Ladbrokes Review

LadbrokesLadbrokes is the oldest bookmaker still in business as it was established in the 19th century. After having merged with Coral it is the biggest betting company in the UK employing more than 17,000 across their retail and online operations.

If you are looking for a reliable and traditional sportsbook that also has excellent gaming and casino products than Ladbrokes will fit the bill completely.

Ladbrokes are also running regular generous offers aimed at new and existing customers. Odds usually are about the average and price boosts are a leading feature in the betting industry. Their live betting section is well designed and up there with the top betting sites. You can also watch thousands of sporting events every single month via desktop or via their impressive mobile app.

Being such a massive player in the betting industry, you will find at Ladbrokes almost every market you want to bet on. Innovative features like cash out, exchange service and more are also available with this experienced bookmaker.

Who Are Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes was created in 1886 by an agent for horses that was operating at Ladbroke Hall in Worcestershire. The name Ladbrokes was formally acquired when the company moved to London in 1902: for the following 50 years the bookmaker was based in the Strand in London and was operating for very wealthy clients.

After the WWII Ladbrokes was acquired by Mark and Cyril Stein (1956). When the Gambling Law was passed in 1960, and off-course betting was legalised, Ladbrokes opened a high number of shops and became the first bookmaker to offer fixed odds.

In the next 50 years, Ladbrokes company increased in size and even if had hard times in the early online betting times, it remains the biggest bookmaker in the UK with more than 2800 shops and a growing online operation.

Ladbrokes significantly increased strength and resources when acquired Coral in 2015. The brands will remain separate, and as a punter, you have the advantage of keeping both betting accounts and benefit from the regular offers from both betting sites.

Ladbrokes opened their online site already in 1998, and the focus has progressively moved towards the digital offering over the years. Even though Ladbrokes it is mostly based in the UK it has moved their online operations abroad (Gibraltar) to get some tax benefits.

Ladbrokes website is available in more than 20 different languages, and several currencies are allowed. Ladbrokes do also offer an exchange where you can bet, and lay bets with peers and commissions are as low as 2% (vs 5% average of the competition).

In a nutshell, Ladbrokes is a giant bookmaker and are hugely respected as a company. Even though they might not always offer the best offers and odds have a huge loyal customer base especially in the UK.

Design Interface & Appearance

Ladbrokes Homepage ScreenshotLadbrokes brand is recognised worldwide for the white on a red background. Regardless if you visit the site via computer or mobile apps you will find that it is very responsive and fast to load. Ladbrokes have used a minimalist approach and avoided flashy graphics that might slow down the site.

Compared with previous versions of the site, the home page is a lot less overcrowded, and the fonts and odds are more visible. Navigating on the website to find the odds and place a bet is very intuitive and straightforward.

If you like to place a bet faster though we suggest you use Ladbrokes mobile app: they have placed quick links and also an A-Z menu on the left-hand side of the page which will allow you to navigate fast to the sections you want.

Concerning design, you might expect more from a brand of the size of Ladbrokes. Admittedly the site has nothing wrong but can be a bit boring and look rather simple if compared with others betting sites. Smaller bookies like Betway who are online only are able to come up with a tremendous user-focused interface, and the question is why this is not a brand like Ladbrokes cannot reach the same level.

Even considering that the sterile Ladbrokes interface means that it is all about betting and most people do prefer it in this way. If you have the possibility of choosing we suggest going for the mobile app which has an interface that looks better and it is also easier to use.

Betting Markets

Ladbrokes Betting MarketsIf you want to have a massive range of betting markets than Ladbrokes is undoubtedly the perfect betting site for you. Ladbrokes range of betting markets is enormous, and if you don’t mind not always securing the best odds, then it will be perfect.
Whatever league you are looking for, from the smaller to the biggest ones, Ladbrokes will cover it. Ladbrokes it is financially very solid, and you will always get a payout regardless of how much you win.

