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How To Bet On Sports Online

How To Bet On Sports Online Guide: How To Become A Professional

Accumulator historyThere are lots of different aspects to consider when placing a successful bet in addition to predicting the winner. We all know that we can’t win all the bets we make, and for this reason, we need to add the maximum value to our bets to stand a chance of making it long term.

It is therefore essential that punters will have a strategy when placing a bet that should start from finding the best possible odds, making the most of regular customers offers, bet in the right betting site that have the necessary depth of markets and so on. Get a proper routine when placing a wager can really deliver a significant return over time.

Being A Successful Punter

Obviously be a successful punter also means that you are able to find the right betting to extract the most from your predictions. In some cases, there are betting lines that can really deliver extra value if compared with the regular singles. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know to bet on sports online in the best possible way.

How Can You Place A Bet Online

As long as you are over 18 years old (if you live in the UK) betting online is very simple and you can do it legally and when you want. It is essential though that you bet only with betting sites that are licensed to operate in the UK.

The first step would be for you to open a new betting account with a bookmaker. If you not sure which one to pick then take a good look at our betting sites review section: be sure that here at BestBettingSites.Online we only list top bookmakers that have been tested and are 100% reputable. There are some exceptions but generally, you will find that the biggest bookmakers tend to score higher as they have the advantage of experience and also investments in products.

Opening A Betting Account Takes Only a Few Minutes

Opening an account with a betting sites takes a few minutes as you will only need to provide an email address, a residential address and your name. Similarly to other online accounts, you will also be required to pick a username and a password: make sure you choose a secure one. After doing that you would only need to select a payment method so that you can fund your account and start betting. Payment source must have the same name in the account.

The most popular payment method is debit card, however, there are lots available: nowadays you can even fund with Bitcoin. Since the top bookmakers also have high street shops, you can also bet in cash. If you want to use this payment method with betting sites that do not have an offline presence you can generally use PaySafeCard which is a cash-based system. Ewallets are also common as they do allow to keep better track of your betting activity. The leading companies in this field are Paypal, Skrill or Neteller.

What Type Of Bets To Place?

As soon as you have funded your account, you can start placing bets. The first thing you need to find the selection you like and then add it to the bet slip. Secondly, you will need to decide the type of bet you are wishing to place like, for example, a single bet, accumulator, multiple. If you are not sure about what type of bet to place visit our betting type section.

The last part is to select the stake per line and press ‘bet now’, and you will get a confirmation from the bookmaker that the bet has been accepted. You can now choose to either sit back and see the action on live streaming or even make a decision to cash out if you think your bet can go from winning to losing during the event.

Betting sites are required to verify the identity of their customers: you will be asked to provide forms of ID so that they can make sure you are over 18 and also proof of residence. This will have to be done before you will be allowed to withdraw so best to get it sorted once and for all.


If you make a deposit via a bank card then those verifications are done automatically by the bookmaker by using a system called soft credit check. Some betting sites, however, might still request the documents to prevent fraud especially if your withdrawal request is significant.

We suggest you get the verification done early: in our experience, most disputes with betting sites are due to accounts not being verified and therefore money not been paid. After all, it is a legal requirement when you bet online, and even if you try to withdraw from your online account in a betting shop, you will still be asked to verify yourself first.

When You Should Place A Bet

ClockSo that you can get the best out of your wagers it is important you place your bet at the right time. Odds are set based on what the traders believe are the chances of something happening so if you are able to place your bet at the right time then you can really increase the value. This is particularly evident when the market is uncertain and also when betting in play.

