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Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds

Price Promise, Enhanced Odds Offers, Price Boosts, Specials Odds Offers

price_boostThey have different names like boosting, rushing, pushing and so on but fundamentally they all mean the same thing: those are offers that temporarily enhanced the price of a betting line, an event or even an entire market. If used in the right way can be particularly generous and as a player, you will be able to get a great added value out of it. Here at BestBettingSites.Online we suggest that you create a number of betting accounts with top betting sites so that you can take advantage of the different offers and depending on what you want to bet, find the bookie that is offering the best value.

Useful Strategy

Another strategy is to hold off your bet until few hours before the event so that you will be able to take full advantage of the last minute enhanced odds offer specials. Odds tend to be enhanced quite late for few reasons: 1 – betting sites do not want to show their odds strategy to their competitors; 2 – they don’t want to go over or under price in a market too early on. You can see that very clearly when betting on horse racing.

Enhanced odds offers can be separated into 3 main groups:

1 – Price Promises – these are the best ones as they beat competitors odds regardless

2 – Odds Boosts – in this case, you have the opportunity to choose the bet you want to apply the boost to. You will have full control of the situation

3 – Price Boosts – With this offer a specific single or multiple bet is boosted by the betting site and you can take advantage of it (normally around big events)

In this article, you will learn all about enhanced odds specials and also you will see which are the betting sites that are regularly offering price promises, odds boosts and price boosts. We will also tell you how to best take advantage of those generous offers and the common terms and conditions to be aware of.

Price Promises

There are many type odds deals available with betting sites but price promise is by far the best regular odds enhanced offer available. It is much better than the best odds guaranteed and also better than price matching and price boost. The Price Promise will apply to all odds in a selected event and will guarantee that those prices will be better than those of the competition.

Betting sites need to think carefully when offering a price promise deal as it can be a very expensive option. This is why you won’t find many price promise deals available in the UK and this is a clear sign of how valuable they are.

Best Betting Sites For Enhanced Odds Offers

LadbrokesLadbrokes  – Odds Boosts

It hasn’t always been the case but we have to say that Ladbrokes in recent years has become one of the top betting sites that are regularly providing price boosts. They are offering a great range of daily price increases which you won’t find in many others sites.

Ladbrokes is now giving the opportunity to boost whatever pre-event single bet you want on (this also including accas). So every day you can pick a bet and enhance the odds, regardless of the sport. We think this is a very good price boost as it gives the punters the ability to be in complete control. Another thing to mention is that winnings are paid in cash too.

Daily Odds Boost

As if daily odds boost on any bet weren’t enough you can also get extra odds to boost around big events and markets. So for every major football matches and horse racing meeting, you will surely get some extra added value from Ladbrokes. In terms of quality Ladbrokes general boosts are decent as they are in the region of 10-30% higher than standard. Ladbrokes odds are also rather good normally so with this enhancements they are almost unbeatable. Generally, there aren’t even stake or winning limits which make the whole offer even more interesting.

If you browse through Ladbrokes website you will be surprised to see how many lines they do enhance on a regular basis: this is not just for big football or racing events but you will find opportunities pretty much on every sport and market. If you are betting regularly on sport having an account with Ladbrokes is a must: in this way you can check before placing any bets and see if you can benefit from a boost. The vast majority of Ladbrokes’ boosts will be on the day of the event so make sure you check a few hours before placing the bet if something has come up. Ladbrokes Full Review.

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William HillWilliam Hill  – Bet Boosts

William Hill does boost a lot of prices every day and this is not limited to top events. You will be able to find price boosts on a wide range of sports, more than many other betting sites. William Hill odds are rather average but thanks to their bet boost functionality you can choose what selection you want the odds to be enhanced.

In the same way, we have seen with Ladbrokes, William Hill also let you decide which selections you want the price boost on. This added value is available once a day on any pre-match or in play market for any sport and there are no odds restrictions. The boost can be done to stakes up to £200.

Bet Boost

The Bet Boost feature is also available when there are big high profile events: for example on every race of a festival, around every match of major tournaments, each round in a fight and so on.

As this wasn’t enough William Hill also enhance a huge amount of bets every day. Those are normally spread across different sports but normally their horse race price enhancements tend to be bigger and more frequent than their competitor betting sites.

So although William Hill standard odds are far than great if compared with the other major betting sites, they do enhance more lines than other bookies and overall this is a good value betting site. As the enhanced tend to happen on the same day as the event it is a good practice to check what is available before placing a bet to avoid missing out some great prices. William Hill Full Review.

