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Tennis is the most popular racket sport, and in the last decade, more and more people have started betting on tennis thanks to the arrival of online betting and mainly due to live streaming. As we can see betting sites have been focusing more and more on tennis as the number of bets placed every day is substantial.

In the 2018 Australian Open final, for example, there have been more than £100 million bets made on a single UK bookmaker. Tennis also has the advantage that is a relatively easy game to understand, and the significant variable is just the player, so it is quite a straightforward prediction to make.

How To Find The Right Betting Site For Tennis?

Similarly to other sports, there are more and less suitable bookmakers for tennis betting. In this page, we have taken a look at some of the best tennis bookmakers in the UK and also provide a guide on how to bet on tennis and what type of offers you can expect when betting on this sport.

Best Online Bookmakers For Tennis Betting

Tennis is nowadays one of the most popular sports as far as betting is concerned, so you will find lots of opportunities around. It is therefore advisable to avoid betting with the first bookmaker you come across as odds and offers could be significantly different from one operator to another. Some bookmakers do offer great live streaming and also statistics and news service as added value while others do enhance their odds value with offers and promotions. Don’t you know where to go from here? Don’t worry as here at BestBettingSites.Online we have selected the best tennis betting sites and provided a clear view of what you can expect from them.

BetfairBetfair  – Supreme Tennis Betting Exchange

The first thing you will notice if you open an account with Betfair is that tennis is a significant sport for this operator. Betfair, in addition to having their sportsbook, is also the home of the biggest exchange betting in the world and this is where most professional gamblers are active when tennis is concerned.

Tennis is a sport that is ideally suited to two contestants betting against each other for single matches has only two outcomes and very little other variables. Even if you are not attracted by the back and lay, you should still pay a visit to Betfair for tennis betting as you are likely to get the best possible odds both in the exchange and now also in their stylish fixed odds sportsbook.

Major Player

Betfair is also a major player in regards to tennis live stream: this betting site do stream all important tennis games, and if you like to bet in play either from desktop or mobile you won’t be disappointed. Betfair has excellent live match statistics with a top quality interface and their Cash Out, and partial Cash Out services are perfectly tuned with tennis in the fixed odds sportsbook. The mobile offering is also of high quality and works well with tennis betting.

Betfair is good at offering tennis in their fixed odds sportsbook. On the vast majority of matches, you will be able to get insurance or double winnings offers, and this usually is better than most others betting sites. For example, you might get money back if your player loses in the 5th set or double winnings if he wins in 5 sets. There are also others regular offers both pre-event and in play. A special mention too for payouts which are huge in both the fixed odds sportsbook (up to £500k) and in the exchange. Betfair Full Review.

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BetVictorBetVictor  – Great Market Selection

BetVictor is a top professional bookmaker covering all major sports with great odds and tennis is no exception. Although you won’t find live streaming available with BetVictor they score very high on everything else is concerning tennis.

The range of tennis markets you will find in this betting site is unparallel, and the odds are some of the best you can find. In addition to that, they have invested heavily in theirs in play service which is particularly stylish and intuitive. Don’t also forget that BetVictor is one of the best providers of virtual sports and their virtual tennis features are very funny and realistic so give it a try.

Offers On Tennis

As we all know, offers are not a strong point of BetVictor, but tennis is a bit of an exception for them. Around big Grand Slam, we have seen some vast ‘bet boosts’ on odds that were already better than the competition. If you like placing accas you will be pleased to know that there are regular accumulator offers on tennis.

BetVictor mobile app is excellent and the tennis betting is particularly good. Payouts are, as expected, somewhat decent at 100k and have the clearest payout structure. In conclusion, BetVictor is one of those bookmakers you want to have in your tennis betting portfolio so if you don’t have an account with them yet, take advantage of their generous bonus offer. BetVictor Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Excellent Tennis Odds And Features

William Hill is deadly serious about providing a great tennis betting service. By just looking at their betting site we can see that they have a great depth of market and also they do offer regular streaming of the vast majority of the tennis games. In addition to that, theirs in play feature is excellent and they also have a comprehensive section where you can find all the latest news and results. But the most important thing is that they have excellent odds on tennis, much better than the average. If you like to bet early, you will be pleased to know that William Hill is one of the first bookmakers that are publishing odds on upcoming markets.