Those are the main criteria used by traders to set odds:

Previous Performance – How is the selection you are considering performed in recent times and how often the event you are predicting has happened. The statistic, in this case, helps the traders in deciding the odds.
The Market – in a similar way to financial markets, also the betting market is conditioned by opinion and confidence. Traders will look around and check what others traders are saying so to have a benchmark. If you convinced that the market is under or overvaluing a wager then you have a very good chance to make a great profit if you are correct.
What is the book size looks like – Traders are always checking what is happening in their book. If a lot of money is bet on a selection the odds price will be reduced until the book is balanced. Surely the betting industry is very competitive but they still share information about a significant betting pattern to prevent fraud and avoid being hammered by punters.
Knowledge in the market – This is very important both for traders and punters alike. Predictions are a mixture of knowledge and instinct and this is one of the reasons why people love sports betting in the first instance.
Book Balancing – To reduce liability bookmakers need to make sure the book is well balanced. When a trader is overexposed on a particular line you will see that odds are adjusted so to attract bets on the opposite result in an attempt to reduce risks and balance the book. It is therefore key for a punter to check odds in different betting sites as you can take advantage of those situations and secure better prices.
Profit & Enhanced Odds – Since the competition is fierce lots of betting companies will run promotions, even at loss, in the hope of attracting new customers. This is why in some cases you will find odds that are artificially increased: having a number of betting accounts will allow you to take advantage of those situations and secure the best possible price for the selections you are interested in.

Generally, we can say that there isn’t a specific formula in regards to when placing a bet is more convenient: in some cases, if you spot an ante-post price that is worth the risk then it makes sense to get involved before the market will move. In other situations, though it is probably better to wait for the last minutes in order to secure the best possible price.

How Will Odds Move?

So the decision you will have to take depends on whether you think the odds will shrink or lengthen as we get closer to the start of the event. Remember that betting is mostly a guessing game and the instinct is guiding most decisions.

Placing the bet at the right time can be highly profitable: in a lot of football matches there are strong favourites and normally it is not the best to place the bet before the game. The reason is that odds will be very low which means you will have to risk a lot of money if you want a decent return. If, however, a big team will concede a goal early in the game they will still have the chance to turn it around: if you do place a live bet when the big team is losing you can get much bigger odds than before the game.

Use Your Instinct When Placing A Bet

It is important that you decide the bet you want to place before you even visit a betting site. If you don’t stick with this rule you are likely to place bets that might look good at the time but that in reality have poor value. Try to go to a supermarket without having a list of items you need and you will finish buying a lot more.

So if it is your intention is to place an outright bet then stick to it and same if you are planning to place an accumulator, etc. Normally betting sites will have several promotions that are great value but that could make your betting plan a bit of a mess. Let’s make an example to better understand this concept: let’s say you wish to bet on Arsenal to defeat Manchester United. You go to the betting site and find an enhanced odds offer on Arsenal to win and both teams to score. If you end up placing this bet and Arsenal win 2-0 you will be regretting this decision.

Don’t Get Pushed To Bet On A Market Just Because Of The Offer

We are not saying that having some spontaneous bets it is not good but you need to ensure you don’t get yourself dragged by betting sites to change the decisions you have originally made. Surely taking advantage of betting offers is a must but only if they those are aligned with your betting intentions.

This is another reason why having a number of betting sites at disposals makes sense: in this way you can shop around and locate the bookmaker that has the offers that are aligned with your intended bets.

Track Your Betting Pattern Online

Ensure you are in control of your betting activity is key. One of the great advantages of betting online is that this is a lot more feasible than on betting shops: in digital, there is always a record of what you do and below we have provided some useful tips to help you tracking efficiently your activity without having to spend too much time on it.

