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Betting Sites Payment Options – Apple Pay

Apple Pay & Betting Sites

Apple PayApple Pay can also be used to fund betting sites accounts in the UK. Apple Pay is an eWallet feature that is available to all users that have an Apple device being this a smartphone or a Mac computer. This payment method is rapid, secure and convenient.

Benefits Of Apply Pay

When you deposit with Apple Pay, you will basically use your regular bank card, but instead of registering this directly with the betting site, you will only need to register this with Apple. Once your card is recorded on Apple Pay, you can then use it to send payments to betting sites without having to provide merchants with the exact card details. The other benefit of using Apple Pay is that you will only need to use your phone or tablet without having to locate your card, use the pin or enter the CVV security code: so the whole transaction will be a lot quicker.

If you want to know more about Apple Pay and how it works keep reading this guide.

Betting Sites That Accept Apple Pay Payments

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What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an innovative digital payment method that has been developed by Apple and that allow making payments by using Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, MAC Computers. With Apple Pay you can pay for things in the same way as you would do with a regular bank card both online and offline.

The system is similar to an eWallet service, and you can make contactless payments both in person and on the web. In a nutshell, Apple has digitised your regular bank card that can now be used from mobile devices. It is a very convenient system as you can also store more than one card in the digital wallet Apple Pay service even if they are provided by different banks. You won’t need to remember the actual security codes or pins once the card has been stored in your Apple Wallet.


Security-wise Apple Pay also has some advantages: while paying you will keep your payments information secure as only Apple will have access to it and not the single merchants you are making payments towards. Apple has created a technology that allows a specific dynamic code to be generated for every transaction so that there is no need to share customer data.

How Can You Use Use Apple Pay?

Apple PayTo be able to access Apple Pay, you will first need to own an Apple device, and also you need your bank to support the payment system (most UK banks do).

Once you have those two pre-requisites using Apple Pay is very simple. From your Apple Device merely add your debit or credit card in the Apple Wallet. Adding your card in the Wallet is very simple as you can also scan it using the camera in the device. Once done that you will have to verify those details by entering the expire date and the security code.

After you have agreed with the terms and conditions of the service your card is ready to be used digitally.

Apple Pay & Betting

You can use Apple Pay to fund betting accounts however the service is currently not available in the majority of the betting sites. More betting sites, however, will adopt this payment method soon and you can use Apple Pay to fund your betting account as long as you live in a country like the UK where gambling is legal.

Using Apple Pay To Deposit Money Into Your Betting Site

Depositing with Apple Pay is really simple as all you need to do is select this method of payment in the betting site and enter the amount of money that you want to deposit. You can then press Pay. The transaction will go through in just a few seconds, and your funds will be ready to be used in your betting account. You will also receive notification via email of the completed transaction.

Minimum & Maximum Limits With Apple Pay

Minimum and maximums are similar to regular bank cards: the minimum is generally around £5 while the maximum is around £5,000.

Debit & Credit Cards Apple Pay Transactions

Apple PayWith Apple Pay, you are basically using your digitised debit or credit card. This means that if you use a credit card to fund a betting site, this type of transaction will be classed as a cash transaction and for this reason cash fees are usually being charged. If you want to avoid those costs, it is best to use your Debit Card via Apple Pay. You are not restricted to use only bank card with Apple Pay: in fact, the majority of non-bank financial institutions offer cards that can be registered for Apple Pay (like Marks and Spencer for example).

Bank / Card Statements & Apple Pay

You will see all your Apple Pay transactions in your bank statement similarly to a normal eWallet service. Apple Pay is just an intermediary between your bank and the merchant and therefore all the transactions will still be recorded.

Apple Pay Fees

At the moment there are no charges to use Apple Pay. Bookmakers are also not charging you for using this service. From a betting site point of view supporting Apple Pay is a bit more costly than a standard card payment but betting sites are keen to absorb this cost to offer this innovative payment method.

Using Apple Pay To Withdraw From Your Betting Sites

At the moment there aren’t betting sites that will allow you to withdraw using Apple Pay. In most cases, though you will be able to withdraw winnings from Apple Pay deposits via bank transfer or via your registered bank debit or credit card. We expect this aspect to improve as the service is adopted by more and more betting operators.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Apple Pay Betting

pro-conThe main advantage of using Apple Pay is that effectively you can complete most payments comfortably without always having to get all the details of your card. Deposit times are incredibly fast, and this can be extremely useful especially if you are in a rush to place a bet. On a negative side having the ability to deposit so fast on a betting side might be risky as it doesn’t have to give you the time to think if investing more is a good idea.

Advantages Of Apply Pay

Apple Pay also scores points as you don’t have to update your card in all the betting sites once it has expired. You merely need to upload the new one into your Apple Pay wallet and you are done. Similarly, you won’t have to carry around all the cards or remember the security numbers: you will only need your phone, and you will be able to make payments.

As far as depositing on betting sites we feel that there are too many disadvantages at the moment to use Apple Pay as a method of funding your account. In addition to that, there are only a handful of operators that have adopted this method. We do believe however that soon Apple Pay will improve and it will be one of the most convenient payments methods to fund your betting account. We will keep updated here with the latest developments of this innovative technology.

Apple Pay Security

Bank SecurityApple Pay is without any doubts one of the most secure ways of paying online and offline. The whole concept behind inventing Apple Pay was that physical cards are too vulnerable as numbers and codes are exposed. When transacting, Apple Pay does not send your information to the merchant, but instead, he delivers a single digital token which is encrypted. This increase the security as every payment can be unlocked by the specific merchant.

You can also decide to use fingerprint ID which is obviously more secure than a PIN as it will ensure that you are physically present when making a payment using Apple Pay.