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Betting On SnookerSnooker was in the past considered as that sport that was played in snooker halls with lots of pints and smoke. Similarly to darts though, things have changed dramatically in the last 50 years. During the 70’s and 80’s thanks to the TV coverage, it has become a national spectator sport in the UK with players like Alex Higgins, Ray Reardon, Steve Davis and others that became extremely popular.

In the early 2000’s the sport was redesigned by new chairman Barry Hearn, and the result is that snooker is now played internationally and it is trendy in Asian countries. The number of events has increased significantly, and professional players are in action all year round. From a betting point of view, this means that there are a lot more opportunities and also with the competition, the value of betting on Snooker has increased. In play, betting is very popular, and nowadays you can bet almost on everything like ball, frame, session, match or tournament.

Find the best betting sites for Snooker & Pool

In our snooker guide we will be looking at what are the best bookmakers for snooker & pool betting but also how to bet on snooker, what are the main tournaments to watch out for, where to find the best odds, payouts and offers. We will be also looking at the history and cover some of the match-fixing issues in the sport.

Best Online Bookmakers For Snooker & Pool Betting

BetwayBetway  – UK Champion

Betway is different from the others main bookmakers as even if they are aiming to be competitive for big sports, they are focusing much more into niche and less well known the UK and European competitions. Snooker is no exception, and it is very well covered by Betway.

Sponsoring The UK Championship

Betway is sponsoring the UK Championship which is one of top three events of this sport with the World Champs and the Masters. It is therefore not surprising to see that Betway’s market depth is sensational: you will be able to find lots of pre-event lines and also around 20 in play markets. Unfortunately, live streaming is not offered, but Betway live betting interface is terrific, and if you can watch the game on TV then the problem is more then resolved.

In addition to that Betway are also running top snooker deals around big events. You can get things like snooker acca insurance, money back deals and snooker free bets. If you are betting or planning to bet on snooker, having a Betway account is a must. Betway Full Review.

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BetfredBetfred  – World Champion

Betfred is sponsoring some of the top snooker competitions in the World like the Betfred Snooker World Championships. It is therefore fair to expect that this betting site will provide fantastic snooker coverage, and in fact, this is precisely what they do. All in all, Betfred is a classic UK bookmaker that is great for covering traditional British sports like Snooker, Darts, horse racing, Cricket and so on.

Great Depth Of Markets

On Betfred, you will not only find a great depth of markets, but also odds are published well in advance for events like the World and UK Championships or the Masters. During all the major tournaments a significant number of lines are provided both pre-events and in-play so you will have lots of opportunities for betting.

Snooker odds on Betfred are some of the best around and especially around the tournaments that they are sponsoring you will find some tempting offers. Pool is not always covered as well as Snooker. Betfred Full Review.

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Paddy PowerPaddyPower  – One Leg On The Table

The majority of bookmakers are offering Snooker odds around top events like the World Championships or The Masters, but for the other part of the year, regular snooker punters tend to be left out. This is not the situation with Paddy Power that does provide odds all year round also on Snooker.

Decent Odds And Top Offers

Paddy Power has not only full market coverage but also decent odds and top offers, so it is definitely a betting site to consider when betting on snooker. From this Irish Giant bookmaker, you will also be able to get snooker money back, and free bets deal for any tournaments. The offers also have originality which is in line with the Paddy Power brand that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Some examples of offers that you will find are: ‘refund if there is a 147’, ‘money back if there will not be centuries scored’, ‘boosted winnings’ and a lot more. In a nutshell, if you are betting or plan to bet on snooker regularly, then Paddy Power is a must-have betting site. Paddy Power Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Tip Of The Cue

William Hill is a giant British bookmaker and, as you would expect, they are offering fantastic snooker coverage. Market depth is there, and also they are live streaming some of the best games.