Try William Hill TV On Tennis

Tennis betting is all about action, and William Hill TV is the perfect place to watch in live streaming all the dramas unfolding. Even if they do not stream as much as bet365 regarding volumes if you mainly bet on ATP events, then you will not feel any difference. In regards to market depth, they have one of the best with a massive number of options both pre-event and in-play. As if this wasn’t enough, William Hill also provides their Cash In service on tennis.

As we have already mentioned on this site, William Hill is notoriously not the best betting site in regards to offers however on Tennis we have to say that they do throw in some good ones especially around big Open tournaments.

Great Payouts

William Hill has stepped up for Tennis, and if you don’t have an account and plan to bet on this sport regularly, our strong suggestion is given them a try. Payouts are very competitive too as with Grand Slam you can get a very good payout of up to £250,000. If you like to bet on smaller tournaments like Non-ATP or WTA tennis, then the payout is lower (around £25k) but still decent compared with other gambling sites.

If you are signing up to William Hill today by clicking on the button below, you will also get a very nice introductory offer so why not giving them a try! William Hill Full Review.

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Paddy PowerPaddyPower  – Best Money Back Tennis Offers

If you have been reading other pages of BestBettingSites.Online you will know that Paddy Power is an excellent source of offers, probably the best in the industry in this field. When it comes to Tennis though, Paddy Power is a lot more then offers as they do take this sport very seriously.

Excellent Live Streaming Service

Paddy Power has an excellent live streaming service which you can use both on desktop and mobile. They also cover lots of markets so whatever tennis game you are interested in, almost certainly you can bet on it with this Irish giant.

If you love to bet in play, you must know that Paddy Power in play service is excellent as they have an incredible number of markets available and also a useful cash out functionality. They don’t have the same amount of games as some of the other best tennis betting sites, but if you don’t like betting on somewhat obscure matches, then you won’t be impacted by it.

Many Tennis Offers Available

We have to say that although odds at Paddy Power aren’t the best, there are lots of offers that balance this situation so if you are planning to bet on big tennis game, take a look into Paddy Power first to see what you can get and if they have an offer around it.

The top payout on tennis is £200k for major ATP, and WTA tennis and this level will make the vast majority of punters satisfied. If you are betting on more obscure games, make sure you check the terms before as we have seen that in some cases limits are unusually low at £1,000. If you don’t have yet an account with Paddy Power, you will get a tremendous introductory sign-up offer by clicking on the green button below. Paddy Power Full Review.

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LadbrokesLadbrokes  –Top Tennis News Features

In regards to tennis betting, we have to say that Ladbrokes are scoring up there with the best in regards to their all-around news, results and stats service. Having the right and most updated info is very important when betting on tennis and using the free services that Ladbrokes provide can give you an edge.

We have looked around, and we can confirm that there isn’t a better tennis betting site that does provide such detailed news that helps you get into the mind’s eye of any tennis player.

Huge Range Of Betting Markets

In regards to other features, Ladbrokes are in line with the other bookmakers around as they do have a vast range of markets and odds are offered very early. You can watch almost any major game in live stream both from desktop and mobile and theirs in play betting service is up there with the best. Even if we weren’t particularly impressed with theirs in play desktop interface, we have to say that their mobile is a lot better and we do recommend it.

Daily ‘Bet Bundles’ On Most Important Tennis Events

Being a conservative brand Ladbrokes are not great concerning offers, but around the Grand Slams and significant ATP events, they can offer some valuable daily ‘bet bundles’ and even enhanced odds offers.

The maximum payout on tennis is £500k so if you don’t have an account with Ladbrokes click on the green button to get a good freebie. Ladbrokes Full Review.

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UnibetUnibet  – Live Tennis & More

Europeans love their tennis, and it is not surprising to see that Unibet, being a continental focused betting site, has dedicated to this sport a big section on their website.

