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New Online Betting Sites UK

Guide to New Online Betting Sites UK


All the top online betting sites are consistently fighting to keep their products up to date with the latest betting features that are introduced in what it is a very fast-paced industry. Providing the most cutting edge digital and mobile sports betting experience it is paramount for them to avoid losing market shares against newcomers.

The main advantage of new UK online betting sites is that all the new features and tool come as standard as the products are created with the latest technology to give operators a chance of securing customers that are rather bored with traditional online bookmakers offering.

Even though lots of players might assume that the most established betting sites are able to provide the best possible online betting experience, this is not always the case and in fact, we have seen some new brands capable of creating products which are by far better than the ones offered by the usual bookies suspects.

In this page we will take a look at why you might want to pick a new online betting site in the UK for your bets: if, however, you are keen to sign up make sure you visit our dedicated new betting sites section where you will find the latest offers and also detailed reviews of those new trusted operators.

Top Online Betting Sites UK Offers

Our betting experts are consistently reviewing all the top UK online betting sites and have noted that complex operators that have been around for long-time tend to struggle with updating their product if compared with new online betting sites who have the advantage of building their offering from scratch using the latest software and features. Those new online betting sites in the UK are able to offer a cutting-edge experience to their customers from day one both on desktop and mobile. This is a massive advantage that they have and thanks to this are able to ‘steal’ lots of players from traditional bookmakers also thanks to attractive sign-up offers.

How To Find New Online Betting Sites In The UK Who Are Safe And Reliable?

Since the betting industry is fast-paced there are always new betting sites that are popping out. How can you recognise the ones that are genuinely worth a try from the operators that can be ignored? This when BestBettingSites.Online can help you out. We review all the new betting sites that are out there in the UK and we do test them and only select the ones that can provide something new for users. We absolutely just consider those ones that are safe and that have a full UK license. In this way, you will be guaranteed that whatever will happen to those operators, your money will be safe and guaranteed by the UK Gambling Commission.

It is sometimes also tricky to find new operators as they do not have the same budget as the biggest ones to appear on mainstream TV. Most will be available on search engines but only if you do actually search for their exact brand terms. If you don’t know the brand names, this will be difficult as if you do generic betting sites searches only the most established betting sites will be displayed as results.

So a new betting site won’t have the opportunity to appear on search results until they have managed to establish themselves on the internet. We do have industry contacts and thanks to those we are able to review and list the best new online betting sites that are launched in the UK. By looking at our new betting sites guides you will find all the new operators packed and reviewed for free: to find them on Google it will take a considerable amount of time and almost certainly you will not be able to find them all.

We have betting experts that are continuously scouting the market to find the best of the best when it comes to UK new online betting sites. We do test those new operators extensively: we do look at their license, financial security, bonus offers, user experience, betting limits, payout limits, market coverage and a lots more criteria. Only those new online betting sites in the UK that are scoring unusually high in all those categories are then listed and suggested to our readers.

Choosing New Online Betting Sites In The UK

Punters who have found a trusted and credible list of new betting sites, they then need to take a decision in regards to which betting brand to join. Even if all those sites are new each of them is offering a completely unique and innovative digital and mobile experience. Considering this, players shouldn’t just open a new account with the first new online betting site that they come across. Instead, they should be looking at several factors when deciding which is the new online betting site in the UK that best fits them. Below we have listed some of the criteria we do suggest should be considered in the decision:

Legality and Regulation

This is the most important thing when evaluating a new betting site. We recommend scrapping all betting sites that do not have a legal and credible license regardless of what is the bonus offer they are giving you and also features available. Here at BestBettingSites.Online you will only find fully licensed UK betting sites.

Software and Platform

New betting sites should have modern platforms that render well regardless of the device used.

User Experience

You would expect that a new betting site will provide cutting-edge, unique features and tools that you might not find with traditional operators. To convince players to change, they need to have a unique proposition and a valid reason for them to switch. Most traditional bookmakers are lagging behind in their digital optimisation so improving the user experience, especially on mobile, is an excellent opportunity for new online betting sites to win new customers in the UK.

Odds and Markets

New betting sites tend to struggle in offering the same market coverage as the most established operator. Even though you might need to accept that a new betting site might not have the same market depth as the traditional operator, you need to ensure that at least the sport you mostly bet is well covered and that odds are valuable. If not, you shouldn’t bother changing as you will commit value over time.

Bonuses and Promotions

New online betting sites in the UK are usually very generous in giving out free bets and welcome bonuses packages. Do not stop yourself on the headline of the promotion but check the terms and conditions to ensure that what you are being given has some tangible value effectively. Lots of brands tend to attract attention with flashy headlines but have some very restrictive and sometimes not very transparent small-prints.

Banking and Security

Most new online betting sites have limited banking options. It is crucial that you are selecting a new bookmaker that will allow you to deposit and withdraw in a fast, convenient and secure way.