Although odds are not always the best in the market, they are available well in advance so if you are looking to bet early William Hill will be able to accommodate this. Another thing to note is that William Hill does sometimes provide odds on lines that you cannot find anywhere else, so they are a great addition to any snooker betting sites portfolio. William Hill is also one of the best bookies for pool coverage with lots of available lines. William Hill Full Review.

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888-sport 888 Sport  – In Off The Cushion

888 Sport is a great betting site for snooker as they do offer punters something else compared with the typical bookmakers. Even if the number of markets and coverage is not the same as other top bookies like William Hill they do have some lines that are not available elsewhere.

888 Sport are particularly strong especially on offers: those tend to vary a lot however you can always expect something special around the main tournaments. Free bet leagues are also frequently offered by this bookie: 888 Sport will reward those punters that have placed either a high number of bets or have won big on snooker. If you score well on the table, you can win free bets and prizes. 888 Spots are also covering Pool. 888 Sport Full Review.

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CoralCoral  – Won’t Leave You Snookered

Coral has a great range of live streaming games and also a fantastic market depth. They don’t do anything notably different from other top bookmakers, but overall they have all you need to bet on snooker, offers included on main events.

On Coral you will also be able to find lots of lines in advance compared with the rest of betting sites: for example, you can bet on total points in the 9th frame before the event while the majority of betting sites only reserve those bets for in play. Coral Full Review.

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UnibetUnibet  – Break Builder

Unibet does provide all you need to bet on snooker. In addition to covering a great range of markets, they do offer odds well in advance, and those have a lot more continental outlook compared with the traditional UK bookmakers. For this reason, Unibet will integrate well with others UK bookmakers you might select for snooker betting.

Another advantage of Unibet European focus is that you can get offers and promotions for main snooker tournaments that do not just focus on UK players. Unibet also has lots of live streaming, so if you are looking for a reliable snooker betting site, Unibet will fit the bill completely. Unibet Full Review.

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A Brief History Of Snooker

A Brief History Of SnookerSnooker has its origins in England as it was a popular game in British army outposts, especially in India. The game consists in placing ivory billiard balls into holes on the table. To hit the balls was used a cue ball and the table had no cushions or barriers. The game was played with only two cue balls which were assigned one per player.

The Beginnings

It was in 1800’s that the multiplayer versions of the billiard game started to become famous. In 1875 Colonel Neville Chamberlain suggested adding more coloured balls. He was also the first person that used the name snooker as a slang term an amateur: someone who missed the shot was ‘real snooker’.

Billiards champion John Roberts went to India in 1885, and with Chamberlain, they decided to introduce snooker in Britain. For long years the game remained at an amateur level and was mostly confined in rooms where guests could play the new game while in parties and events.

The First Snooker Championship

In 1916 the first snooker championship was held, but the first Professional World Championship of snooker was only played in 1927. By the 1930’s the popularity of the sport continued to grow but after the WWII there was another drop in, and due to this the championships were cancelled from 1958 to 1963.

Thanks to the TV tough the sport kick-started again. In 1969 the BBC released Pot Black who was one of the first colour TV shows: snooker tournaments were broadcasted, and that coincided with the rise of The Hurricane, Alex Higgins, who won the first World Title in 1972. He had great charisma, and the popularity of the show increased significantly across the UK.

Pot Black continued until 1986 and then had a brief comeback from 1990 to 1993: in short, this show helped massively to transform the sport into the professional game that we can see today.


By the end of the 80’s, there were more than 200 professional players, and those went up to 400 in the 90’s. The BBC continued to follow the sport closely, and with the help of tobacco sponsorship, the game continued to thrive. When a ban on tobacco advertising was established in 2003, the number of events and players started to drop again.

When in 2010 Barry Hearn was appointed Chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), he started a profound reform. Some new tournaments were introduced and also a deal with Sky Sports was made to broadcast the best events.