Not only United is streaming a considerable amount of tennis games all year round, but they also have some great live betting markets especially around handicaps. Unibet tennis odds are some of the best you will find so from a valuable point of view this is most definitely a bookmaker to keep in your tennis betting portfolio.

Enhanced Winning Promotions

In regards to offers we can say that around the main tournaments there are some great opportunities with this betting site: in addition to free bet clubs, you will also benefit from enhanced winnings promotions.

Unibet has one of the best live betting features for tennis with ball by ball action betting that the vast majority of bookmakers can’t offer. All considered Unibet is a must have bookmaker if tennis is in your betting list so go ahead and secure this sign up offer by clicking on the green button below. Unibet Full Review.

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A Brief History Of Tennis

Tennis HistoryTennis is an ancient sport that was born in the French monasteries around the 12th century: the concept was the same however people were using their hands to hit the ball instead of rackets. The first rackets came in the 16th Century with tennis that was mentioned even by Shakespeare.

Henry VII

It was Henry the VII that built the first proper tennis court at Hampton Court in 1530. Henry himself was playing tennis when he was told that his second wife Anne Boleyn had been executed. Tennis became popular amongst aristocrats but was only in the late 1800s that major Walter Clopton Wingfield patented the game with an 8-page rulebook. He took many features from the original French real tennis game and mixed with the most modern version of the game.

Wimbledon Wast First Grand Slam

Wimbledon was the first Grand Slam founded by the All England Club in 1877. It was followed by the US Open in 1881, the French Open in 1891 and the Australian Open in 1905. The Devis Cup was initially a competition between US and Britain but in 1905 expanded to include more countries. The International Tennis Federation was created n 1913.

In the beginning, there were lots of open tournaments under the umbrella of different associations, but from 1978 the associations were combined and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for men and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) for women were formed.

Tennis Is A Massive Business

Tennis today is a significant sport attracting multi-billion of pounds and has a considerable number of events and top professional players. The game is quite simple to learn and has a very hierarchical structure of points with games, set and matches: this delivers a very great number of betting opportunities. Betting on tennis has increased significantly with the arrival of online betting sites that have allowed most players to watch in free live stream the best games all year around. It is therefore not surprising to see that most people bet on tennis as their second sport after football or horse racing.

How To Bet On Tennis

Tennis game - Betting On TennisTennis is a great sport as far as betting is concerned. You can make a regular outright bet and then sit back for a couple of hours enjoying the game or otherwise you can even bet point by point making the whole game a thrilling experience.

Top Favourites And Underdogs

Tennis is probably the most famous sport between individual athletes and tiny margins tend to make the difference especially at the highest level: this is the reason why so many professional punters like this sport so much. In tennis matches, there are generally big favourites and big outsiders, and if you can predict an upset, then you can get a high return.

Below we have looked at the most common types of bets and also at the offers that you can expect to find with the best tennis bookmakers.

How The Game Of Tennis Works

A tennis match consists of points, games and sets. A player will serve the ball to the other, and the service does rotate each game. Whoever has the service has a clear advantage, and a point won off the service without that the other player has been able to touch the ball is called an ace. The player that is serving has two opportunities, the first and the second serve: if he fails both of these, then the other player is getting the point in what is called a double fault.

How Is Tennis Scoring Works?

When you score the first point you call it ’15’, the second is called ’30’ and the third is ’40’: the fourth point will win the game, but the player has to have two clear points. If the score is 40-40 this is called deuce: in this situation, a player will need another two points to win. The first point is called ‘advantage’.

Each game is 1 point, and the set is won by the first player that can reach six games. Similarly to the game the player has to have two clear games to win the set. If the set ends 6-6, then the final game is decided with a tie-break. In the tiebreak, each point is worth 1, and the winner of the tie-break is the player that reach 7 points, but they must win by two clear points. The final set does not have a tiebreak so players will continue to play until someone wins the set by two clear games.

