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Related Contingencies & Bets

related-contingencyIf you have arrived in this page, it is likely that you have tried to place a multiple bet, but it was not accepted by a betting site due to related contingency. This is a more complicated way just to say that you are not allowed to bet on those events in a multiple because they are linked with each other.


So if for example, we are placing a bet on a team to win the Champions League semi-final and add this in a multiple with the same team to win the tournament, those are related markets and the bookmaker will not accept it.

Even though this is a clear-cut case, it is not always so easy to see if events are linked with each other and in this article, we will help you to figure out when two events are related and what it will happen if a betting site will accept such a bet by error.

What Is A Related Contingency?

Related means connected in some way and contingency means a future circumstance that can’t be predicted for sure. So related contingencies are all those events that might happen in the future and are linked together.

The vast majority of betting sites will not accept multiple bets with related contingencies however there have been high street bookmakers that have accepted those types of bets mistakes: as that was down to human error there were not paid out due to the related contingencies rule.

Example of Related Bets

Know the rulesRelated contingencies are happening in multiples and accumulators. For example, if you place a double on Liverpool to win the semi-final of the League Cup and to win the League Cup this will be related and won’t be accepted. Another example is Arsenal to win against Everton and correct score 1-0 for Arsenal.


Some situations are more challenging to understand concerning linked bets: you might bet a team to win the Premier League, the League Cup and the Champions League. As those competitions are separate the related contingency rule shouldn’t apply: well this is not the case as betting sites might consider that winning a title will give more motivation to the win more.

Another related contingency, for example, is that you cannot back Harry Kane to be the Premier League top scorer and Spurs to win the Premier League.

Related Contingencies Accepted Bets

If you are keen to place a bet with related events there are some options. Betting sites have created some specific markets that have fair odds concerning related contingencies:

Scorecast, Anycast, Timecast & Wincast

BTTSIn football but generally on all points scoring sports, casts do combine two different markets from the same match.

So instead of backing Arsenal to win 1-0 and Lacazzette to score as a double, you should place a scorecast bet. Not all the betting sites do provide scorecast but the top ones will.

Full Cover Bets

Let’s say you are tempted to back 5 individual events (A, B, C, D and E), but A&B are related. Due to this, you won’t be able to place a 5fold acca, but you could place a full cover bet that will give you every multiple possible bets where linked events are not in the same betting line.

Conditional Bets & Forecast

You might want to bet on one horse to win the race and a second one to finish second. You can’t do this with a double but you can do this by using a forecast bet. Lots of forecast bets are also available in reverse so you will win if the two horses will get the first two spots in any order. You can also go further and place a tricast. If you want to learn more about forecast bets check our dedicated article.

Conditional bets will instead allow you to back an event dependent on the outcome of another one. For instance, you could bet on horse A to win, and if horse A wins, you can place the same stake on horse B in the second race. If horse A does not win the second bet will not be placed. There are lots of conditional bets available so if you want to know more check our dedicated section.

Specials Markets & Request A Bet

request-a-betBetting sites usually have a dedicated section where they have lots of specials and novelty markets. Here you can generally find also related contingencies markets. For example, at the beginning of the football season, you might find markets like ‘Man City to win the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League at 150/1’.

It is important to note that if you were allowed to place a treble like this by using the individual market odds the overall return would be much higher. This is the reason why bookies don’t let you do it as they do consider those three events to be related contingencies and therefore they are setting odds lower to take into account this fact.

Request A Price

Online betting sites tend to have a rather wide range of betting lines however if you are not able to find what you are looking for you can get in touch with the bookmaker and request a price for the bet you want to place. There are dedicated traders team that are much quicker to price up lines than in the past. You can reach them via email, phone or social media and in few minutes you will have the odds that you can also compare with others bookies so to get the most valuable price.

Different Bookmakers Have Different Rules When It Comes To Related Contingencies
You should shop around as different betting sites will have slightly different rules in regards to what it is considered linked or related. You might well find that a betting site might not let you bet on two events while another one will.

Here at BestBettingSites.Online we always suggest that you have some betting accounts in your portfolio so that you can bet with the best bookmaker every time depending on your selection and also secure top odds and deals.

What Happen If A Bookmaker Is Accepting My Related Contingency Bet By Mistake?

Since online betting sites have automated rules this doesn’t tend to happen as often as in the past when a bet slip was placed in front of a cashier.

The most famous case of a mistake was in 2009 when a punter placed a bet that there will be a white Christmas. He back that it will be a white Christmas in 24 different locations in the UK. He did that at a Ladbrokes shop and was advised to place an accumulator. The bet was successful and the punter though he had won £7.1M: unfortunately for him he was told that his bet was going to be void due to related contingency rule. Ladbrokes still paid the bet as a series of singles with a return of just £31.

Ladbrokes Issue

Even though the Ladbrokes operator was wrong, the Ladbrokes terms and conditions clearly stated the rules about the related bet: if you think about it is fair, and generally, if it will snow in London it is likely it will also snow in other parts of the UK.

So always check the terms and conditions and also use common sense when placing a bet especially if you are in a shop. If something looks too good to be true, it is probably it and it will be voided if it has been confirmed by error.

If, however, you believe that your bet has been voided unfairly and that the events are not related you should file a complaint to IBAS who is an independent adjudication service, and that will look into the matter for you. You can read everything you need to know in our article about how to make a complaint to a bookmaker.