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Lucky 15, 31 And 63 Betting Offers

Lucky 15, Lucky 31 And Lucky 63 Offers

LuckyThe Lucky 15, the Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 were invented by Fred Done which was the owner of Betfred. In a nutshell, it was a new system to bet on racing. A Lucky betting system is a form of full cover betting that permits punters to wager on all possible multiple betting lines from a given number of selections. For example, Lucky 15 is a package of 15 individual bets that allow punters to bet on all possible multiple betting lines from some selections. With Lucky 15 you have four singles, 6 doubles four trebles and one 4-fold that cover every possible combination of bets that can be made from the initial four selections. If just one selection will win you will get a return.

Other full covers

Full cover and lucky betting allow punters to have more chances to win ultimately and has to be considered carefully. In addition to that, those bet types are generally good value and for this reason are excluded from the typical betting offers like accumulator insurance, money back deals, and free bets. In this page, we will show you some of the regular lucky 15 betting offers and also some full cover betting offers that you can get on horse racing, greyhound racing and sometimes on other sports too.

Best Betting Sites For Lucky Bonuses

BetfredBetfred  – Best Lucky Offers and Original Inventor

Betfred owner Fred Done originally invented lucky betting. For this reason, you can expect this bookmaker to have the best lucky, and full cover bet enhancement offers. In addition to this, Betfred also has the tote license and owns the website Totesport where you can get similar promotions and features.

Betfred offers are valid for horse racing and greyhound racing (and virtual racing). Bonuses will be paid immediately and in cash and there are no maximum limits or minimum stake. Don’t forget that with both Betfred and Totesport you will also be getting the best odds guaranteed as standard and you can watch races in the live stream if you meet the minimum stake limits.

Full Cover Betting Offers

  • Super Bonus Races – If you pick all correct Lucky 15, 31, 63, Canadian or Heinz from the six listed super bonus races daily and you will get a 15% bonus for a Yankee or Lucky 15 and other boosts for the different types of bets (i.e., 50% on Lucky 31 and 100% for Lucky 63). The minimum stake is £0.20.
  • All Correct Bonus – If you get all your predictions right on Lucky 15 or Yankee you will get a 10% bonus on your winnings. 20% if you get all correct on Lucky 31 or Canadian and 20% if you do the same on Lucky 63.
  • One Winner Bonus – This is a golden offer that applies to all horse racing and greyhound racing bets, and it is particularly useful when things are going in the wrong direction. If you get just one winner on a Lucky 15 or Lucky 31, you will get three times the odds. If you get only one winner in a Lucky 31, you will get four times the odds and five times the odds for just one correct in a Lucky 63. The bonus will be paid on winnings, but it doesn’t include the stakes.

In addition to the lucky deals, you will also get from this bookmaker money back second offers on a daily basis, faller insurance during the jump season and lots of racing free bets and best odds guaranteed. As if this wasn’t enough you will also be able to stream all races and access to the best range of totepool markets given that Betfred owns the original license. Betfred Full Review.

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What Is A Lucky 15 & Other Full Cover Bets

Lucky’s and other types of full cover bets are multiple bets that are made of a series of linked single lines, doubles, trebles and accumulators in a given number of selections.

In a nutshell, Lucky 15 and a Yankee are full cover bets with four selections. A Yankee is made of 11 separate bets of one 4-fold accumulator, 4x trebles, and 6x doubles. Lucky 15 is nearly the same but has 15 bets which include four single bets.

Lucky 31 and a Canadian are also similar but with five selections. A Canadian consists of 26 bets that includes a 5-fold accumulator, five 4-fold accas, ten trebles and ten doubles. A Lucky 31 is exactly same as a Canadian, but it has five single bets with 31 bets in total.

A Heinz is made of a total of 57 bets, one 6-fold accumulator, six 5-fold accumulators, 15 four-fold accumulators, 20 trebles and 15 doubles. A Lucky 63 is the same as a Heinz but has six single bets with a total of 63 lines.

How To Place A Lucky 15 Bet & Other Full Cover Bets

  1. Applicable Markets – Lucky bets were made for betting on horse racing, but they are fundamentally open also to others sports. Potentially a Lucky 15 can be placed on the outcome of 4 football matches, four tennis games and so on.
  2. Number of Lines – A Lucky or other full cover betting systems are, in a nutshell, a collection of multiple and single bets. As those are links to selections, the more of those you have, the more betting lines there are to bet. For example, a Lucky 15 has 15 betting lines and at £0.50 a line it will cost a total of £7.50. A lucky 63 is 63 bets, and it would cost a total of £31.5 and so on.
  3. Payouts – Since every line is paid out separately, if you have a Lucky 31 and 3 out of 5 selections win you will get paid on one treble, three doubles and three singles (7 lines out of 31) but you will lose the other 4-fold accumulator, nine trebles and seven doubles.
  4. Bonuses – The majority of cover bet bonuses will apply only if all your selections are correct.
  5. More Chances To Win – Statistically you will have more opportunities to win with a given number of selections by using full cover bets, but on the other hand, they will cost more. For example, a single four fold accumulator will lose entirely if just one selection will let you down but with a Lucky 15, you will still get a payout on 7/15 bets. It will, however, cost you 15x more times to place the bet.
  6. Accumulator or Full Cover Bet – Lucky betting and other full cover bets are usually the best way to bet when one or more selections is an outsider. If, for example, you place a single acca on five selections, but one of those is a 20/1 outsider then it is very likely that you will lose if that selection will let you down. If you, however, go for a lucky 31 and the same outsider let you down, your bet will still win on 15 of the 31 lines.
  7. Full Cover Betting Offers – Apart from the betting offers we have listed in this page, the majority of promotions will not apply to full cover bets. It is crucial to check terms in advance also because you can always place your multiples as separate bets and therefore take advantage of the related accas offers.
  8. Void Lines – If one or more selections will be void once you have placed your full cover bet then there are two possibilities depending on the bookmaker: some operator will void your entire bet and give you a refund on all lines; alternatively your bet will partly be refunded, and you will drop down to the next tier. If, for example, you place a Lucky 31 with five selections and one is void you will move down to a Lucky 15 with 16 of the 31 bets that will be refunded.
  9. Winnings – Returns are not fixed, but it will depend on the odds of every individual line.