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How To Bet On Amateur Sports

How To Bet On Amateur Sports & Non-Professional – Guide

multi-sportsMany believe that it is not possible to bet on amateur sports but this is not correct: as long as you find a bookmaker that will take your bets then it is entirely possible and legal. The main issue with amateur sports is that odds offers usually are rather poor, and also payouts are restricted: this is because the bookmakers have less information and they are reducing their risks by increasing the margin and reducing liability.

In this section, we will look at amateur sports and also give you some suggestions on how to bet on those low-level sporting activities. We will also recommend some of the betting sites that do accept those type of bets and what to what out for.

Best Betting Sites For Betting On Amateur Sports

LadbrokesLadbrokes  – Top Range

Ladbrokes is such a big bookmaker that they do cover a vast variety of markets and thousands of events including amateur sports. If you are looking to place a bet on amateur leagues and events, you should start from this betting site. Ladbrokes Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Depth Of Markets

Similarly to Ladbrokes, William Hill cannot be ignored as they are a massive betting site. You might not find every amateur markets you are looking for but if you do request a bet you will get a price almost immediately. Surely a great choice if you are looking to bet on amateur sports. William Hill Full Review.

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UnibetUnibet  – Great Range Of Sports

Unibet is a massive international betting site, and this means they do cover lots of amateur events especially from Olympics and athletics markets. Since they have such a wide range of sports covered, Unibet is the place to search when looking for amateur markets. Unibet Full Review.

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BetfairBetfair  – Exchange

Betfair fixed odds sportsbook has a good market coverage, but the exchange is probably the best place to look at. Here you will be able to place your own bet and even lay others, and lots of amateur markets usually are covered. Betfair Full Review.

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BetwayBetway  – Covering Obscure Sports

Betway is the place to be if you have interests in more obscure sports. They also have amateur and semi-professional events covered from badminton to winter sports so surely this is the betting site to check if you are planning to have a flatter on something not traditional. This is definitely a must-have bookie for obscure sports. Betway Full Review.

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Amateur Sports & Professional Sports – What the Differences?

The main difference between Amateur and Professional sport is on the money. If you are getting paid to perform a sport then you are doing sport professionally; if you do it in your spare time and do not get an income, then you are an amateur.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot win money but only that you are not paid for training and usually competing on a regular basis. It doesn’t really matter how good you are in a discipline: the Olympics, for example, are a colossal amateur event even though the athletes that are competing there are usually the best in that sport.

Amateur sports athletes can still earn a lot of money, but this is coming from sponsorship and image rights deals like for example the legendary Usain Bolt.

So amateur competitors do not have a contract and usually doesn’t have to adhere to a code of conduct.

Non-Professional & Semi-Professional Sports – What the Differences

Sports Betting GuideSimilarly to what we have seen above, there isn’t a definite definition for those classifications. The majority of semi and non-professional athletes are still getting paid and have contracts however they cannot do the sport as their primary job.

This is the reason why you sometimes see in the FA Cup that a striker of a low division team is also a banker during the week.

Amateur Sports Betting Guide

One of the main concerns around Amateur Sports Betting is that if teams are not being paid much, they might the more receptive to match-fixing and corruption.

Fixing a high-level professional match where everyone is getting paid millions it is much more difficult than setting an amateur game where athletes are not bound to adhere to codes of practice and where the controls are indeed lower.

This is why bookmakers that take bets on amateur sports they increase their margins to cover the risks and also limit the payout compared with professional events.

Another thing to consider is that bookmakers are making money when they are managing to balance their book: if an event doesn’t attract significant interest, it is possible that the operators will be left with an unbalanced book which will increase their risks.
Smaller amateur sports bets are not worth the risk and this is why you will see that lots of betting sites are not offering those markets.

Payout & Stake Limits

If you are keen to bet on amateur sports make sure you check the stake and payout limits. Usually, those will be a lot lower than professional sports markets so do not assume anything and check before betting. You might be able to negotiate higher limits if you get in touch with the betting site directly.

How Can You Bet On The Olympics

Tokyo_2020The Olympics is supposed to be an amateur only sports competition. So even if this definition has changed over the years, athletes that compete, in large part, shouldn’t be paid for training or take part in competitions. The majority of athletes though will get money from sponsors, and nowadays most teams now have some professional players in it.

There are however some sports that still have true amateur status, and one of those is boxing for example. Athletes do receive sponsorships and state support that the best ones are able to train full time. This is the reason why you will see that some nations are always winning lots of medals every Olympics.

This is why lots of betting sites are treating Olympic vents like they would with other professionals competitions: there are many markets available, and in some cases, you can also bet ante-post markets.

The majority of Olympic sports, however, are not that popular to attract backing from lots of sponsors. Those are classified as pure amateurs sports, and you will have a hard time to find betting markets available.

Betting On Athletics Guide

If you are keen to bet on top level events, it is not a problem at all, and you will find lots of betting markets especially in top competitions like the Olympics, World Championship, and so on. This is because Athletics at the highest level is the same as a professional sport.

Betting on Amateur Football Guide

The majority of betting sites will offer betting lines for amateur football. In England, for example, you won’t have problems to place bets on anything below League Two.

The further you go down in the pyramid, the less competitive the odds will be. As mentioned bookmakers are concerned about the possibility of betting fraud and also that they might not be able to balance their books. This is why staking and payout limits are low.

If you want to bet on a Sunday league match, it is challenging that you will find lines on any betting sites. You might try to request a bet but since their traders won’t have enough data to make a call you will either get a very unattractive price or they will refuse to give you a price.

Betting On Amateur Horse Racing Guide

Amateur racing it is usually included in every important meeting, and this is a big difference that this sport has compared with the others. An amateur horse, also called a novice, is a horse that hasn’t won at a specific level. There are amateur horses in all competitions so in this sport the situation is very different from what we have seen before.

Amateur jockeys also ride with professional jockeys in same meetings, and some even triumph in big races. There are, however, also amateur only races and on those usually, odds are less competitive and payouts are reduced.

Different Ways To Bet On Amateur Sports

Even if an amateur event might carry more risks for a betting site, if there is enough interest it is likely that you will find a betting market somewhere. If you can’t find it tough you can try the following:

Request A Bet

request-a-betYou can get in touch with the betting site and ask the odds for a bet. Nowadays they have traders teams that can get back to you in minutes even through social media. The worst case is that they refuse to give you odds if the market is too obscure. We suggest you try to request the bet to different betting sites so that you can get the best possible value.

Betting Exchange

Since in betting exchanges you are effectively betting against other people you should consider using their services if you cannot find the betting lines you were looking for on a fixed-odds bookie. Since the exchange doesn’t have any risks (betting take place between peers) they are incentivised to offer as many markets as possible. If you don’t find the bet, you can always try to lay the opposite and see if someone will have a go. Surely a good option when traditional betting sites are not covering the event.