Digital Wallet – If you are funding your betting account with an eWallet you will be able to clearly see how much you are winning and losing even if you are using several betting sites. Ewallets are widely accepted by all UK bookmakers and normally you will not be charged any fee. The only downside is that in some cases you will not be able to take advantage of the welcome bonus that is restricted for some e-Wallet due to fraud. Having said that some eWallets are accepted and you can always make a first deposit using a different payment method and switch to an e-Wallet so that you can track activity long term.
Check the Bet History Regularly – Every single betting site that is listed on BestBettingSites.Online will provide a full betting history of all unsettled and settle wagers. This will permit you to check how you performing and also see trends related to the type of bets you are placing to spot if some are regular winners or regular losers. Lots of betting sites also allow you to download a spreadsheet so that you can easily evaluate the activity easily.
Remember to Set Limits – betting should be fun and you need to take steps to avoid getting carried away. Betting sites allow you to set a weekly or monthly deposit limit and this is great so that you will not go over the line and keep emotions at bay. A good way for example to manage the bankroll is to withdraw everything you have won that is above £50: in this way, you will still keep some cash in your account but you will also avoid risking all your winnings.
Careful With Other Products – Lots of players have experienced the following: you make a win on sport but then decide to go to the betting site online casino and lose everything there. Playing different products is fun but again you need to make sure you preserve your money and don’t get carried away. A good way to manage this is to have a different betting budget for the different sections. Some bookmakers even allow you to restrict yourself from some products.

How Can You Secure Most Value From Your Bets?

Coral Priority ProgrammeIt might sound obvious but lots of punters keep betting with the same betting site time and time again without checking if they are getting decent odds and payouts. Since we have seen that it is very easy to sign up to many betting sites, it is worth doing so and regularly check what is the bookmaker that is offering the best value for the particular selection you have picked.

An additional reason why it is important to have more betting accounts is that you can benefit from regular free bets and bonuses that they are offering to customers.

Check Payout Limits

If you are placing large bets or bet on long odds it is always very important that you check that you will be below payout limits for the markets you are planning to place the wager. In this regards things can be very different from a bookmaker to another: William Hill, for example, has payouts of over £1 million but smaller operators can go as high as £50k. In some more obscure sports or novelty bets, the payout can be as low as £1,000 so it is important to check to avoid disappointments down the line.

We do list all minimum and maximum payouts in our full online betting site reviews.

How to Make The Best Use Of Free Bets And Bonuses

Free BetsFree Bets and Bonuses can really add great value to your bets as long as they are used in the right way. If you are normally betting on traditional sports it is very likely that you will find offers linked to those markets.

Taking advantage of bonuses or free bets will increase the chances of winning in the long run. When you take advantage of the welcome offers not only you add a betting site to your portfolio but also receive generous promotions: this is great as having a rather large number of betting sites accounts will improve the chances of securing the best possible odds for the selection you want to bet on.

Welcome Offers

Introductory offers are made to allow you to try the betting site and their products but, since the competition is fierce, they tend to be very generous. We have a full free bet section where you can find all the best welcome deals and also the related terms and conditions.

Generally speaking, bonuses are usually better than free bets in terms of value and the reason is that you can split bonus cash into several wagers with the cash that is also returned with the winnings. One thing to consider is that bonus cash and winnings will need to be rolled over a number of times before they will qualify for a withdrawal. If you have a bonus of £50 that has to be rollover four times it means that you would need to make £200 worth of bets before you will be allowed to request a withdrawal. Another thing to be careful is the expire date: the majority of bonuses have a 30 days expiry date so there is plenty of times to make the decisions.

Immediate Payout

The main advantage of free bets is that you will be able to get an immediate payout but as mentioned the stake won’t be returned and also you won’t be able to split the free bet into multiple bets. A good thing about free bets is that normally they don’t have rollover requirements attached but it is worth checking with the bookmaker first. Free bets tend to expire a lot quicker than bonuses with some that do last 7 days and others that are lasting as little as 24 hrs. You will find a full description of the betting sites sign up offers in our betting site reviews.

New Customer Enhanced Odds Offers

FreebiesTo get new customers, some betting sites are running enhanced odds offers that are restricted to major events. Those offers can present odds that are significantly more valuable then the regular welcome deal: if you were thinking to bet on that event regardless, it makes sense to take full advantage of those offers.

In addition to the enhanced odds, you will also get free bet if you will lose so even if things will not go as expected you will still be rewarded with the regular sign-ups deals.