Number Of Sets In A Match Might Be Different From Men And Women Tennis

The same structure applies to both men and women; however, the only difference is the number of sets in a match. In the women’s game, the win is achieved on the best of 3 sets while in the men’s game it is best of 5 sets. In some smaller tennis tournaments tough also the men’s game can be the best of three sets.

In tennis a score of zero is called ‘love’: you might have heard the umpire saying 40-love which means 40-0. As you can see the old French influence is still in the game.

Outright Result Betting

WinThe outright result bet is a bet on a given result. In tennis, this is, for example, Andy Murray to beat Rafael Nadal. Simple as this. Usually, especially on big games, those type of bets are precious as bookmakers are competing hard to give the best odds and betting on those matches can be quite profitable in tennis. Also, consider there is only two outcome possible as the possibility of a draw in tennis doesn’t exist.

Enhanced Odds offers

In addition to that, many bookmakers are also running enhanced odds markets for the biggest outright tennis matches: we know for a fact that a lot of betting sites are running at a loss in some tennis games as they are keen to attract you to the big tournaments. It is essential that when you place an outright bet on tennis that you check not only the raw odds but also the offers that are available at that given time.


MultiplesAccumulator betting is working well with a sport like tennis as you can pick a series of singles outright result and get cumulatively higher odds. Even if you choose a treble with some favourite players like Murray, Nadal and Williams you will get decent odds that will be bigger than if you go for three separate singles bets. On the other hand, if one player let you down, you will lose the multiple.

Tennis Is Great For Accumulator Bets

As you would imagine there are lots of available offers for accumulator betting tennis. Many bookmakers are offering accumulator (acca) insurance: with this offer, if one leg lets you down and you have met the minimum number of qualifying selections, you will get your money back. Other betting sites are also offering percentage accumulator bonuses: if you are regularly placing tennis accumulator bets, it will make no sense not taking advantage of these bonus offers.

Accumulators can also be placed on other markets. For example, you can place an accumulator on first set results from some games and so on. The majority of accumulators and enhanced odds offers are available around big tennis matches so keep an eye on those as you usually can get better value as betting sites are competing with each other to attract players attention.

Cover Bet Types

Tennis also lends himself to full cover bet types. You can place full cover bets (Trixies, etc.) and full cover bets with singles (Lucky’s and so on). Usually, there aren’t many offers for those type of offers, but this is not always the case so best to check around.

Game, Set And Match Betting

Game set and matchNowadays you can bet on almost everything in Tennis. You can bet every second of the game if you wish to. There are a vast amount of markets available to tennis punters both pre-event and in-play, so surely you won’t get bored by betting on this sport. Add to this the full range of streaming, and you can see why tennis is so popular amongst players those days.

Lots Of Top In Play Betting Service On Tennis

There are lots of bookmakers capable of offering a great in play service where you can bet on who is going to win the next point in a game. You can also bet on the winning points margin or even on the exact score in a given game or if the game will go to deuce. Similarly, for the set, you can bet on the winner, the margin and of course the exact set score. You can also bet on the tie-break and then bet by point, so if you are looking for a truly immersive live betting experience, then tennis is the sport that you should take a look at.

Other available betting markets in tennis are over/under betting like for example the number of total games in a set or the number of sets that will be in a match. Another famous modern betting market on tennis is the method of victory: will the point be won by an ace, a double fall, will the ball go out or will the player hit the net on their return?

Lots Of Different Options When Betting On Tennis

If you don’t want all this action though and just prefer to sit back and relax then the best way is to bet on the outright match result: in this case it doesn’t matter how your player will win (3 sets, 5 sets, etc.) as long as he wins and you will get your money.

Asian Lines And Handicap Betting

When the games are particularly unbalanced it could make sense to bet with a handicap: this primarily provides an advantage to one side like giving a player a set advantage in a game or a set disadvantage.

This type of bet is somewhat popular in tennis as the logical point’s hierarchy do facilitate this type of system. Asian handicaps are pretty much the same, but the main difference in Asian betting is that the draw is void or impossible. Handicaps are possible in points betting, game betting and set betting.


