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Not many offers require to have a dedicated page but for Coral’s football jackpot we are happily making an exception. It is a long-standing offer that is very funny to play every week and doesn’t cost lots of money. Also, if you win, you win big. This offer is only for Coral existing customers and the Jackpot is available every weekend during the English and Scottish football season. Playing is very simple as you just need to predict the outcome of 15 selected matches from the UK leagues. You need to predict a home win, a draw or an away win on the football jackpot coupon by 3 pm every Saturday.

How To Play Football Jackpot

First of all, you need to select a stake from £0.25 to £20 per line. The minimum stake is, therefore, £1 so if you decide to only do one line than your minimum stake will be £1. Here you can see an example of a single line coupon.

Coral Football Jackpot Coupon Single

You can also select multiple outcomes for individual games. By doing so you will obviously increase the number of lines you can bet on. If you decide to bet on more than one line you can lower your stake as long as your minimum bet will be equal or bigger than £1. Let’s make an example: if you select two possible results in 2 out of the 14 matches you will build a coupon with 4 lines like the one in the picture. In this case, you will be able to get a minimum bet per line of £0.25p.

Coral Football Jackpot 4 Lines

So basically you can place as many lines as you wish at any stake from £0.25 to £20. So if you decide to cover a double result on 7 out of 15 games this will add up to 128 lines as in the picture. If you are going for 25p a line you would have a cost of £32. In theory, you can also cover every possible result but this will give you a cost of over £3 million at 25p a line so it is obviously not a good idea.


If you don’t know what to pick this week you can also use the lucky dip function and try your luck!

Price Structure

Price StructureCoral Footy Jackpot is great fun and we all have a few lines every week in addition to our normal smaller acca. It is a good way to have a chance to get a massive jackpot without risking much as the minimum bet is just £1. If you manage to hit all 15 selections you can get a huge £100,000 guaranteed jackpot prize pool and below we have provided all the details of the price structure.

  • All 15 selections – If you get all the 15 selections right you get a share of the Jackpot pool. The jackpot pool is at least £100k but normally is more. The jackpot pool is 70% of the overall net pool so if there is £500k in the net pool than the jackpot pool will be £350k. If you are the only winner you will get all for you otherwise it will have to be shared with the other winners.
  • 1st Consolidation Dividend – if you get 14 out of 15 predictions correct than you get a share of the top dividend. This is 20% of the net pool. So if we have for example a £500k net pool than you will get a share of £100k.
  • 2nd Consolidation Dividend – if you get 13 out of 15 predictions correct you can still win big. The second dividend is 10% of the net pool so using the same jackpot example you can get a share of £50k.

Terms And Conditions

The minimum unit stake is £0.25 and the minimum coupon amount is £1. The minimum dividend is at least £1.10. Entries have to be submitted by using the football jackpot form and conventional accumulator bet slips cannot be used for this offer. The jackpot winner will not get a share of the 1st / 2nd dividends in addition to the top price.

If some of the Jackpot Pools will not be won, the pool will be carried forward to the next corresponding Jackpot Pool. There is no maximum payout as all the dividends are linked with the pooled liquidity.


All the bets must be submitted before the pool closure time which is normally 3 PM on Saturday, however, this is subject to change so it is suggested to place your bets in advance. Sometimes Coral will also run a mid-week coupon depending on events. All matches will be settled after 90 minutes of play which will also include ‘injury time’. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs will not be included. For other T&C’s visit Coral website.
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