An example of this is 6/1 Arsenal to beat Fulham when regular odds are as low as 1/2. If you were thinking to back Arsenal anyway and don’t have an account with that betting site, it makes sense to take full advantage of this great price. It is, however, essential that you check the terms and conditions first as most of the betting sites will payout in free bets or bonuses while others might even give winnings in cash.

It is important to note that maximum stake limits apply for all those offers. Many betting sites are regularly using those enhanced odds offers to get extra visibility during major sporting events: we will present the best ones as they become available on our homepage. It is worth noting that those offers are normally valid for a very short term and are normally pulled when the demand is getting too high. It is, therefore, best to take advantage as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Free Bets, Bonuses and Loyalty Points for Existing Customers

Not all the betting sites are the same, and you will find some operators that more generous than others when it comes to rewarding existing customers. The best solution is to find a betting site that offers bonuses, free bets and money back on the markets that you are used to betting on already.

Betway and ComeOn tend to reward customer’s loyalty with points that can then be exchanged for many things like free bets, prizes, bonuses and even money. If you bet regularly, you can also get longer terms deals with betting sites that have VIP programmes.

Free Bet Clubs

Some bookmakers are running free bet clubs with the aim of getting customers to bet regularly with them: Coral, for example, will give punters £5 in free bet every week if you opt-in and place a bet of £25 minimum at odds that are evens or higher.

Others betting sites like BetVictor will send customers bespoke offers via email which is around the markets you usually are betting on. If you want to know more take a look at our existing customers’ free bets and bonuses.

Standard Betting Sites Promotions

Bonus offerBetting sites usually are running standard promotions to stand out and attract new customers. This is part of their marketing effort and as such are investments to grow the brand: for this reason, the majority of deals are loss-making for gambling companies at least in the short term. If you are able to find the right deal that suits your style of betting, then you can get a high added value from those promotions. It is important to remember that we shouldn’t be placing a bet just because there is a promotion but you should find the promotion that suits your bet.

So, if for example, you are planning to place an accumulator bet and you find an offer that will enhance your multiple then it is great to take advantage. If, however, you wanted to place a single bet you shouldn’t change your mind just because you find an accas offer.

Acca Insurance

Acca insurance is those type of offers where you are going to get your stake back if one selection fails to win. Accumulator Bonuses are even more valuable as you will be able to get enhanced winnings which are typically tired depending on how many selections you will have in your multiple. Acca free bets clubs are also very tasty for those customers that are regularly betting on multiples.

Others offers are price boosts which do increase odds for a particular selection for some time, money back situations (for example you get a refund if the match ends 0-0), best odds guarantees, enhanced odds terms and others.

In addition to getting things for free, money back and insurance offers do reduce losses which overall will increase your chances of having a positive balance. Take a look at all the best deals in our Betting Offers section where we have provided our opinions and reviews on all the best promotions available.

Betting Sites Promotional Restrictions

Terms and conditions 300x297 - How To Bet On Sports OnlineAs we have seen, there are a vast amount of offers to take advantage of, but if you don’t read terms and conditions, you are likely to lose lots of value. It is crucial to get familiar with the following things when taking advantages of betting sites promotions:

Stake Limit – the majority of promotions have maximum limits which normally are in the rage of £25 or £50. It is crucial to know those before committing to an offer.
Payout Limit – some markets and sports tend to have low limits and you need to check that you will not go above especially if you are placing large bets or multiples.
Rollover Requirements – when taking advantage of free bets and bonuses it is essential to check what is the level of rollovers required. Here at BestBettingSites.Online we have already avoided listing those betting sites that have unfair rollovers requirements, but it is worth to familiarise with this critical part of the offer. In most cases, it is not suggested to take large bonuses that have high rollover requirements. Not only sign up bonuses have similar terms but also regular free bets and money back offers so make sure you are aware of those before starting to bet.
Minimum Odds – since the majority of offers will have minimum odds requirements it is essential to check them. Usually, those odds are not too high, in the region of 1/2 (1.50) but it is vital to know them to avoid placing the bet on shorter odds that will cause the promotion to be voided.
Expire Times – it is crucial that you check when free bets and bonuses will expire. Depending on the offer this can be very quick so make sure you know how long you have to avoid losing the right to claim the offer.
Bet Types and Markets – usually offers are restricted to certain bet types (i.e. single, multiples, totepool) and sports market. It is essential to check this before as for example if you do get a free bet for a specific sport, you will need to use it on that sport.

