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Betting Online and in store: one wallet bookmakers

Credit CardsIf you are a regular punter then you want to bet from everywhere and you don’t limit yourself where to place your wagers. It is likely that you will have a high number of betting accounts with online bookmakers as this will allow you to have a more flexible approach and take advantage of the best odds, offers, bet by bet.

Even if there are many betting sites always at your disposal, it is still likely that you will want to pop in into a betting shop from time to time. It might be you have a spare tenner in your pocket or your smartphone has run out of battery.

If you like to bet in person from time to time but don’t want to miss out the value that is offered by online betting you can take advantage of several schemes provided by the leading UK bookmakers. Those bookmakers have a presence both online and offline and are therefore capable of linking your online betting account with you as a person. This means that whatever activity you will do in the store, it will be connected to your betting account and it will work towards achieving bigger and better value. On this page, we have taken a close look at what are those schemes and how you can take advantage.

UK Online Betting Sites With In Store Cash Cards

Leading bookmakers in the UK are offering incentives and easy ways to link your offline activity with your online account. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Coral Connect

coral connect card - Betting Online And In StoreThe main objective of the Coral Connect account is that you can bet from wherever and whenever you like. It will work with your online account, from your tablet or mobile phone and also in the shops.

With the Coral Connect card you will also be able to get special offers and deals when betting in shops: in this way, you will not miss out on offers that might only be available online. Another significant advantage of the Coral Connect Card is that you can use it to deposit cash into your online account by visiting a Coral shop: you can then use those funds to bet online as you wish.

Why Coral Connect?

With Coral Connect you can also withdraw the winnings from a wager that you have placed online from a Coral shop. So if you are out for a dinner of drinks and need some real cash from your online account, you can quickly go and withdraw from a Coral shop without having to wait for the money to clean into your bank account.

In the same way, you won’t need to use a bank to deposit online: you can go to a shop and deposit cash into your online betting account. If you want you can also use your card to deposit in shop.

Even though if you are not too fussy to use cash, Coral Connect card it is still useful as you will be able to get additional bonuses and end up with more value compared with just betting online.

The maximum withdrawal that you can get from the shops is £500 a day however if you arrange with the shop manager in advance you can also withdraw more. The maximum deposit per day is £5,500.

Getting a Coral Connect card is very easy as you can sign up online and then you can pick up your card from any shop by using your username. You will need to set up a 4 digit PIN that will be used to authorise withdrawals and deposits on the card.

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Ladbrokes The Grid

ladbrokes grid 1 300x63 - Betting Online And In StoreEven though Ladbrokes Grid service is very similar to the Coral Connect one, we can say that there are some clear differences between the two services. Ladbrokes Grid is not just unifying the different accounts but is also giving you a place for everything you need for your gambling. In addition to consolidating your betting account in one place, it also gives you exclusive offers which can be redeemed both online and in store.

Compared with Coral Connect you can also track the bets you have placed by looking at your Grid account and also have access to many live streaming events. Stats on the most popular sports are also widely available and this is a great plus that can help you make more educated decisions when placing your bets.

Main Advantages

Ladbrokes also allows you to generate your bets: for example, you can do a footy acca in the app and get a barcode that you can scan at the counter to place the bet. This is a great way to save time writing the acca on a paper. In a nutshell, it is the place you head when placing a bet with Ladbrokes, regardless if you are going to do this online or offline.

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William Hill Plus Card

william hill plus - Betting Online And In StoreWilliam Hill Plus system works similarly to the other two we have seen. It does allow users to connect their offline activity with their online account: in this way, you can deposit and withdraw directly from the shop and also ensure your offline activity will count towards promotions. There isn’t a big difference between the William Hill Plus card and the Connect Card in fairness with the benefit that you can also track your betting activity.

Getting a card is easy as you can sign up online and then pick up the card in a shop and get that linked to your account. Customers can deposit up to £2,500 a day and also withdraw up to £750 daily.

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Paddy Power Cash Card

paddy-power-cash-cardPaddy Power Cash Card is slightly simpler compared with the others we have seen here but has great limits in regards to withdrawals and deposits. Getting the card is simple as you can register online and get the card in the shop where you will be able to set up a PIN. Every day you can deposit up to £2,500 and also withdraw up to £1,000.

PPlus MasterCard

Paddy Power are also offering a PPlus MasterCard. This card is working like any other MasterCard and can be used for online purchases and ATM withdrawal: the main difference that in this case, the money is not coming from your bank account but your online Paddy Power balance. The annual spend is £10,000, and there is a maximum of £350 per transaction. You can also have a Cash Card and a PPlus MasterCard.

Since Paddy Power and Betfair have merged, you can also deposit into your Betfair account from a Paddy Power shop. This makes Paddy Power the only high street bookmaker that is allowing to deposit in cash into two different online accounts.

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Is it Worth Following These Schemes?

This is a difficult answer as these systems are beneficial for some and not worthwhile for others. It all depends on your own betting style. If you have visited a betting shop than it is unlikely that you will get any benefits at all from those deals. In the same way, if you have never placed a bet online you will not be getting much out of those systems.

Having said that all those deals are offering promotions like free bets just to sign up so it is worth taking advantage anyway. Even if you only bet from time to time and generally wager online it is still worth considering how these cards can be beneficial for you. For example, you might need urgent money out from your betting account: without those cards, you will need to wait some days before you can get them into your bank account.

What Is The Advantage Of Having A Card?

With a card, you will be able to walk into a betting shop and immediately get hold of your cash. One of the biggest advantages of those deals is that you can fund and withdraw from betting account in cash without having the bank involved. You would have to verify yourself before being able to sign up though as the operator has to ensure you are older than 18 years old and that you reside in a country where it is legal to bet.

One thing to be mindful is to check if you are betting more than you would usually just because you have the card. Make sure you are not placing wagers you wouldn’t ordinarily do only to get more free bets and promotions. These cards are a great addition to your betting ammunitions but you should use them sensibly.

What is the best deal?

added-valueAgain this is a very subjective matter. The first thing you will need to consider is if you are using the companies that are offering those cards normally. If, for example, you are already a loyal customer with the likes of William Hill or Ladbrokes, then it is irrelevant for us to say that Coral deal is better and you should switch.

They Are All Similar Deals

In reality, all those deals are very similar. Ladbrokes Grid is just slightly better as you would also get tips from experts in the business primarily on football and horse racing. They are also very clear in regards to the offers that they have and how you can fully take advantage.

Generally, everyone has their betting style so the most sensible thing to do is to look at the three systems and see if it will improve the way you are placing your wagers. It is likely that at some point you will make use of those deals in the future but don’t force you into anything that you believe it will not be worthwhile.

Playing Online Casino Games With Cash

Cash_imageOn this page, we have mostly looked at the benefits that those types of deals can give you when betting on sports. Let’s not forget though that modern betting sites also allow playing casino games with the same account. This means that with those cards you will be able to play online casino games using cash if you wish to do so. It will be like being in a traditional casino with the difference that you would be able to take advantage of getting more promotions. In the same way, you can also use your online betting account balance to play with the games terminals in the betting shops.

If you are not playing casino games you shouldn’t start just because you have a card but if you already wager on online casinos and in-store then having a card will allow you to be more flexible and secure better value deals from operators.