Asian Handicap Golf Betting

Handicap and Asian handicap betting are generally used for round and whole match betting: because in Golf we have vast fields, those type of bets can be used to level the odds. Since not all bookmakers have great depth of market on Golf make sure you select some of the betting sites we have highlighted in this page.

Forecast, spread or conditional betting are all possible in Golf, but those type of bets are not so popular. You might find them though n some UK bookmakers. We suggest you check with the betting site first before placing any forecast and conditional bets while for spread betting on golf, you might need to find a dedicated spread betting exchange.

Golf Tours

PGA and European TourDue to the increased TV coverage and streaming, it is now common to be able to bet on golf all year round. There is a huge amount of professional golf played and below you will find the main events on the calendar and those where you will find the biggest depth of market and top offers.

  • PGA Tour – The professional golfers association of America (PGA) tour was created in 1929, and it is a US only tour. It is played across several states, and the prize money is huge with up to $1 million for a tour event with lots of smaller prizes to be won. The biggest event of the tour is The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass which is where the tour has its HQs. The FedEx Cup is also a money list event part of the PGA tour. This is a season-long leaderboard of the money won by players on tour. At the end of the season, there are playoff events for the top 125 players that are competing for a sensational $10 million prize.
  • European Tour – This tour is founded in 1972 by Neil Coles that decided to create a tour able to compete with PGA. Even if the name seems to be indicating differently, this tour isn’t restricted to Europe as there are events in Asia and Africa too. As you can imagine this tour doesn’t have the same prestige and prize money as the US PGA, but top players can earn more than £4 million a season which is not bad at all! Similarly to the FedEx Cup, also the European Tour has a money list event which is called The Race to Dubai. The top 100 players on the European Tour will compete at the end of the season for a high price of more than $1.5 million with more than $7.5 million that is given to the top 15 on the leaderboard.
  • Champions Tour – This is a tour that has been designed for professional golfers that are over 50 years of age. The tour is mainly in the US although it has some events in the UK, Canada and also South Korea. Prize money is not bad at all as there is £55 million prize fund that is given out in the 26 events with an average pool of around $2 million. For a lot of events, those payouts are higher even than the European Tour. The Champions Tour started in 1980 and it is open to players that have won the PGA or Champions tour previously. The funny thing is that some players have earned more money in their ‘second career’ than in their first and it also shows how golf has grown in popularity over the last few decades.
  • LPGA – woman’s golf has acquired more and more popularity over the years. The Ladies Professional Golf Association started officially in 1950’s but professional ladies tours existed long before this. The tour mirror the PGA and even if the majority of events are based in the US the tour is now reaching new places like Australia, China, Mexico and lots more countries. Even if prize money is nothing near the PGA it is still huge for a female sport as it is at around $70 million for the whole tour. Annika Sorenstam is the top-earning female golfer having earned $22 million with the top 10 ladies that all have won well over $12 million in prize money.

Major Golf Championships

The 4 Golf Major ChampionshipGolf has four major events, also called major Championships or just ‘the majors’. These are the most prestigious tournaments where you will find the best odds and offers on Golf.

  • Masters Tournament – This is the first master of the year, and it is played in April. It is an invitation-only event that is hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, US. The first was back in 1934, and it has one of the most famous golf tradition: the winner is awarded the Green Jacket which is then held by the player for the next year event. The Masters is an official event for both the PGA and European tours.
  • US Open – This is the second master of the year, and it is played in June. It is played at various locations and is hosted by the USGA. It is one of the first golf events as it was first played in 1895 and it is also a component of both the PGA and European tours.
  • The Open Championship – The top European master, begins at the start of July. It is hosted by the R&A, and it is played in 10 Links courses in the UK. It is also called the British Open, and it is an ancient event as it was played the first time at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland in 1860.
  • PGA Championship – The last master of the year takes place on the 3rd weekend before Labor Day. It is hosted by the PGA at various locations in the US. It is an official money event on the European and PGA tour and has a winning price pot of more than $10 million. The first time it was played was in 1816.