Since tobacco advertising was banned, betting sites started to get involved. The increased TV exposure was a good way to get the brand to the main public, and now you can bet on snooker all year round with a massive amount of markets and excellent odds. The increase in popularity of live betting and the live streaming has made snooker even more interesting to punters.

A Brief History Of Pool

Pool, similarly to Snooker, is coming from the English game of billiards. In the 1870’s in America a new way of playing billiard was introduced and was also called the American Fifteen-Ball Pool: that was the precursor to the modern pool.

The world ‘pool’ does recall a collective bet and in fact, a pool room was initially a betting hall for horse racing. Between races ‘pool’ was played as a way to pass some time with friends. 8 Ball pool was invented in the 20th century and in 1910 was followed by straight pool and nine-ball pool (1920). From 1876 to 1956 championships were held annually and players started to become very popular and featured on collectors cards in cigarette packages.

Pool Started To Decline

After the WWII pool started to decline in popularity both in America and Britain and lots of pool rooms began to close down. Over the following 70 years, the sport has been living with ups and down and nowadays has a professional and growing international circuit.

Modern pool rooms are very different from the ones in the beginning that gave the sport a bad reputation. The unsavoury aspects of those pool rooms contributed to the decline of pool, and those were the first things that changed when a relaunch was attempted.

If you want to bet on pool, you can find that the majority of the betting sites are covering the major championships and also have a decent range of markets to choose from. The best bookmaker to bet on pool is William Hill at the moment but there is a growing interest in pool’s betting, and we expect it will become more and more popular in the next years.

How To Bet On Snooker And Pool

How To Bet On SnookerSnooker and pool are games of skill, and there are lots of betting opportunities in addition to the most common single outright markets. With snooker, you can bet for example on tournament, match, session or frame and this is an excellent thing as punters have the opportunity to bet on outcomes that last anywhere from a minute to a week.

Snooker also lends itself really well for live in play betting and live streaming: most of the described markets, for example, are better suited to in play betting. You can find more information on how to bet in our bet types article.

Rules of Snooker

Snooker is a table game that is played between to contestants and has the objective to hit a cue ball with a snooker cue with the objective of sending object balls into the table’s pockets. There are 15 balls and for every one of them has points associated: yellow (2 points), green (3), brown (4), pink (6), and black (7).

A player can break by hitting the cue into a pyramid of made up of the red balls. The objective is first to pot the red balls and then follow by any colour: the player can continue until all the red balls are potted, and colours are replaced by a referee on their spots every time they are potted. When a player misses then the next player will start by hitting a red ball. When all the red balls are potted, the colours must then be potted in their points order.

The Frame

A single game is called a frame. The winner is the player able to win a certain number of frames. A frame is won by a player when he manages to outscore his opponent. A break is the number of points made by a player without missing or fouling. The maximum break is 147 (15 reds, 15 blacks and all colours). When there are long matches, the frames are also divided into sessions with an interval halfway through and a long interval between.

A foul is when a player either misses their object ball or hits/pots another ball that was not supposed to be the target. When a foul does occur the play transfers to the opponent, and a point’s penalty is given. When a player managed to position the cue ball so that you cannot directly hit your object ball this is called a ‘snooker’.

The table measures 12ft x 6 ft (3.7m x 1.8m). Frames can last from around 10 minutes to hours, and it depends how tactical a game will become. If there is a tie between the two players when all balls are potted, then the frame is decided with an additional black ball.

Rules Of Pool

Pool is a shorter version of the game, and the aim is to score the maximum points. The primary format is called 8-ball. In Eight-ball the billiards balls are numbered: those numbers do indicate the number of points that ball is worth. The winner is that player that has potted all the balls.

Pool is also playable with spots and stripes. The balls are divided 50/50 into those with spots and those with stripe emblems. The winner is the player will pot all the assigned balls (either stripes or spots) followed by the black ball.

The British Pool

British pool is similar but has smaller pockets, and the balls are not numbered but coloured either red or yellow with a black ball. The winner is the player that can pot all of one colour followed by the black. International pool competitions are generally based on the American 8-ball format.