Ladbrokes in the last years has also increased the coverage of non-sport and specials betting markets like Eurovision, TV shows, politics, etc. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can always request a bet to Ladbrokes customer service: the traders will not only offer the price but will also publish on the betting site for others to bet on it too.

The depth of market at Ladbrokes is outstanding as on most events like the Premier League there are more than 100’s lines offers on every single match.

Ladbrokes also has a comprehensive in play betting and live streaming section: most sports are offered and placing a bet is very intuitive and quick. The mobile app is a lot easier especially for those more obscure markets like ‘who is going to score the third goal’ and similar.


Ladbrokes Betting Odds

Ladbrokes is a huge brand and has a revenue of around £2bn. They surely have what it takes to offer the best promotions and odds.

In reality, Ladbrokes offers usually are not the best in the market but they are not the worse. They are on average but if you look at the exchange than they are some of the best in the market. Ladbrokes has a great range of markets covered and even if you might not always get the best odds, you will not be left disappointed either.

Ladbrokes have over the last few years significantly increase the number of enhanced odds promotions to new and existing customers. They have, for example, launched price boosts which can be used virtually on anything. After the merge with Coral, they have become a lot better in offering enhanced price promotions.

At Ladbrokes, you can display the odds as you wish as by changing the settings you can have fraction, decimal and American formats. As you would expect from a bookmaker of their size, they are particularly good in offering bespoke odds.

Ladbrokes are not the best in the industry to accept huge bets by default, although it is possible to negotiate that with the customer service before you bet.

Minimum & Maximum Bets And Payouts

limitsLooking at maximum payouts, it is critical especially if you make large bets on single lines or if you make smaller bets on high accumulative odds. The majority of punters only realise that they have gone above the payout limit when it is too late: to avoid your winnings being capped this is something you need to check in advance.

The minimum bet at Ladbrokes it usually is as low as £0.10. For transparency, you will also see the minimum and maximum bet on the bet slip: to do so merely hover your mouse over your selection and for accumulator bets go over the information symbol. Having this visibility is excellent, and not all the best betting sites are offering it. The minimum bet by phone is rather high at £25 per call.

As you would expect from a betting site like Ladbrokes the regular maximum payouts for major sports like football and horse racing is as high as £1 million. You will be able to see the maximum payouts in the general terms: most sports have at least £100k, but specials and non-sports are in the region of £25k.

When placing bets on multiple selections, it is important to note that the payout will be determined by the selection that has the lowest payment cap.

Live Betting & Streaming
Live In-Play Betting

Ladbrokes In Play BettingThe majority of betting sites are offering in-play betting nowadays, and it is becoming somewhat challenging to stand out from the crowd. Ladbrokes are doing an excellent job in that sense as they have a massive range of events and betting markets that you won’t find easily elsewhere. Ladbrokes also have great live scores and statistics service: you can sort events both by sport, odds, live streaming, stats and so on. The service offered is excellent and there with the top in the range.

Despite the interface, it is not aesthetically impressive it is very functional. The mobile in play section is excellent, and it gives you for every single event, some nice graphics with stats and also displaying where the action is up to.

You can enjoy the live stream also on your mobile and there are so many events that surely your battery will run out before you get bored with all those features.

Ladbrokes do also have great live scores, stars and result history section. For every sport, you can get the latest results and also listen to the audio commentary for those events that are not streamed live.

They are also offering a comprehensive sports tips and news section in addition to a bet calculator. Overall Ladbrokes are capable of offering a great in play package even though they are lacking in play promotions.

Live Streaming

Ladbrokes Live StreamingLadbrokes are sponsoring lots of sporting events, and as such, they have lots of rights for live streaming. You will be able to access Ladbrokes live stream from the main site but also through the mobile app. The majority of the events available are on football and horse racing but you will also be able to see minor sports.

The integration of the live streaming section with in play betting is perfect, and you will be able to see if an event is live streamed if it has a small TV symbol next to the name. In case it is not available for stream there is usually audio commentary available or live text stats. Similarly to others betting sites, the streaming service has a short delay so to make sure your bet will be processed correctly do not wait too long when betting in-play.

