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BetVictor Bet Calculator

BetVictor CalculatorThere are many different betting calculators available on the net nowadays however if you look at betting sites you will realise that they do not often offer the feature. This is disappointing as if you want to find out what your payout is likely to be you need to navigate back and forward to different websites and it is particularly annoying if you are trying to do this via a mobile device.

BetVictor bet calculator is, therefore, an advantageous feature for players especially those that tend to place accumulators and more complex betting systems where finding out how much you can get in return it is not immediate as not all the payouts are shown on the bet slips for complicated systems.

Works For Every Type Of Bet

BetVictor calculator works for every type of bet you are looking to place. You can also calculate bet system that BetVictor are not offering directly. In addition to that, you will also have access to a guide where you can learn how to create your own bets.

BetVictor calculator it is particularly useful when you want to place a multiple, full cover or forecast bet. You can even place the bet on a different betting site, as the calculator it is free to use with BetVictor. This betting site it is already one of the best in the industry, and this feature is a nice addition which shows the commitment of the brand towards those professional punters.

If you want to read more about this betting sites, all the features and welcome offers merely check our full BetVictor review.

How Can You Use BetVictor Bet Calculator?

It is important to note that you don’t need to have a betting account with BetVictor to use their bet calculator. With the calculator, you can find out the winnings of any system or bet types both in fraction and decimal. You can also have different variances like each-way, rule 4 and so on.

BetVictor Bet Types Available On Bet Calculator

bv-betcalculator-1Using the Bet Calculator is really simple as all you need to do is to choose the bet type from the drop-down list. If you are not sure what bet to place then you can go to the details section where you will be able to build your own bet by adding and selecting the bets you want to place.

You can also use the Bet Calculator for a single or each way bet however in most situations you won’t need to do so as you will be able to see the payout already in the bet slip. If however, you want to look at what effect a rule 4 or dead heat can have on your payout then the calculator might be handy also in these bet types.

BetVictor Bet Calculator Example

With the Bet Calculator, you can also save bets if you wish to and can be shared easily either on social media or via email. Once the bet has settled, you can enter the final result, and you will be able to see how much you have won and also to double check you are getting paid correctly.

Selecting the outcome is easy as you can use the drop-down list to choose the winner, placed, lost, etc. You can also add rule 4 in case you had a non-runner that might affect your payout.

Good To Use For Straight And Reverse Forecast Bets

BetVictor Bet Calculator is particularly handy to figure out straight and reverse forecast bets. Surely you can only find out forecast returns only when the dividends are announced, but it is still a convenient tool. In fact, this is probably the only betting calculator where you can see the reverse forecast outcome. You can also do single, double and treble forecast and as mentioned reverse forecast.

If you not too sure about the bet types, you can also see a full description of what is the bet and how to set it up and what are the potential returns.

How To Build Your Own Bet And System

bv-betcalculator-5With the Bet Calculator, you can build nearly anything you like. Not only you can place preselected packages of bets like Yankee or Lucky 15, but you can also build different parts of a bet by using the calculator. By looking at the various components, you can do your own strategy and figure out what is the type of return you wish from the wagers you are looking to place.

The Bet Calculator is so advanced that you can also find out potential winnings from bet types that are not offered by BetVictor but that can be built by yourself. This is great as you can attempt more bespoke wagers: the guide will explain how the bets work and how you can build your own.

We have a dedicated section where you can see different bet types and systems like for example the Union Jack. Using the BetVictor calculator, you will be able to try out different wagers and familiarise on how they work.

Bet Calculator Terms and Conditions

bv-betcalculatorConsidering that the Bet Calculator is a completely free tool there aren’t many terms associated with it. You are able to see all the possible results without having to login in any account so you are not forced to do so if you don’t want. Having said that, if you need to bet with another betting site you would still need to flick between different websites so it is not as handy as if you bet directly with BetVictor.

After all having an account with BetVictor is strongly suggested as they are one of the best and professional betting sites in the gambling industry. You won’t find lots of frills but honestly priced odds and solid regular promotion. BetVictor have an excellent sign-up offer that will welcome you as a new customer. If you want to know more take a look at our BetVictor review page.

You Need To Be 18+ To Bet In The UK

As always if you want to bet in the UK, you need to be over 18 years old and be resident in a country where online gambling is allowed. The Bet Calculator is an excellent tool and undoubtedly the best we have found offered by betting sites. Not only will help you figure out the return of complicated bet but it is also a great educational tool for those punters that want to familiarise with systems and more developed bet types.

Be careful though as lots of bet packages will need you to place multiple stakes so always gamble responsibly and ensure that you don’t gamble more then you are comfortable to lose.