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Best Bookmakers For Price Boosts

CoralCoral  – Daily Enhanced Singles and Multiples

Coral is probably better known for their regular free bets offers and money back specials but they do have a big range of enhanced price promotions. If you don’t have an account with Coral you should take advantage of their massive enhanced odds offer for new customers. We do post them in our homepage so keep checking regularly to find the best offers from Coral.

Daily Enhanced Odds Specials

If you have an account with Coral you can still benefit from their daily enhanced odds specials. In addition, to have the usual enhanced single prices on Coral you will also find a big number of enhanced multiples (normally trebles) on a wide range of sports.

You will find enhanced not only on the outright results but also on goalscorer multiple enhancements, team specials and lots more. It is not easy to predict which prices will be boosted weekly so make sure you check Coral regularly as if you catch the right enhancement you can really get a big added value to your bet. Coral Full Review.

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BetwayBetway  – Daily Specials & Enhanced Multiples

Betway is one of those bookmakers that will offer boosted price almost on a daily basis. Their enhanced are normally separated in 3 main sections: The Daily Specials, The Price Boosts and the Enhanced Multiples.

The Daily Specials can be on every market especially as this betting site has more unusual special lines if compared with the more traditional bookmakers. For example on football, you will find a market with ‘Player X and Y both to score’ but also odds for something like ‘Player Z to score outside the box’. Betway also has lots of specials offers on other sports like basketball, ice hockey, rugby, darts, tennis and so on.

Enhanced Odds Multiples & Price Boosts

Most days you will also find the Betway enhanced odds multiples and price boosts. Multiples boosts are usually done on doubles or trebles on ‘all to win’ markets while price boosts are a bit more varied and normally are focused on more interesting markets (not only on the outright win). Betway already has good odds on average and if you like to bet on something a little more niche from time to time then they are surely worth a look.

Betway is well known as a great all-sports betting site and their price boosts surely reflect this. With this bookmaker you can expect to find price boosts on sports like Ice Hockey, Baseball even eSports in addition to the normal mass sports like football and horse racing. Betway does also boost in play prices in addition to pre-event lines. Betway Full Review.

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BetfairBetfair  – Price Rush

Betfair does enhance a huge amount of prices on a daily basis in their fixed odds sportsbook and has created a price rush coupon. Betfair has said to have rushed over 5 million bets since they have started delivering customers an extra £40+ million.

But what are Betfair Price Rush? Well, the principle is exactly the same as any other odds enhancement as every day all sorts of prices are rushed in a vast array of sports. The main difference with Betfair is that the price rush is determined by checking prices against those of the Betfair exchange. If there is a big difference than the price is likely to be rushed.

Price Rush Advantages

Another important advantage of betting on Betfair Price Rush is that you will still qualify for the enhanced price even if you have placed your bet before the rush. There are lots of price rush being done every day and on a lot of sports. Also, Price Rush is not limited to pre-event but it is also for in-play. Price Rush is only on singles however you can also use the Cash Out feature if you wish to.

Considering that Betfair is rushing more than 10,000 different bets every day there is a huge chance that over time you will gain a great value from this promotion. All the winnings are in cash and there are no limits. Similarly to what we have seen with Ladbrokes, it makes sense to have a Betfair account so that you can check before you want to place a bet if they have a rush on the event you are about to wager on.

In addition to the Price Rush Betfair also run some of the best-enhanced odds offer for new customers. Every week there will be offers around key events which will generally be lots more lucrative than the regular sign up deals. Betfair will also give you’re stake back as a free bet if the enhanced bet loses so the risk is nothing. If you don’t have an account with Betfair yet check out our homepage where we will be posting all the new customers offer. Betfair Full Review.

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UnibetUnibet  – Enhanced Outright & Racing Boosts

Unibet are surely not the bookmaker you would go to look for an odds boosts on the 2nd race at Kempton on a Tuesday or for a boost on a Championship midweek game. This is because they are not UK focused. Having said that they are the place to go if you are looking for enhanced prices on outright markets before any big event. So if you are going to bet on the outright market at Cheltenham, Champions League, Premier League, Wimbledon and so on then take a look at what Unibet has to offer.

Very Honest Approach To Gambling

As we have seen in the Unibet review they do have a very honest approach to gambling: they rather reward customers by enhancing few of the big markets that we are all looking for rather than pushing unpopular markets which will not be used.