Live Betting & In-Play Offers

Live Betting has become more and more popular in the last few years thanks to the improvements in technology. There are four main advantages in betting live:

Bet Timing – with live betting you can wait precisely the right time before making a wager. For example, if you think a team will win but has typically slow starts, you can wait some time for the odds to increase and then you can place the bet.
Betting While Watching – if you prefer betting when watching the action live you can do so with most betting sites. For example, it might be easier to make a decision when you can see how a team is performing. Most betting sites nowadays also offer the opportunity to watch the event in free live streaming.
In Play Extra Markets Available – some markets are available only in-play, and those are for example the next team to score, next wicket and so on. By betting in-play, you have a wider range of opportunities.
Pre-Event Deals Linked With In-Play – lots of betting sites are giving out free bets in play if you do make a bet pre-event. For example, bet £20 on Liverpool v Man City pre-event and get £20 in-play free bet. Those types of offers are usually available with the biggest bookmakers like Coral and when there are big events. This is a perfect way to add value when betting: you will find those deals on our homepage when those are available.

Cash Out Functionality

Cash_imageCash Out functionality is one of the latest addition in the online betting world. You can decide to cash out before or while an event is in play if you believe you will end up with a losing bet. The payout that you will receive from the betting site is normally lower than the price offered initially, but if used correctly it will help you reduce losses.

Cash Out functionality is used nowadays by the majority of bookmakers and can be found on thousands of markets. This feature is particularly popular together with in-play betting as you can take a decision based on what you are seeing. For example, if you bet on Fulham to beat Arsenal. Fulham find a goal early in the game, but you can see Arsenal coming back, you can lock a profit if you cash out before Arsenal will find the equalising goal. If Arsenal will indeed score you would have made the right decision but if Fulham ends up winning the game the amount you get with the cash out would significantly lower then what you would get if you didn’t cash out.

Partial Cash Out

An interesting variation is a partial cash out: with this feature, you will only cash out a proportion of your bet and let the rest live. Some betting sites do also offer you the opportunity to auto cash out: with this feature you can set a threshold at which point the bet will automatically cash out entirely or partially without you having to be there to do it manually.

Cash out is an excellent functionality, but apparently, it does have a cost: when you use it the betting site will take an additional margin, and this is why they are offering this possibility. Our suggestion is to use this functionality only when you think you will lose if you don’t cash out.

How To Request Your Own Bets & Boost Your Own Odds

Price StructureSome betting sites also give you the opportunity to request the bets that you like. This is great fun as it puts you in control: if you want to make a prediction but can’t find the market in any betting sites then you can ask the betting site’s traders to price it up for you.

Asking odds to a bookmaker is not new but what has changed is the speed you can do so. With online betting, you can also use social media to request prices and get an answer in a few minutes. Sometimes this is possible even for in play betting. In the past, you had to write to the betting site and wait for their reply.

Value Of Requested Odds

One thing to consider when requesting your own odds is that value will be lower compared with others more popular market: this is because the betting site is going to build more margin especially if it is an obscure market. It is, therefore, a nice option to have but only uses it if you are confident you are going to win and can’t find the price anywhere.

Another exciting innovation is that some betting sites allow you to boost your own odds: this puts you in control of the price boost promotion as instead of having the bookmaker to decide which market the offer applies, you will do it. Usually, this opportunity is limited to one bet a day, and you will have also stake and winning limitations: it is nevertheless a great way to enhance winnings for the bets you were planning to make anyway.

