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Tennis live streamingTimes have changed, and nowadays you don’t have to go to betting shops or to the pub to watch football matches or live racing. Lots of top betting sites are offering great live sporting events in live stream directly from your computer: for this reason, you can now just watch and bet in play on nearly everything without leaving the comfort of your home.

There is a vast choice of betting sites available where you can watch live sporting events for free as long as you have a funded betting account (or have a minimum bet on the event).

Best Betting Sites For Live Streaming

As always not every betting site is providing the same level of service regarding depth, quality and costs: in this live streaming section we have highlighted what the best betting sites to watch events live are and what are the prices, if any, of their services. Especially for horse racing, some betting sites do require a minimum bet to be able to watch the race.

If you like watching events in live streaming, it is a good idea to open some betting accounts with some bookmakers so that you have access to a vast number of services and prices. It is worth remembering that you won’t have to necessarily bet with the same betting site you are watching the event in live streaming.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know to find the best possible live streaming betting service for you. We have also looked at what are the common issues like time delays, the top betting strategies to use while streaming and lots more.

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

William HillWilliam Hill  – Top Sports Range

William Hill is one of the best betting sites when it comes to live streaming with more than 60,000 events that are streamed every single year. If you like watching live streams events then there isn’t a better betting site then William Hill.

Unless you are watching horse racing where you will need to place £1 bet to access, the live streaming service is entirely free, and you just need to have a betting account with William Hill to take advantage.

The best sporting events that are available for free are La Liga, English Championship, tennis Grand Slams, darts, ice hockey and lots more sports.

Great interface

Finding the live streaming in William Hill website is very simple as they have a dedicated WHTV section which is well integrated with live betting. You can also have the live stream as a pop-out window, and the stream works really well on mobile too.

William Hill Live Streaming schedule is really accurate so that you can plan your live streaming events well in advance. In conclusion, William Hill has an excellent live streaming service which is in addition to a top in play betting, decent odds and market depth. William Hill Full Review.

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CoralCoral  – Great Number of Weekly Events

homepage. Already from this, you can be sure that they are taking the live streaming very seriously at Coral.

On Coral you will be able to watch more than 100,000 live events every year: all of them will be free as long as you have an account with this betting site. Only to watch horse racing you will need to have made a bet of at least £1 on the race. If you like to bet in play while watching in live streaming, it won’t be a problem with Coral as the in-play is well integrated. You can also access the service via mobile.

Intuitive and well designed

Coral also has a very comprehensive guide to live streaming and an intuitive and well-designed interface. In addition to that Coral also has a unique multi-view feature that will allow you to watch many events at the same time: this is particularly good for events like tennis when there are several breaks between sets. Coral Full Review.

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LadbrokesLadbrokes  – Streaming Giant

As you would expect from a brand like Ladbrokes, they do exceed when it comes to live streaming. Although this betting site doesn’t state precisely what is the number of events in live streaming from our own analysis we can say that it is in the region of 2,000 a week.

As with other betting sites all events are free to stream apart from horse racing where a minimum bet of £1 is required. Alternatively, all the other sports are free of charge, but you need to have a positive balance to watch.

Interface Faster From Mobile

Ladbrokes and Coral are very similar in regards to the depth of streaming and also the live betting markets that are available. With Ladbrokes it is a little more challenging to find the live streaming while navigating on the site but their interface it is a bit faster which is useful if you are connected through a mobile or have a slower internet connection. You can either stream from your mobile, or you can have a streaming window as a pop out. Ladbrokes Full Review.

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UnibetUnibet  – Top For Global Sports Streaming

Lots of UK punters might not realise that Unibet is one of the biggest betting sites in Europe and do regularly stream around 40,000 sporting events every single year.

Since Unibet have a clear continental focus, they are also streaming events that the UK focused betting sites might not have in their schedule. If you like to have a wide range of European football also from less common leagues but still want to have access sports like snooker, great tennis, FA Cup, Darts and so on than Unibet is an excellent choice.

Unibet TV

Finding live streaming events is really easy as you only need to visit Unibet TV section which is easily available from the homepage menu. Planning which events to watch is great as Unibet has one of the best streaming calendars in the whole industry. Similarly to their competitors, Unibet is streaming on mobile, and you can pop out the streaming window or leave it on the page. If you wish to watch horse racing you just need to have a minimum bet of £1 which is the same in the other UK bookmakers that are live streaming this sport.