Unibet is also price boosting on horse racing: you will find the prices are normally boosted before races so just make sure you check the price movements on Unibet for big races. And don’t forget that Unibet are streaming lots of racing live and other sports so take advantage of Unibet’s excellent TV free package. Unibet Full Review.

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Types Of Enhanced Odds Offers

Price Promises

best-oddsThis offer is normally found on horse and greyhound racing but it is also available on other sports sometimes. What this offer guarantee is that you will be given the best odds on a specific market for a certain period or event. So the offer will promise the best odds out of a list of other competitor bookmakers. The list of bookmakers is limited so there might be bookmakers outside the list that are offering better prices. So an example of this offer could be a price promise that guarantees the best odds on all 5+ football accumulator out of a list of other bookmakers.

Get The Most Competitive Odds When Betting On Top Events

Normally this type of offer is available in big tournaments in the outright market. Like for example in the Premier League, there are many bookmakers that are competing to offer the best price on a particular team or even on the market. It makes sense if you are betting on a popular market, to avoid placing a bet on your regular betting site: spend some time to look around as you can get a huge amount of added value by doing so.

Price Boost And Price Rush

price_boostThis offer name was created by a number of bookies who are operating regularly and temporarily enhanced odds offers. The name, however, doesn’t really change much the substance (ie. price boost, price rush, bet bundles, and so on) as those types of offers are all very similar. The terms of those offers are also very simple. With this type of offer,s a specific betting line or the whole market is enhanced for a period of time before the event will start. In terms of timings, this can be a temporary enhanced offer or it could be for the whole day. In some rare cases, the offer can last just a few hours or even minutes.

What Is Price Boost?

If we have to give a definition we should say that a price boost is an enhanced odds offer that has a short shelf live, normally well below a week. Some bookmakers, however, have enhanced odds promotions that can stay live for weeks but this is not the majority. Some bookmakers also have enhanced odds specials on a daily or a weekly basis and they could span several sports markets (ie. not just the main sports like football and horse racing). In this site, you will find a complete guide on how to claim those enhanced odds offer and also a description of the bookmakers that usually enhance odds lines. We have also provided a view on the common deals offered by bookmakers as well as the markets covered. So make sure you read this section to know exactly how to claim and how to make the most of those very generous enhanced odds offers.

Boost Your Own Odds

Odds BoostsThis is a relatively new feature that has been launched by a number of top bookmakers like Ladbrokes and William Hill and gives you the possibility to pick your own bets to price boost.

How Many Bets You Can Boost Every Day?

Normally you can only boost one bet a day but the good thing is that the maximum stake limits are high and all winnings will be immediately withdraw-able as cash. This is surely the best way to get a better chance of winning more with the enhanced odds to offer: you are in control of the betting line you want to boost, not the betting site. So if you want to boost a single bet or a multiple bet it is your choice. Also, you can pick the sport you want which is great. So you won’t have to settle for whatever the bookmaker is offering but you can completely define the odds boosts.

Get Long Term Value

If you are betting on a regular basis this is surely the best way to add long-term value to your gambling activity. Boosting your own odds won’t increase the chances of winning as this will still depend on how good your betting predictions are: what they will do though is to ensure you will get a much bigger return if you do win the bet.

One thing to mention tough about those odds boosting offers. It is good practice to always check who has the best odds as a standard for a selection: in some cases even with an odds boost the price could still be lower than some other betting sites!

Price Matching

Price MatchThis is very similar to what is happening in other industries like supermarkets. It is also very similar to a price promise offer with the only difference that here you are getting a guarantee that the odds will be matched to the best available instead of beat them.

Price matching is more common in horse racing but similarly to price promises it can be found on popular outright bets. In the outright Premier League for example where there is a lot of competition between bookies, you are likely to find such offers. To give the piece of mind a betting site might guarantee you to match the best price on a number of strong competitors. This is done to encourage existing customers to place your season bet with them. The hope in doing this kind of marketing advertising is that you will then continue to place other bets with them during the season.

Ensure To Get Very Good Odds

Price match offers are a great way to ensure you will be getting very good odds on a market. Similarly to what we have said before tough remember that the price match will happen against a pre-defined list of bookmakers. Potentially there could be other betting sites not included in the matching offer that could offer better odds.

The most popular form of price matching is the best odds guarantee offers that are done by lots of bookies, especially on horse and greyhound racing.