Evaluate Other Bet Types

The majority of bets are typically placed on outright single win bets which are followed in the second position by accumulators. There are many bet types available, so it is not advisable to always focus on the same ones especially when a better value is possible elsewhere.

Online betting has made possible to access a wide range of bet types and the only barrier in getting involved is lack of understanding. As you will see the vast majority of those are pretty straightforward even though they might have some weird names like Yankee, Lucky and so on. Visit our guide on bet types, and you will be equipped with everything you need to know to take advantage of all the opportunities available.

There Are Lots More Options Than Just Betting On A Win Single

Surely Win Single is the first bet type that comes to mind when thinking about sports betting. In reality, there are lots of different ways to bet so if you find limited or bored start considering lines like both teams to score, the first goalscorer, correct score and lots more. If you want to know more simply visit our sports betting guide where you will find all the different bet type explained and separated by each different sport.

Betting On Accumulators And Multiples

You can combine any independent events into a single multiple bet: for example, you could back Arsenal to win and Labour to win the next election. Nothing and no-one will stop you doing so. The most important thing is that events have to be independent: for instance, you cannot place a team to win the trophy and qualify for the semi-final of the Champions League as the two will be related outcomes also called related contingency. So, as long as the bets are not directly related, there shouldn’t be any reasons why they cannot be combined. One thing you will need to pay attention to read the terms and conditions if you are taking advantage of accumulator offers like acca insurance: some acca offers are in fact restricted to a specific sport and market.

Full Cover Bets

Even if some names might sound unusual full cover bets are pretty simple to understand: with those bets, you are actually covering every single winning combination from a specific number of selections. Since those bets are effectively single bets, you will need to bet on multiple lines. Full Cover Bets are separated into with or without singles. A Yankee, for example, is a full cover bet that has four selections: it has 11 separate lines with one 4-fold single accumulator, four trebles and also six doubles. Those are all separate single bets that are presented together: if you bet £1 for every line, the total cost will be £11. With this bet, you only need three out of the four selection to win to get a return from one treble and three doubles.

What Is Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 is the same as the one we have just seen, but this is a full cover bet that also has singles: so, in this case, there will also be 4 extra single bets in addition to the multiple bets of the Yankee. With a Lucky 15, you will get paid already if one of your selection will be a winning one.

The main advantage of full cover bets is that you only need one or two selections to be a winning one to guarantee yourself a return.

What Are Conditional & Forecast Betting

Those type of bets are usually more used in horseracing and greyhound racing, but they could be placed in most sports. As you can see from the names a forecast bet will allow you to predict for example what horse will end first and second (straight forecast) or what are the two horses that will end in the first two positions in any order (reverse forecast). If you are predicting the order of three horses, then it will be called tricast. The same bet type can also be applied to the finishing order of any football league like the Premier League or even tennis tournaments like Wimbledon: in short, everything that has a ranking system. You can read more about forecast bets in our dedicated guide.

Conditional bets are also called any-to-come and are just linked single bets where one single is connected to the outcome of the other. This type of bet can be used on any two independent events: we have some examples in our conditional bets dedicated section so feel free to visit it.

Handicap Bets

Handicap might sounds more complicated than they are at first. A handicap bet does merely apply a handicap to a selection that has the result of changing the probability of something happening, and as a result, it also changes the odds.

Handicap bets can be used with most events as long as there is a scoring system: the most popular is football where for example you can bet on Man City to win -2 goals at 12/1 instead of 4/5 for example. Handicap is particularly useful when there is a firm favourite as it makes betting more meaningful. You can learn more about handicap wagers & Asian Handicap in our dedicated guide.

More Complex Bets

If you are looking for a more adventurous type of bets those are indeed available in the digital era. Spread Betting will, for example, allow you to bet how much higher or lower a prediction will come up compared with a reference value. As you will quickly understand this is a method of gambling that is coming directly from the finance industry and has more significant risks and potential rewards then fixed odds betting. The reason is that in spread betting your winnings and losses are not, so you will not know when you place your stake how this will pan out. The more accurate your prediction will be the more you will earn but the more inaccurate you are and more losses you will incur.