Unibet is an excellent addition to UK more focused betting sites: you might not get the same UK focused markets and offers but you will get a different offer that well integrates with traditional betting sites. Unibet Full Review.

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BetfredBetfred  – Top for Horse Racing Streaming

If you are looking for a solid betting site where you can watch horse racing and greyhound racing in live streaming while benefitting from great odds and offers then you can’t go wrong with Betfred.

All UK and Irish racing are available to watch in live streaming as long as you have placed a £1 bet. In addition to horse and greyhound racing, you will be able to watch a huge amount of other sporting events like basketball, tennis, football and a lot more.

Not only Betfred is streaming races, as other betting sites are doing the same, but on top, they are offering great features as this bookmaker has some of the best racing markets. Add to that Betfred is the current owner of the Tote which means can provide promos and betting lines that are simply not available on the competitors’ sites. Betfred Full Review.

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Other Online Betting Sites With Live Streaming

Live Stream FootballThe vast majority of betting sites are now offering some sort of streaming. Some are limited to the UK and Irish horse racing while others do provide the opportunity to watch others sports events like tennis, basketball, snooker and so on.

If you want to have a wider choice on some of the smaller sports, then we do suggest that sign up with some betting sites so that you will eventually have access to a much bigger live streaming schedule. The beauty of all of this is that you can still watch an event with a betting site and place a bet with another one that offers a better value.

All you need to do to access the majority of live streaming services is to have a positive account balance: this means that you are effectively not paying anything to use the streaming services.

Other betting sites that are offering live streaming are:

Betfair – they are streaming a huge amount of events every single day although their schedule is a bit messy and it is quite difficult to discover what events are coming up.
Paddy Power – this is another massive betting site that has the financial backup to be able to provide lots of live streaming. The interface is not great, but surely they do offer many events, so it is a betting site to consider.

Live Sport Streaming: What Are The Requirements?

BTTSThe good news is that there aren’t many requirements to access live streaming. The majority of live streaming is made by using HTML5 based systems or via flash which means it can be easily received by any web-browser and mobile-browser. The only thing you might need to have is a flash plugin installed on your computer: if you don’t have one, you will get a message that will allow you to download what you need.

HTML5 Technology

Flash is being phased out anyway with the majority of betting sites that are moving to HTML5: at the moment the majority of betting sites are providing both flash and HTML5 in parallel so that you can use it regardless of the device.

Another way is for you to stream via the betting site mobile/tablet app: all you need to do in this case is to download the relevant app and then you will be able to stream immediately. The app will already have the software you need to access the live streaming, and nowadays you can even cast your stream on other devices like for example your TV. Some devices also allow streaming directly through the mobile site.

To get the best quality you will need to either have a broadband or a 3G / 4G connection. Usually, the minimum bandwidth for the streaming is circa 512kb/s. Some betting sites are offering low resolution streaming that can go as low as 128kb/s, but if you want an enjoyable viewing experience, we suggest you are getting a higher speed.

What Sports Can You Watch In Live Streaming?

The vast majority of sports are currently available with the majority of betting sites. Some events are far too expensive for betting sites to stream live, and those are for example the Premier League. To clarify what is available we have made a list of the most common events that you will be able to find in live streaming with betting sites in the UK:

Football – You can watch in free live streaming all the major European football leagues like Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Germany Bundesliga and so on. You will also be able to watch football from others part of the world like American, Brasilian, Argentinean and so on. The UK Championship usually is live streamed, and from time to time you will also be able to watch FA Cup and League Cup games.
Horse and Greyhound Racing – Lots of betting sites are covering racing so it won’t be a problem for you to find the streaming of those on betting sites. Generally, in this sport, you would need to place a small bet to watch: this is in the region of £1, but it is £0.50 with Betfair.
Tennis – this sport is so widely covered that you can basically be able to watch any match from the smaller tournament to the vast major Grand Slam finals. Tennis has a considerable proportion of in play bets, and this is why betting sites are keen to provide coverage to incentivise their customers to bet more.
Snooker and Darts – Lots of events from these sports are streamed with most of the betting sites we have recommended in this page. Betting sites in the UK usually are sponsoring the most significant events and being able to live stream it is often part of the package.
Cricket – Not many people are interested in watching in-stream a whole test match, but the shorter forms of the game are getting more and more popular in live streaming. Those are for example the T20 and ODI matches. You can also watch the majority of the county championship and even some international test matches.
Rugby – This sport is not very popular in live streaming, but more and more betting sites are starting to show some games. This sport it usually is widely available on TV, and for this reason, there is little pressure to betting sites to live stream. Occasionally you will be able to find events like the Six Nations and the World Cup in live streaming.
Golf – This is not really a suitable sport for live streaming as on small screens you will struggle to see the ball. It is also a rather long game which is more ideal for TV broadcast.
Basketball – This sport is widely available in betting sites live streaming, and you will be able to watch European, American and other biggest World Leagues.
Ice Hockey – the vast majority of ice hockey games are available in free live streaming. Since this is a low scoring sport, it is perfect for live betting, and this is why betting sites are providing live streaming.
American Football – live streaming of American Football is becoming more and more popular: nowadays you will be able to find NFL, and American college games regularly streamed and even the superbowl!
Baseball – this is also a sport that is more and more available in live streaming especially the MLB.
Boxing, UFC and MMA – the biggest UFC fights are too expensive for betting sites to live stream, but there are smaller fights that are available from time to time.
eSports – it is tough to bet on eSports if you are unable to watch. There are lots of non-gambling betting sites that are streaming the biggest tournaments, and we expect that soon also bookmakers will start to follow suit.
Other Sports – lots of minor sports are streamed on a daily basis on betting sites. For example, you will be able to find volleyball, handball, futsal, squash and others.

Streaming Delay

Live StreamingIt is crucial that you know that betting site live streaming it is usually delayed up to around 30 seconds. This is not due to technical issues with the streaming but it is in place to avoid punters taking an unfair advantage over the betting site. If you place a bet in play, you will see that usually the acceptance it is delayed around 10 seconds.

This means that if you are watching the event in live streaming and decide to place a bet the total delay can be up to 45 seconds. Some betting sites are however faster.
Given the delay, it is suggested that you turn off other sports notifications you might have on as it is nothing more distressing than watching a live stream and get to know that a goal will be scored in the next few seconds.

Integrated Streaming

The betting sites we have suggested in this guide will permit you to watch the live stream either embedded in the main browser window or as a pop out. This is great as it will not disrupt the viewing habits that you have. Ordinarily integrated windows are smaller as they need to fit in the page, so the suggestion is that you view the live stream as a pop-out window. If however, you are planning to make live bets then having it integrated is the best options.

There are some operators, especially those that are offering horse racing, that will only allow you to watch in a pop-out window: this is not much of a problem considering that betting in play during a horse race it is difficult and not suggested. If you want to get around though however, you can still use the mobile app to stream the race.

Concerning sizes, William Hill tends to have the better resolution of all the betting sites.

What Is The Best Streaming Strategy?

Below we have summarised some tips that will help you use the live streaming in the best possible way:

Sit back & enjoy – watching the live streaming with a pop-out window is a better experience as the pictures are bigger. If you are not planning to make in-play bets, then it is suggested that you sit back and enjoy the live streaming with a pop-out window. The vast majority of online betting sites will allow you to live stream as long as your account balance will be in positive. So, apart from horse racing, you will not be required to place a bet to watch the event. For this reason, it makes sense to have multiple betting accounts funded so that you have a wider choice of what is available to view.
Don’t place your bets at the last second – remember that live streaming is delayed so if you have a bet in mind don’t wait for too long as it might be impossible to place it. In addition to that, if there is a dangerous attack in a football game, for example, the betting site can decide to suspend the in-play markets temporarily.
Watch out for the overall trend – the best thing about watching an event in live streaming is that you get useful insights on how the event is going. For example if you see that one team are playing significantly better and the goal is in the air, then you might want to place a bet on them to score or even win.
Prepare your bet slip – to take advantage of in-play markets you need to be quick. For this reason, you might want to prepare the bet slip so that when you are ready to bet you merely need to press a button and your wager will be placed.
Cash out functionality – if used well this functionality will allow you to win more or lose less depending on the situations. It is a functionality that goes particularly well with the live stream: if, for example, you can see that your team is not playing well and they are looking like they will concede a goal soon, you might want to cash out your bet to limit the damage. Punters can read the game a lot better when they are able to watch it live.

Live Streaming Rules

strategyEven if the betting sites are providing the live streaming service for free, it is not free for them. The bookmakers will need to pay a license to be able to stream sports, and you are not allowed to record or redistribute the live broadcasts. If you do that you will be risking your betting account to be closed and you might also get the licensing agent taking legal actions against you. Remember you need to be more than 18 to have a betting account and being in the UK.