The Ryder Cup

Ryder CupThe Ryder Cup is the only team event that is played in golf. The competition is played every two years and see the USA opposed to Europe. The name is coming from the original trophy that was donated by UK businessman Samuel Ryder. The first competition was played in 1927 in Massachusetts, US.

The competition is played in matches between different players that are selected from two teams of 12 players. In total there are 28 matches played between teams over 18 holes. For every match won by a player, the team receives a point and for each match tied a team get half a point. The match lasts three days, the first two days consist of four-ball and four foursome matches and the final day is made of 12 singles matches. Europe still has the edge over the Americans in the Ryder Cup, but nowadays the competition is a lot closer than ever.

Live In-Play Betting

Golf In Play Live BettingGolf lends itself really well for live betting and all the majority of bookmakers sites are offering great golf in play features especially when big tournaments are around. If you bet with great golf betting sites like Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and some others you can’t go wrong and you will have not only a great depth of market but also excellent live betting features. To find out what each betting site are offering in more details visit our dedicated betting site guide.

News, Results And Statistics

Golf is a sport about individual players the small variables have massive effects on the outcome of the game. It is therefore essential to keep updated with news, results and stats so to eventually make better decisions when it comes to betting on golf. A few years ago for example when Rory McIlroy split up with his fiance, the event had a severe impact on his game. By knowing the latest golf news and form of players, you can get a lot of useful insights and eventually improve your betting decisions.

Some bookmakers are offering great news, results and statistics services on golf and they are all free of charge. Check out, for example, Ladbrokes and William Hill, and you will see that they have an entire dedicated section on this sport that will allow you to be always up to date with the latest golf news.

Live Streaming And Commentary

Golf is not usually streamed through UK online betting sites, and the reason is that TV coverage of this sport in the UK is excellent with the BBC that still covers the British Open and the other tournaments that are widely available on Sky and other providers.

The majority of bookmakers, however, do provide audio commentary services especially around big tournaments and tour events. William Hill, for example, is an excellent option for live golf news and audio commentary. Generally, though the best way to get the most out of Golf live betting features is to take advantage of TV coverage. After all, Golf as a sport is not very suited to a tiny screen as it will be difficult to see the ball.

Odds And Payouts


The odds are available on outright golf betting from all the best online betting sites. Not all the UK bookmakers, however, have in-depth markets and those can also be a lot less competitive compared with other sports like football for instance. When there are the major Golf events our suggestion is to compare some leading bookmakers to make sure you are getting the best odds: some bookies have better odds for some players and less for others, so it is essential you check correctly to get the maximum value.

Why Golf Odds Are Better When The Event Is Getting Closer?

In the lead up to a bit golf tournament betting sites do compete with each other with enhanced odds offers. Those promotions usually are very aggressive as the bookmaker intent is not to make a profit from the offer but to attract players. Some bookmakers like Coral and Paddy Power have a lot more of those offers so keep an eye around significant golf events. The strong suggestion is to have a range of betting sites accounts so that you can benefit from offers and best odds as they come along. An example of golf offer you might find is something like ‘make a bet before the event on the outright market and get £10 free bet in play on the event’.


Limits - Betting On GolfGolf is one of the most popular sport, and for this reason, you can expect payouts to be excellent. Despite in football and horse racing, the payout is higher on golf you can find between £100k and £500k. Limits tend to vary a lot from bookmaker to bookmaker as fas as Golf is concerned with some bookmakers that are paying no more than £50k while others go up to £500k for all markets.

Check Payouts On Small Tournaments

If you are placing a bet on minor golf tournaments, make sure that those bets are covered by the same payout of the leading golf markets. It is also vital to consider turnaround times for payouts: if you are betting in play, you might want to ride your bets and reinvest the winnings immediately on the next hole and so on. Some bookmakers have better turnaround than others, so it is best to check with customer services if you are planning to do something like this in play and ask what their turnaround is.