Spread Betting Regulation

Spread betting is therefore licensed and regulated differently from fixed odds betting as it is another product. Despite the risks, there are opportunities in this area so if you want to learn more take a good look at our spread betting guide.

There are also others mathematical ways of betting and systems that are typically provided by standard betting sites. For example, the Union Jack is a matrix bet that is based on the flag of the UK: if you want to know more visit our speciality betting section.

Betting Systems & Strategies

Betting StrategiesThe most important thing to know is that you will not find a betting strategy or system that will work always and that is for everyone. Depending on the type of sport you like to bet and also the betting lines there are undoubtedly some strategies that can offer more significant value than others and have statistically higher winning rates.

If you visit our betting guides section, you will find lots of different betting strategies also explained in relation to the sports and bet types. For example, if you believe a team is likely to win the game but are somewhat shaky in defence and might consider a goal in the process, betting on both teams to score will be more rewarding than a standard win single.

Systems Won’t Work In Long Run

Systems will not usually work in the long run, and this is why we don’t suggest to use them. You can, however, take a look at our betting system guide to learn what the likes of Martingale, D’Alembart and Labouchere are and also the pro and cons.

Why Should You Always bet With A Reputable Licensed Betting Site?

All the online betting sites that we have listed on BestBettingSites.Online are fully regulated and licensed in the UK by the Gambling Commission. They are fully trustable brands that have made serious commitments to promote responsible gambling and ensure that it will be kept for over 18’s years old only. Also, all the betting sites that we have listed regularly pay tax.

Only Bet With Licensed UK Betting Sites

It is worth remembering that it is illegal for a betting site to operate in the UK without a regular licensed issued by the UK Gambling Commission: this means that if you take the decision to gamble with one of those operators you will have no protection under United Kingdom law. If the operator will suddenly decide not to pay you or they even wholly disappear, you will have minimal chances of getting your money back. It is therefore essential for you to check that a bookmaker has a UK license before getting involved.

How To Bet Guide

Betting rulesBelow you will find links that will allow you to see more detailed information on how to bet on different spots, markets, lines, how to take advantage of offers and so on:

How to Bet on an Accumulator – generally you can bet on any accumulator with any betting site: just ensure you are getting the best possible offers and also that you get the service you deserve. A decision you need to make when betting on accumulator is if you are after the big prize or if you are looking for steady returns.
How to Bet With Totepool – totepool is peer-peer pool betting that is particularly popular in horse racing and greyhound racing. With just £1 you can get terrific returns of £1M or even more. Find out how to bet, what offers are available and so on.
How To Use Best Odds Guarantee – you might have noticed that more and more betting sites are offering the best price guarantees for horse racing and greyhound racing. In this section, you will learn everything you need to know about best odds guaranteed, standard terms and how to take advantage of this popular promotion.
How To Bet on Full Cover Bets – in this section you can learn how you can bet and win with different types of Full Cover Bets like Lucky 15’s and others. You will find all common terms, pro and cons of these type of bets and also what are the suggested betting sites to use and offers.
How To Make The Most Of A Price Boost – the majority of price boosts and price rushes are short-term enhanced offers on some selected markets. Those are normally available with the majority of betting sites and sports like football, horse racing, crickets and so on. Discover here how to make the most of price boosts and also what are the betting sites that have the top deals.
How To Take Advantage Of Faller Insurance – you have to know that it is pretty standard for a horse to fall during the National Hunt racing season. In this guide, you will find out what are the best money back insurance offers and how you can take advantage of those generous deals.

Sport Specific Betting Guides

Feel free to click on the links below, and you will get to guides that will explain how to bet on the different sports by type. In those guides, you will find the most common bet types and also the strategies tailored to the specific sport.