9-ball pool is a variation where players will take it, in turn, to focus on the lowest numbered ball that are left on the table. If a player fails to do so then he will get a foul. The winner is the player that will pot the nine ball.

Outright Result Betting

Without doubts, this is the most common market as you can bet on the winner of a match or tournament. In Snooker or Pool draw is not possible, so the market is a lot simpler. The vast majority of bookmakers will give outright lines on Snooker and Pool, and this means that you can get very competitive odds. You can find the best betting sites for snooker at the top of this page.

Offers are also widely available on outright betting, especially for outright tournament betting. You will be able to benefit from price boosts, new customer enhanced odds offers, money back specials, free bets and a lot more.

Win, Place & Each Way Bet

A snooker match is done between two players so places bet doesn’t really apply however you can bet on each-way on the tournament winner. Normally you should expect half of the odds on 2 places, a third on 3 and 1/4 or 1/5 on 4 or more places when available. Many bookmakers will offer odds on players to make the semi’s which is effectively a place bet under a different name.

Frame & Session Betting

Predicting what is going to be the correct score is a very popular pre-event bet: in a best of 17 frames match there are possibilities to back any score from 9-0 to 9-8 either way. The sessions usually are 5 frames long so you can also bet on who will win a session separately from the match final result.

A very popular bet in play is betting by the frame: this can be a simple winner, or you can also bet on the highest break, century to be scored, fouls to happen and length of the frame. Alternatively, you can bet on a player to get the following 3 frames, the first player to win X number of frames, the winner of the 1st frame and so on.

To Score A Century Break

A century break guarantees you will win the frame and it is a popular snooker bet during the session frame or match. Top players tend to score more centuries so odds will be lower. Some betting sites do offer the opportunity to back the number of centuries by a single player or scored by all players. There are a decent number of bookmakers offers on century break, and you can get stake insurance or enhanced winnings if they score at specific intervals. Especially around big tournaments, it makes sense to keep an eye out for these promotions.

Break Betting

You can bet on who will score the highest break in a frame, session or even a match. Sometimes you will find lines like ‘player A to score 50+’ while in other cases you will just bet on the player to score the highest break. A break is the score that has been achieved before missing while the overall score is the sum of all breaks from a player in a given frame. You can also bet on the number of 50+ or 100+ breaks in a session, match or whole tournament.

Points Betting

Another somewhat popular snooker bet is to bet on the number of points that are scored by a player. For example, you can bet on players to score more than 100 points in a frame, the total number of points in a match and so on. You can also gamble on the number of points that are scored in a frame between two player or the total number of points scored in a session or match.

To Score A 147 Maximum Break

147 is the highest possible score in a single break. This can be achieved by potting red then black 15 times (120) and then all the colours in order (27). It is not easy to do so at all, and for this reason, the odds are high as you can get around 50 to 100/1 for this to happen in a match. You can also wager on the likelihood of this happening in a tournament and how many times.

‘Race To’ Betting

A popular snooker bet is to select a player to be first one to reach a number of points in a frame, which it is usually 30. It can happen that a player scores 30+ points and still ends up losing the game. This is particularly popular especially for in play. A variation on this bet is the first player to reach a certain number of frames which is usually 3 or 5.

Ball And ‘To Pot’ Betting

Some betting sites are also offering the opportunity to back the first coloured ball, excluding the red, to be potted during a frame. You can also bet on the colour of the last ball to be potted as frames do not always go until the final black if the player has already mathematically won. It is also usually possible to bet on the first player to pot any ball in a frame.

Winning Margin

Since snooker is played as the best of X number of frames it is also possible to wager on the winning margin and on the correct score. For example, in a 21 frame encounter, you can wager on any winning margin from 1 frame to 11 frames.