Tennis is a huge sport, and you will find lots of specials with several bookmakers. Specials can be in the form of enhanced odds multiple (i.e. three different players all to win at 5/1, etc.). Those offered are studied to grab headlines and usually will give you much better odds than a regular accumulator. It is always important to check what betting sites have to offer around big tournaments as they typically do run enhanced odds specials on tennis at a loss in the effort to secure more customers: so if you are interested in placing accumulator bets on tennis make sure you don’t miss those opportunities.

Specials And Novelty Bets Are Popular On Tennis

There are also other specials and novelty bets on tennis: you will be able to find bets like ‘who is going to be next Djokovic trainer’ and similar. We suggest being particularly cautious on those bets as even if they are rather funny, odds tend to be weak and same can be set for payout limits. If you are after specials and novelty bets, it is best to use the likes of Paddy Power and Coral that do provide better service on those type of markets then others.

In Play And Pre-Event

Tennis is one of the best sports as far as in play betting, and this is why you will see lots of in-play markets available (in addition to lots of pre-event markets of course). There are also great offers around that are linking pre-event and in play betting like: ‘bet £10 before the event and get a £5 free bet’. If you are betting on tennis, those offers should be considered carefully as they can add significant value as you can use them in play bet to hedge against your pre-event bet and secure a payout regardless of the result.

Although some bets can only be placed pre-event (i.e. Murray to win the toss to serve first), the vast majority lend themselves to in play like for example who is going to win the 20th game and so on. So, in a nutshell, depending on how you would like to bet you can decide if you should wager pre-event or in play.

Types Of Tennis Events

  • Grand-Slam-TennisGrand Slam – this is the best of tennis events, and there are four slams played over a tennis season: Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and US Open. For a tennis player winning these events is the maximum you can get. From a betting point of view over half of all money that is bet on this sport is divided between these four major events.
  • Davis Cup – This was initially a match between the US and Britain, but it now includes all the major tennis countries in the world. The Davis Cup is the most important team event, and it is played in a knockout format.
  • ATP World Tour – The Association of Tennis Professionals is the professional tour for men in tennis. These tournaments are shorter than Grand Slams, but they do carry ranking points for players. Depending on the tournaments there are different points assigned, and you will see better quality players in some tournaments.
  • The WTA Tour – Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is the women’s equivalent to the men’s ATP tour, and it works in a very similar way.
  • ATP Masters Series – The series is exclusive to the men’s game, and it is a series of 9 events that are played throughout the year. It only includes the best ranking players, so the biggest tennis names are involved in the Masters.

Live In-Play Betting

In Play tennis bettingAll the betting sites that we have listed on BestBettingSites.Online does have an excellent live betting service, and they do cover tennis. As mentioned, tennis is a great sport to bet on in play as games are fast and things can change quickly. It is also a sport that can keep viewers entertained for hours with thrilling dramas.

Live betting on tennis is very easy and nowadays you can bet on everything from the next point to the outright winner and so on.

Some Betting Sites Are Better Than Others On Tennis

As always some betting sites do provide a better service than others, but this is also a subjective thing, so it is best for you to try some of the best bookmakers and find the ones you prefer. From our experience it is quite difficult that you will find a single bookmaker excelling on everything: for example, Betway does provide a great in play but are light on other features like streaming; Paddy Power don’t have the best odds, but they do have great promotions and so on: this is the reason why here at BestBettingSites.Online we suggest that you have a broad bookmaker portfolio so that you can get the best out of every betting site.

News, Results And Statistics

Finding news, results and stats services is very easy and free nowadays especially in a favourite sport like tennis and you can read more in our betting sites review. The vast majority of bookmakers are offering those features as part of their services and are completely free. You can, for instance, read Betfair tennis news but ultimately place the bet with Coral as they are offering better odds for that particular selection.

Importance Of Stats When Betting On Tennis

Having access to news and stats, it is particularly important in tennis. If you want to be a successful tennis punter you need to learn how form can influence a game: in tennis, small variances in a player can potentially be crucial. Those kinds of things tend to have less impact in sports where more variables are influencing the final result. Tennis is a game between only two players and the situation is more delicate compared with other teams sports. To make an example if a player has had a recent death in the family or has a chronic injury this can easily bring his focus down a bit and allow the opponent to overcome the edge and win the game. So ensure you do your homework before betting and do make the best use of all the free resources that bookies are giving out to you.

