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Popular Betting Sites Guide

If you are looking to bet online for the first time, or simply want to try something new you will find this page very useful. As you might have already realised, there are lots of betting sites out there and each of them is slightly different as they have different odds, different markets, bonus promotions and so on.

In addition to looking who is offering the best welcome offer or free bet, you should also consider if the service they are providing fits well your betting style. An excellent way to start this analysis is to figure out what are the sports you are most likely going to bet on as even the most popular betting sites will be stronger in some areas and others in others. Another critical thing to consider is if you are going to be betting mostly in-play or not: again this is because some popular betting sites are particularly good in offering a live betting experience and will satisfy your need better then others.

Our team of experts have reviewed all the most popular betting sites in the UK and rank them against some important criteria. Below you will find the current top 5 popular betting sites so if you don’t have an account with each of them we strongly advise you do so as those are the best of the best in our opinion. Having several betting accounts with different betting sites will increase the opportunity to get more value out of your betting so we also suggest you take a look at our betting sites section where you will find others popular and trustworthy betting sites.

Best Popular Betting Sites

What to Consider When Choosing UK Most Popular Betting Sites

Even though there isn’t a betting site that is best for everyone, there are several factors that you should look at when selecting an online bookmaker. If you are a beginner, it makes sense to start looking at who is offering the best bonus offer. There are plenty of introductory offers and those are great as they will not only allow you to test the betting site product but also have a bigger starting bankroll while reducing your overall risk. Offers usually are very attractive and carry great value but it is always important to read and understand the terms and conditions linked to them to avoid disappointment down the line. Always remember you must be 18+ to be able to sign up.

Popular Betting Sites Deposit Bonuses

As the competition is very fierce in the online betting industry, you will notice that lots of betting sites are trying to attract new customers by offering deposit bonuses. A deposit bonus is when a free credit is received after you have made your first deposit. A deposit bonus will generally be something like ‘100% first deposit bonus up to £100’: that means that your first deposit will be matched up to £100. If you are depositing £100 you will get £100 completely free.

As you can see in our listing, different popular betting sites will have a different deposit bonus offer: take some time to look at those and decide which one is the most suitable for you. To claim a deposit bonus you might need in some cases to enter a promo code: if this is the case, you will find clearly labelled on the bookmaker website. Usually, though by clicking one of our links you will automatically qualify for the deposit offer. If in doubts, always check the site terms and conditions as you will get all the information you need. Popular betting sites are under continuous scrutiny of the UK Gambling Commission and therefore are displaying terms which are very transparent and easy to understand.

Compare Popular Betting Websites Odds

After you have decided which is the bonus you are more attracted to, it is a good idea to check how good are the odds of the popular betting sites you have selected. You can do this by looking at different prices for races, football games or for the sports you are likely to bet on.

Choosing a betting site that consistently has good betting odds on the sports you are betting, it is an excellent way of securing long term value. So even if the bonus offer is attractive remember that if you are planning to stick around for a long time, competitive odds are going to deliver higher value to your betting activity.

You will see that on the surface all the most popular betting sites will look similar but there are differences so try to delve deep to find out what is the best betting site for you.

Popular Betting Sites with Tipping Services

Since the competition in the betting industry is strong, most operators have gone the extra mile by offering punters extra services at no charge. A particularly useful one is tipping especially when you are betting on horse racing (but also other sports). Popular betting sites have a dedicated section to tipping where you will find plenty of analysis and insights that will guide you to make an educated betting decision. They usually have experts to provide tipping advises so it is worth taking advantage of this free service where possible.

To figure out what are the popular betting sites best tipping services you should look at how reputable are the experts and also see how many people are following and if the tipsters are also writing for other leading betting sites. Usually, you can also check how accurate have been their predictions in the past. All the popular betting sites we are suggesting in this page have outstanding tipping services so take full advantage. You can generally access the tipping area even without having a funded account, so nothing stops you to use tips from one site and bet with another bookmaker.

Different Types of Betting Formats

Another thing you should consider when selecting a popular betting site is the amount of different betting market that a betting site is offering. For example, a bookmaker might be more focused on horse racing than another and therefore provide much bigger betting options.