To access Ladbrokes live stream service, you only need to have cash in your account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. Only to stream horse racing, you would need to have placed a bet on the race you are watching.

Ladbrokes offers without any doubts one of the best betting packages for live events.

Mobile Betting

Ladbrokes Mobile BettingIf Ladbrokes have a generally bland offering for desktop, the same cannot be said for mobile betting apps that are of great quality. Ladbrokes do offer a dedicated app for sports betting but also others for others products like casino, bingo, roulette and so on.

As you will be able to see on both Apple and Android, they have a rate that ranges between 3 and 5.

The main sports app has been renovated recently and it is now a lot quicker to load, easier to navigate as it is less crowded. You can see the majority of sports markets that are available in the desktop version, the latest odds and offers, in play betting and live streaming. You can also see events like your betting history and deposit and withdrawals made.

The interface is well designed with the red background that has been toned down and it allows odds to stand out well in black font. By using the menu, you will be able to find your preferred sport easily both in pre-event and in-play. In this section, you will see highlighted the next events that are going live.

If you are usually betting on football and horses, this is an excellent app also considering all the information you can get like news, stats, tips.

Cash Out

Ladbrokes Cash OutLadbrokes in the past has been slower to react to the new online innovation, but they do have an outstanding Cash Out and Partial Cash Out functionality.

When you place a bet that has the Cash Out functionality, you have the opportunity to cash in your bet at a fixed value either before or when the event is in play.

Cash Out is available in lots of pre-event and in play selections and you will see next to your bet in the My Bet section. At the centre, you will see the amount you can Cash Out at every given time. You can see if a bet qualifies for the Cash Out functionality if you see a green money stack symbol next to the odds when you are placing the wager.

Always remember that Cash Out will still be at a reduced price compared with the potential winnings if you decide to let your bet go to completion.

Cash Out is great fun and when well integrated with live betting put the punters in control. You can strategically decide if your bet is at risk and use the functionality to reduce the losses or increase revenues.

Ladbrokes is one of the few bookmakers capable of offering cash out on bets that are placed in their betting shop: the service is called The Grid, and it is reviewed below. In addition to the Cash Out functionality with Ladbrokes, you can also edit your bets by adding and removing selection after the bet has been placed.

Ladbrokes The Grid

ladbrokes-gridThe Grid is a service offered by Ladbrokes to reward those customers that are betting online and also in store with the brand. When you sign up to the grid, you will be able to get a card that you can use when you bet at betting shops. You will receive 1 point for every £4 bet that can be exchanged for rewards. You will also get 1 point for every £10 that are bet on slots and £20 on gaming machines.

With the Grid you will also benefit from promotional offers that are exclusive like prizes and freebies. Surely this is a beneficial service if you are betting in store. Just by signing up you will receive free bets and other deals that are not available to regular customers. You will also be able to use the card to deposit and withdraw in cash in the Ladbrokes shops.

There is nothing to pay to join the Grid service and it will allow you to track all the bets placed via the mobile app or online. You can even be able to cash out a bet placed in the store via your mobile device.

Gaming & Casino

Ladbrokes CasinoAs you would expect from a massive brand like Ladbrokes, the portfolio of casino and games product is outstanding.

At Ladbrokes, you will get casino, games, live casino, virtual games and lots more. If you like betting on the go, you will have a massive amount of mobile apps available: by signing up to more products you will get additional sign up deals.

Social Media

Even if Ladbrokes is a traditional bookmaker, they are very innovative when advertising. They have also embraced the social media where they are very engaging with their Facebook updates, and many Twitter feeds (the main one is @Ladbrokes). Ladbrokes have some short-term offers that they push through their social media channels so following them is a great idea. If you need to request a bet this is also a fast way to get in touch with their dedicated trading team.

Unique Selling Point

Ladbrokes is a very trusted bookmaker that has an all-around offering. Not only they have a considerable number of shops all across the UK, but they do have an excellent online betting proposition with thousands of betting markets every day. Their mobile offering is also up there with the best with many qualitative betting apps.