Enhanced Place Terms

Extra PlacesThis offer is normally dedicated to horse racing but similarly to the ones we have seen it can be found in a range of sports where each way and place bets can apply. Enhanced place terms are normally delivered in two ways: the first boosts the number of places that you will get paid for an each way or place bet. So, for example, you can get paid on 4 places instead of 3. The second enhanced place boosts the odds given so you get a better odds for an each way bet.

Many Betting Sites Have Those Offers

Lots of betting sites have those type of offers for horse racing especially around key events even more if televised. BetVictor is a betting site particularly known for offering enhanced place but others bookies will also have those type of offers from time to time. This type of offer is also used for major outright betting on other sports too: in the Premier League, for example, you can find that some betting sites are enhanced to 3 places an each way bet on who wins the Premier League (instead of 2 places).

So make sure you take a good look at those type of offers when you are betting on horses or on major outright markets as you can get a fair amount of added value.

New Customer Enhanced Odds Promotions

Enhanced Odds OffersThese offers are only temporary and are made to attract new customers to betting sites. Normally they are better than the standard welcome bonus so it is worth looking around to try to catch them. An example of new customer enhanced odds can be something like Manchester United to beat Fulham at 30/1. This bet obviously has a maximum stake (normally £1) but still will give you a better return than a normal free bet or bonus offer. With this type of enhanced odds offer you will also be given a refund if your bet loses so taking advantage of those enhanced odds offers is a no-brainer.

Get Advantage Of Enhanced Odds Offers

Bookmakers like Coral, Betfair, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes provide those type of new customers enhanced odds offers on a regular basis. Those are normally focused on big events and weekend football. We have the latest one in our page so make sure you check regularly to avoid missing some brilliant enhanced odds offers.

Double Odds, Triple Odds Enhanced Offers

Double Your OddsThose types of offers have made betting site Betfred rather famous. You might have heard for example their classic Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven promotion. Others bookmakers, however, are providing similar offers from time to time. The offer is exactly what it promises: simply place a bet and get enhanced double odds or even triple odds.

Some betting sites have used those type of offers to attract new customers however they are very common for existing customers and sometimes are restricted to specific event or market (ie. double your odds if your team win by 2+ goals, etc.).

Enhanced Odds Coupons

These type of offers are normally used to reward existing customers and are accumulators and multiple bets enhancements. You will find in many betting sites although Coral probably have an edge here.

Let’s make an example in order to get this clearer: ‘Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool all to win at 6/1’ is an enhanced coupon where the true odds price would be in the region of 4/1. With those enhanced odds you can really take advantage on the house and if you were thinking to place an accumulator anyway it makes complete sense to take full advantage of those enhanced odds offer. Watch out for them on the betting sites you have accounts with as they are likely to be offering those on a regular basis as a customer retention tool.

How To Win With A Price Boost

There are many ways to win with a Price Boost and below we have listed the different opportunities so that you can get the most from your betting activity:

