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How To Do Online Betting

How To Do Online Betting Guide

If you are looking for a dummy guide on how to do online betting you have reached the right page. In this article, you will find all the most important things you need to consider to start placing bets online safely and hopefully profitably.

If you have placed bets on traditional bookmakers shops in the past, you will know that there is nothing more fun and exciting than watching an event after you have placed a wager on the outcome. Having a close interest in the result will make you feel fully involved when a goal is scored or a horse has won a race.

It is therefore not surprising to see that sports betting is a massive industry where there is a significant amount of betting sites and wagering options available. Although having so much to choose from is great, it might be a little tricky and could even be a daunting experience for the beginners.

In this page you will learn:

– How to choose the best reputable betting sites that will suit your sports/event taste, have valuable odds and promotions.

– How you can quick and safely make a deposit and secure the most valuable bonus promotions

– What bet types you can expect and how to place a wager

– How betting odds are working and why it is so important to ensure you are getting good value

– The sports that are available in online betting

Once you have covered all those basics you will be ready to start exploring others sections of our site where you will find more detailed information on how to do online betting and hopefully start making a nice profit from your activity.

Before we start, below are the top 5 betting sites hand-picked by our experts as they do score above average for reputation, odds, customer service and offers. If you don’t have an account with them, make sure you open one as if you are serious about online betting having a betting account with them is a must. If you already have accounts with them, nothing to worry about: you will find others top deals by visiting our betting sites section.

Top Online Betting Sites

How To Do Online Betting – How to choose the right betting site

There are so many online betting sites at the moment that finding the right one it might be challenging. Online brands are consistently fighting for new customers and to retain the ones that they have: this is positive for players who are generally able to get not only more competitive odds but also a wider range of promotions. Those are the steps that we suggest in your betting site search:

1 – You want to select a betting site that has a solid reputation, and that has been in the industry for sometimes. Apart from some limited exceptions, you should go for betting sites that have been operating for more than 5 years and that most importantly have a valid gambling license in the country where you reside. All the betting sites that we have on BestBettingSites.Online are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which is probably the most stringent regulatory body on the planet when it comes to online betting. It is also essential to ensure payouts are carried out fast: no reason to wait for your money nowadays.

2 – You need to select the types of sports that you are keen to bet online on. This is because some betting sites are a better choice for example for horse racing, others for football, others for minor sports and specials and so on. Since there isn’t a betting site that is best on all markets, our suggestion is for you to open few betting accounts with leading operators so that you will have plenty of options when placing your wagers.

It takes some time to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the different betting sites, but in our website, you will find all details reviews made by our top experts that will make your life much more comfortable in that sense.

How To Do Online Betting – Let’s Talk Cash!

When starting to do online betting, it is essential that you are able to get the maximum value from free bets and bonuses, in addition, to be able to safely and quickly deposit and withdraw from bookmakers.

How To Do Online Betting – Let’s Talk Cash!

When starting to do online betting, it is essential that you are able to get the maximum value from free bets and bonuses, in addition, to be able to safely and quickly deposit and withdraw from bookmakers.

How To Get The Best Online Betting Bonuses And Promotions?

Players have a clear advantage here as considering that the industry is so competitive, betting sites have to go the extra mile to reward new and existing players with valuable offers. They don’t run bonuses and promotions because they like you: they do that because they have no choice!

Similarly to picking a betting site though, having lots of different offers to choose from can become daunting and confusing. To be able to compare the bonuses and free bets offers correctly you need to understand them and get familiar with how they do work.

Every online betting offer will have terms and conditions and usually a rollover requirement (also known as wagering requirements). This indicates the number of times you will have to bet the deposit amount and the bonus before you are allowed to withdraw it. So for example, if you are taking advantage of a £100 deposit with a 50% up to £50 bonus that has a wagering requirement of 5x it means you have to bet for a total of £750 (£150 x 5) before you are allowed to withdraw it.

We suggest that regardless of the bonus offer, you focus on those betting sites that are looking after existing players well. Being rewarded with a big initial bonus is great if you don’t want to stick around for long but if you have taken the decision that you will become a loyal customer you need a brand that appreciates and reward you appropriately for this. It will be hugely valuable overtime so worth considering this aspect and not just go for the betting site that offers the highest introductory bonus.

Online Betting Deposit And Withdrawal Process

Once you have finally selected one or more betting sites, you need to ensure that they manage the deposit and withdrawal process efficiently. All top betting sites will be able to offer you lots of different ways of funding your account from bank transfer, to debit and credit cards, e-Wallets and so on. This should be the same for withdrawals that should be processed very quickly and without extra charges. If a betting site is not capable of doing so, you will be better off switching as nowadays it is not acceptable to wait a long time for your money to be given back to you.