Live Streaming And Commentary

Tennis live streamingTennis is without any doubts the best sport for online live streaming. It has enormous followers, but it is independent and international and therefore not locked into costly TV rights deals like the big football leagues like the Premier League. So many bookmakers have been able to afford to pay the rights to stream live tennis, and around that, they have also built a solid in play betting offering.

Watching Tennis Live When Betting

Everyone knows that watching a game after having placed a bet has an entirely different taste, and the fact that you can do that without paying anything is just great. The vast majority of betting sites only require to have a funded account to stream a game, and you can quickly mix and match in case you are finding better odds elsewhere. You are not forced to bet with the bookmaker you are watching the tennis game at all.

Some betting sites also offer audio commentaries and live text commentatory, so if for any reasons, you can’t watch the game in stream you can keep up with the latest developments. Besides to live stream, tennis is also widely broadcasted in the UK on TV channels like BBC, Sky, ITV and Eurosport.

Odds And Payouts


Odds can change significantly from bookmaker to bookmaker, and this is not surprising as in tennis there aren’t too many variables to consider. It is therefore imperative that you check that the odds you are given for the selection you have picked are the best they can be.

Finding The Best Odds For Your Tennis Betting

Some bookmakers like for example BetVictor tend to do particularly well on raw odds but others betting sites have regular enhanced odds promotion, and money back offers that might result more valuable in the end. It is down to you to balance and manage the risk correctly so that you get the best possible. If, for example, you are placing an accumulator you would need to make a call, based on the circumstances. You can go for the money back acca insurance if a leg lets you down or for the accumulator bonus: this decision depends typically on how confident you are about your selections and if you are looking for more value and better odds or more security.

Enhanced odds offers are very common with tennis betting and are generally concentrated around the Grand Slam and significant ATP events. It is essential that before betting on tennis, you will check if those are available as they can increase the value significantly. Gambling sites are offering those crazy odds as they are hoping that you will be back and place more bets but if you are smart enough you can take them to the cleaners. Common enhanced odds promotion could be something like ‘Murray to win the match 3-0 at 6/1’ while the real odds are something like 3/1 or similar.

Competition Is Fierce For Bookies

As tennis is a favourite sport, bookmakers are competing with each other, and this means that you can get an advantage of this and get the best odds.  When there are major events like Wimbledon, football is not usually around, and betting sites have even more pressure and are pushing tennis offers and odds even further.


Limits - Betting On TennisAs said before tennis tends to be a second tier sport so although you cannot expect same payouts levels as top sports like football and horse racing, those are still very good and well above any threshold that regular punters will expect. On significant tennis games, we are talking about £100k payout with some betting sites that go even higher to £250-500k.

Payout Change Significantly Depending on Tournaments

Is worth noting tough that limits tend to vary depending on the tennis tournament, so it is always advised to check especially if you are going for a large bet. Similarly, if you are taking advantage of an odds enhancement offer you would need to review terms of the promotion as payouts will be different.

Tennis is a fast-paced game, and it makes sense to give priority to those bookmakers that are providing quick payout turnaround times. Most of the times punters are relying on getting the winning back from the first game to bet on the third game so having a bookmaker that pays out quickly can improve your cash flow and eventually allow you to bet more. Nowadays most bookmakers refresh the balance almost instantly following a result, but it is always best to test them.

Types Of Tennis Bet

There are many bet types that can be applied to tennis. Keep reading below to discover what they are:


Types of tennis betsA single bet is a bet that you are making on one line and usually this is an outright result bet but can also be a bet on the winner of the next point, game or set. Since it is straightforward and quick to check, we do strongly advise that you are verifying that the odds you are getting are the best it could be. Bookmakers do compete a lot on singles bets, and it won’t make sense to settle for a lower price when you can get a 10-15% better return elsewhere.