  • Boost Your Own Odds – some betting sites are offering the opportunity to pick your own bets and enhanced the odds of those. This is much better than a normal odds enhancement offer as it puts you in control of what you want to boost.
  • Pick Your Bet In Advance – if you have decided to place a bet and then you find an enhanced odds this tends to increase the chances of winning. Some betting sites are trying to use enhanced odds offer to push you towards a market or another where maybe you don’t have enough knowledge. For example, if you want to bet on Arsenal v Chelsea look around to see what are the best odds but don’t get convinced into betting on Fulham v Wolves if this is not the bet you wanted to place in the first instance.
  • Open a Number of Betting Accounts – if you really want to have greatly enhanced deals than you should have a portfolio of betting sites accounts. With this strategy, you will be able to shop around and find the best price boosts deals on the events you are keen to bet on.
  • When You Should Place a Bet – this is an important thing to consider. Some bookmakers like Coral and Betfair will honour all boosted prices who were placed before their price was boosted but it is not always like this. Some price boost deals only come up last minute and if you have bet previously you won’t necessarily get your odds enhanced. So our advice is to try to bet on your selection at the last minute unless there are valid reasons not to do so (ie. fear that odds could significantly drop for other reasons, etc.).
  • Enhanced Multiples – Although getting enhanced odds on multiples it is great, do not let the betting sites dictate the type of accumulator to bet. It should be the other way around: first, you should think about what type of multiple you want to do and then you should check if there are opportunities to enhanced those odds in your bookies’ portfolio.
  • Take Advantage of Several Deals – when betting on big events you will be able to find lots of enhanced prices on same markets. Since those normally have rather low max stakes it makes sense to take advantage of more than one enhanced offer so that you will increase your stake and get overall a much better return.
  • Always check the Terms – before committing to any offer make sure to check terms and conditions of the offer. To avoid costly mistakes you should check what are the maximum and minimum bets, the payouts and also any other terms around price boosts and price rushes.
  • Singles and Multiples – the majority of enhanced odds are made for single lines and this is especially true with short-term price boost and pice rush features. If you are thinking to combine your bet with other selections make sure you are reading the terms first as it could be that this might not be possible. Some price boost offers, however, can be in fact used on multiple bets but they might also be restricted.
  • Coupons – Enhanced Odds are normally presented in specific coupons. Sometimes those are open coupon where you can decide the number of selections (for example 4 selections will give you odds of 15/1) while in other cases a betting site can offer a specific enhanced odds multiple, normally a double or a treble. Although you will still get great value make sure that you only place these bets if you are convinced about them not just because they are enhanced. For example, if you are offered an enhanced odds treble with Man City, Arsenal and Wolves all to win but you are not convinced about Wolves then don’t get convinced just because it is enhanced.
  • Maximum Bet/Payout – betting sites are using enhanced odds offers to attract new customers and also reward the existing ones. As mentioned enhanced odds offer are of great value but you need to check the terms are the bets are normally capped. Many enhanced odds offers will have a quite strict maximum stake or maximum payout so to avoid disappointment down the line make sure you read and understand well all the terms around those offers.
  • Cash Out and Features – Cash out is great but make sure you read well-enhanced odds terms as in some cases you will not be allowed to cash out on bets that have had their price boosts. As enhanced odds are offers they might not be combined with other promotions like for example free bets. Those are unlikely to be used in combination with a price boost.
  • Price Promises and Matching – In those type of promotions, the bookmaker is promising to match a price from a number of selected betting sites. You need to remember though that just because you are getting a price promise or price match that there won’t be better odds available. Some bookmakers outside the list could potentially offer better prices so it is worth doing a check before committing to the offer.

Common Price Boost T&Cs

  • Terms and ConditionsWatch Out For Minimums – lots of price boost offers will have minimum bet amounts that are needed in order to qualify. Make sure you are comfortable with those before taking the offer.
  • Maximum Stake / Winnings – most enhanced odds offers are predominantly ‘headline grabbers’ that bookies will run at a cost. For this ready, your qualifying stake (or your winnings) are capped. So think about an enhanced odds offer as a different type of free bet offer. If you are willing to take a good added value than it is fine but if you are thinking to place a £1,000 bet than it is worth looking for a better raw odds than a price boost which is not designed for large bets.
  • Free Bets or Bonuses Tokens or Cash – not all the enhanced odds winnings are paid in cash. The majority will be paid as a free bet or bonus cash so again make sure you take this into account when comparing those type of offers.
  • Non-Runners, Rule 4 and Void – if you are benefitting from a price boost and for example, a horse in a race will not run than the enhanced odds may be reduced as the field will be smaller. It depends on the terms so again make sure you are comfortable especially in markets where this tend to happen quite frequently (ie. horse racing).
  • Time Limits – this is one of the most important things to check with an enhanced bet. Some bookmakers will only allow enhanced odds to run from a certain time. If you place the bet before that time than you might not get the boosted price so pay attention at your watch to avoid disappointment!

Price Promise Terms And Conditions

  • Rules and RegulationsAnte Post – it is important to check the time after which the deal applies. Normally in horse racing, the price promises are for the day of the race. Ante-post bets will not be included.
  • Win / Each Way – The horse race price promise should be for the win and the place price of the horse.
  • Other Bet Types – not all the bet types are normally included in the offers so make sure you are checking if you are placing more than a normal single bet. Live pricing is not normally included.
  • What are Parimutuel Bets – Parimutuel wagers like the totepool, are not normally included in the odds enhancements deals.
  • Full Cover Bets – Lucky 15 and the same apply to other full cover bets are normally included in the price promise.
  • Markets – it is always good to check which markets are covered in a price promises offer. For example, BetVictors only allow their enhanced odds offer on football.
  • Selections – if you decide to take advantage of an accumulator price guarantee make sure you have truly checked the minimum and a maximum number of picks that it is related too. Also, check if you combine selections from other sports if the enhanced price will still apply.
  • Maximum/Minimum Stakes – most of the time there are maximum or minimum stakes allowed so it is worth checking those in advance to avoid surprises.