Odd / Even Betting

Another exciting snooker bet is to wager on whether a break or points total will be odd or even. Odds are generally close to evens for both the selection, so this is a bet that doesn’t require a lot of skills.


The majority of tournaments do require players that are outside the world top 16 or 32 to qualify. You can, therefore, bet on a player to qualify for the tournament final.

Handicap And Asian Betting

Snooker and pool are games that do lend themselves to handicap betting. Handicap betting is mainly used when there are rounds with strong favourites.
Asian handicap betting is also very popular: this is very similar to handicap betting, and snooker and pool both lend themselves very well.

Deciding Frame

Similarly to other sports where the score is the ‘best of’ you can get to a final deciding frame. You can, therefore, only bet on this line and there are also frequents money back promotions from bookmakers that are giving you money back on losing bets if the match goes to a decider frame.

Foul Betting

A foul does happen if a player misses the object ball or hits a ball they are not allowed to (like for example hitting a colour first and then a red) or pots a ball different from the object ball. You can bet on a foul happening anytime during the game. Fouls are particularly common when a player is snookered, and the opponent is awarded four points.


Placing accumulators on snooker is common. In the early rounds of a tournament, matches are played every day, and this lends to place big accumulators. Several bookmakers also have snooker acca offers around big event, or you can also take advantage of any sport accumulator bonuses or acca insurance.

Player Specials

There are lots of specials that can be found on Snooker. You can bet on the number of tournaments a player will play or qualify for, a player earning, titles he will win and so on. Always be mindful odds might be low value on specials sometimes.

Other Bets

On request, it is possible to place full cover, forecast, conditional and spread bets on snooker. This is not common but of course, can be theoretically done.

Live In Play Betting

Snooker is a great sport for live betting, and it is not surprising to see that it is one of the sports where more cash is wagered in play than on pre-event markets.

The tactical nature of the game lends itself to an excellent betting landscape. Matches sometimes are lasting more than 12 hours or more, and it is challenging for players to keep the concentration for that long period. If you are able to spot moments of difficulties for players, then you should be able to profit from it by backing the right player at the right time. Outsiders usually do manage to win at least a frame, and if you can identify which one this is, you can secure a high return.

Snooker Lends Itself Well To In Play Betting

Snooker has lots of markets that are very suited to in play betting. Take a look at the betting sites we have listed at the top of the page as they have good in play depth of markets and will guarantee hours of fun as a punter. To know all the details about individual betting sites in play features take a look at our betting sites reviews.

News, Results And Statistics

Snooker and Pool are not as popular to have dedicated news and blog features. Even sites like William Hill and Betfair that cover lots of sports in great depth, on Snooker and Pool are lacking. Having said that, there are many results services on the best bookmakers where you can see the history for the last 10 years or even more.

Live Streaming And Commentary

SportsbettingWe believe that betting on Snooker without watching is not a good idea. This sport is very tactical, and the only way to have insights on how things are going is to watch it live. The good news is that major snooker is covered by the BBC and Sky Sports and also lots of bookmakers do stream matches live. Snooker is a great sport for betting live.

If you are looking for a betting site that does stream snooker, you can take look at William Hill, Coral and others. You will be able to find all the details of streaming services in our bookmaker guides section.

Major Snooker Tournaments

Snooker main eventsWorld Snooker Championship – this is the oldest competition and the top of the sport. It is also the first of the triple crown events. It was held the first time in 1927. Since 1977 it is held at the iconic crucible stadium in Sheffield. It is held in May every year, and the BBC is broadcasting the event that has prize money of around £1.5 million. Stephen Hendry is heading with 7 titles. The top 16 players are automatically invited, and 124 players will need to qualify. As this is one of the most significant events in the game, you can expect great odds and promotions.

UK Championship – This is the second of the triple crown events and has been held since 1977. It is played in late November at the Barbican Centre in York and has prize money of around £1 million. Steve Davis and Ronnie O’Sullivan have the joint record for this tournament with 6 titles each. There are 128 entrants in the competition.