Multiple betting is very popular in tennis as single bets can be easily linked together. If you link three singles together in an accumulator, you are making what is called a treble. Since betting sites have higher margins on multiple bets you can find lots of offers available on multiples and tennis doesn’t make an exception: you can get with most operators from accumulator insurance to enhanced bonuses.

Money Back Offers Format For Tennis

Money back offers tend to be in this format: ‘pick four games and if one lose you will get your money back as a free bet’. In addition to this, you can also have a specific bonus or enhanced fixed odds.

You would need to be aware that multiples betting do have some restrictions. For example, you are not allowed to place an accumulator if some of the events are linked between them: you can’t have a double on Djokovic to win a match and win a set as the result of one could influence the other. Having said that you could bet on as many events you like and also mix sports in a single multiple but there shouldn’t be a direct link. In case you are combining different sports, check well as the payout could be lower as it is based on the event with the lowest payout terms and not the highest.

Full Cover Betting

Full cover betting is available on tennis, and it is just a series of multiple bets. Generally, if you can place an accumulator, then you can also place a full cover bet. Despite these bets, types have some rather strange names are easy to understand. So for example on tennis, you can place a Lucky 15. A Lucky 155 is a 15 line bet that is made up of 4 selections. A conventional four-fold accumulator forms it with four possible trebles, six possible doubles and the four single bets. The difference with placing an accumulator is that in this case, only one match will need to win for you to get a return. On the other hand, though, this bet will cost you x15 the accumulator that is just a single line.

Around significant tournaments, there are some full cover betting promotions on tennis so make sure you check as this will help mitigate the risk.

Handicap Betting

Tennis lends itself well to both Handicap, and Asian Handicap betting and the vast majority of betting sites are offering those markets both as pre-event or in play. Handicap bets are particularly good when you have a firm favourite like for example the number 1 seed playing an unseeded player. It is not attractive at all to back a player at odds as low as 11/100 (1.11) so making use of the handicap can make things more interesting.


If you take for example a two handicap against the favourite, then you can get odds let’s say at evens. Handicap 2 in tennis means that the player that you are backing will need to win by three sets for you to win the bet. Handicaps can be used on individual games, sets and matches: as long as there is an overall score you can enhance the odds with the Handicap.

Asian Handicaps are very similar with the main difference that it is not possible to have a draw in those type of bets (it is either impossible or it will be void if that happens).

Spread Betting

Spread betting is available on tennis however only through spread betting bookmakers and exchanges. Spread betting is a type of non-fixed odds where the level of reward or loss it is flexible and it is linked to the accuracy of your prediction. If you are getting your prediction correctly you have an excellent chance of winning a lot more then your stake but, on the other hand, if you get it wrong, you can lose a lot: this is the reason why this type of bet is not advised for beginners as you can potentially lose more then what you have deposited.

Forecast And Conditional Betting

You will find forecasting betting in tennis with many bookmakers. In case the bet type is not offered you can also get in touch directly with the bookie you are a member and they should be able to provide it. But what is a forecast bet? Well, it is merely the prediction of the order of an event.

Forecast Tennis Betting

An example of straight forecast bet on tennis would be Murray to win Wimbledon and Djokovic to come second: for you to get a return the two players would have to end the championship in the exact order. You can also bet on a reverse forecast and in this case, you will get paid as long as these two players will finish in one of these two positions regardless of the order. A Tricast is basically a forecast but is made of three seections: this tends to have tremendous odds but is much more difficult to hit.

Conditional Tennis Betting

Conditional betting is also possible in tennis although it is not very common especially amongst the beginners. This type of bet consists of two singles that have linked conditions for the bet to complete in full. For example, you could bet on Murray to win a match with £10 and Djokovic to win a match with £10. In an any-to-come tennis conditional bet only if Murray wins, the £10 stake is further bet on Djokovic bringing the total stake to £20. In the same way, if Djokovic wins then £10 is further bet on Murray (depending on which events ends earlier).

The advantage of betting in this way is that if both win you will have a double stake on both, but you can potentially lose both if the second player loses his match.