They have worked hard to integrate their live betting service with streaming, stats, news and live score: the result is that they have a great betting service that is well above average. Even though their site is pretty bland and minimalist, you get a great sense of belonging when placing bets at Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes have also launched many innovative services in recent times like The Grid that is particularly valuable to those customers betting both online and in store. By betting in the shops, you will earn points that you can then exchange for rewards, offers, and price boost odds not available to the regular punters.

If you like to bet online but still want to keep your presence in the shops, Ladbrokes is a top bookmaker for you.

Payment Options Deposit & Withdrawal

One of the most critical points about Ladbrokes is that they are able to offer a massive range of deposits and withdrawals options. To find out more info on every payment method visit our payment options section.

How To Place A Bet With Ladbrokes

Placing a wager with Ladbrokes it is straightforward. Just sign up, deposit into your account by using one of the many deposit options possible and click ‘place bet’ on the bet slip. With Ladbrokes you can use the same account also to bet in store, over the phone and even by text.

Placing a bet with Ladbrokes is simple. Sign up, make a deposit into your digital account by any of the means discussed here, create a bet slip either on the main site or on mobile and simply click ‘place bet’. You can use the same account to bet over the phone, by text and in store.


charge-cards-bannerYou can deposit at Ladbrokes with many different currencies, however, please note that once you have picked a currency, you cannot change it.

Maximum and minimum deposits are different depending on the method of payment but for regular debit and credit card the minimum is £5 and the maximum is £100,000.

You can also deposit in store by using your customer ID or your Grid card.
All major debit/credit cards are accepted at Ladbrokes as you would expect.


Ladbrokes will allow you to withdraw using any of the methods that you have deposited with. The only exceptions are cheque and voucher systems like PaySafeCard. Usually, you will be requested to withdraw funds using the same payment method that you have used to deposit. Withdrawals are all free of charge with the only exception being some bank transfers: in any case, all costs are clearly displayed

Ladbrokes are processing withdrawals transactions immediately, however, depending on the method you choose it might take 2 to 5 days for the funds to reach your account.

If you use an e-wallet service like Neteller, Paypal or Skrill you will generally have your money in just a few hours. Minimum and maximum withdrawals depend on the method you use but normally the maximum is £55,000 (card transactions) and the minimum is £5.

With Ladbrokes you can also withdraw in cash from the betting shop and this service is also available to customers that are not part of the Grid: you would only need to bring your customer ID and your Ladbrokes account card and you will be able to withdraw from £5 to £5,000. It is a good idea to let the shop know in advance if you are planning to withdraw a high amount so they can make sure they have the cash in the store.

Customer Service

Ladbrokes Customer ServiceAs you would expect Ladbrokes customer service, it is excellent with agents that respond very quickly and that are well prepared. You can get assistance for a considerable number of things from the latest sports results to support and technical advice. Customer services can be reached 24/7 via live chat, email, social media and free phone. Response time is very good with customers that are generally satisfied.

Ladbrokes website is available in more than 20 different languages like English, German, Italian, Spanish and many more.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is considered seriously in the UK and Ladbrokes is fully compliant with the regulations dictated by the UK Gambling Commission. If you want more information about Responsible Gambling please visit which is an independent source of advice.

At Ladbrokes you will find all the features requested by law so that you can gamble safely and responsibly.

Licence Information

Gambling CommissionLadbrokes has a regular UK gambling license (UK License ref/No: 1611) and also a Gibraltar gambling license (010, 012, 044) for their casino and gaming online operations. If you are interested in restricted territories you will find those in the Ladbrokes terms and conditions page.

Contact Details

Ladbrokes Betting & Gaming Limited
Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc
Customer Services: 0800 731 6191 (UK), +44 208 515 2565 (overseas)
Customer services address: Ladbrokes Customer Support, Imperial House, Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7JW, United Kingdom.

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