Masters – this is the third triple crown event, and it is invitational only and non-ranking. It started as a competition between the top 10 players back in 1975, but it increased to the top 16 in 1984. The main event is held at Alexandra Palace in London in January and has a prize fund of over £600k. Ronnie O’Sullivan has won most titles here with 7 Masters titles.

Ranking Events – There are a lot of individual snooker events that are held in the world every year and that do contribute to a players rankings. Not all of them are covered by the UK bookmakers but surely you can get prices on request.

Invitational And Non-Ranking Events – There is also some other invitational only non-ranking events in addition to the masters. Similarly to what said before it might not be easy to get prices on these unless you request them.

Best Ever Snooker Players

Alex HigginsBelow we have listed what we believe are the best ever snooker players. It is a quite difficult task to compare players especially as in modern times there are more events available.

Alex Higgins – The Hurrican was a massive celebrity in the sport. Even if he has won only two world titles (1972 and 1982) he had great charisma and helped to make Snooker a favourite sport
Steve Davis – Steve is a gentleman who has won 6 times the world champion
Stephen Hendry – he has won 7 world titles in the 1990’s and has been the best player of that decade
John Higgins – He was not related to Alex and has won four world titles between 1998 and 2011, and he is still involved in the game today.
Mark Williams – He has won two times the World Championship even though he may look miserable at times
Mark Selby – he has won three world titles so far (2014, 2016 and 2017) and surely there is more to come.
Ronnie O’Sullivan – Ronnie, the Rocket, is undoubtedly the most talented snooker player ever. He has won 5 world titles to date. He is famous for his outbursts and long breaks from the game. If he had a more committed mentality, he could have won a hell lot more.

Controversy And Match-Fixing In Snooker

Snooker has attracted some weird characters over the years, and some have been found guilty of suspicious betting activity. For two main reasons the sport has been more vulnerable than others to match-fixing: firstly because payment money is not huge for players outside the World’s top 16 or 32 and secondly because you can still fix certain aspects of a game without having to lose the match necessarily. One of the most common ways of fixing has been dropping some individual frames: those situations were discovered only because some suspicious betting patterns were analysed.

Stephen Lee is the most significant case of match-fixing in snooker. He has fixed at least 8 games between February 2008 and April 2009 in big tournaments like the UK and World Championship. As a result, Lee has been given a 12-year ban from the sport and £125,000 in costs.

John Higgins was also involved in match-fixing and was banned for 6 months and fined £75,000. The fixing was discovered by the News of the World newspaper as an undercover reporter met John and Pat in a hotel in Kiev and they discussed fixing a game at the World Series event. John agreed to receive £300,000 in exchange for throwing 4 frames in 4 different games.

The most recent case of match-fixing was in 2014 with John Sutton: he received 6 years ban and had to pay £50,000 in costs.

Those we listed here are just some of the more famous incidents but there have been lots over the years. In some cases, no charges were made due to lack of evidence.

Odds And Payouts

If you are looking to bet on outright lines, then you should be able to find excellent odds and offers as the competition is fierce between the different betting sites. If you are betting on some of the most obscure markets then, unfortunately, Snooker and Pool are not competitive enough, so you are likely to get poor prices.

Betting sites like Ladbrokes and BetVictor tend to have some great depth of markets and also decent odds on many lines so make sure you check with those two bookmakers first before placing a bet. During bigger events, many sites will provide you price boosts and other offers that can add additional value to your bets.


LimitsSnooker and Pool don’t have the same high payouts then some of the most popular sports. Some betting sites go as low as £1,000, so it is crucial that you always check especially if you are placing large bets or going for a big win.

Here are some exampled of highest snooker payout limits in the betting industry:

£250,000 Match Winner/Outright markets (Main tournaments and Premier League)
£25,000 for all the rest of snooker tournaments