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Coral-Build-Your-Bet-PromotionLots of online betting sites and even some high street bookies are now allowing punters to request odds for any of the outcomes that you want. This is an amusing way of betting and if used in the right way can also be seriously valuable.

Although it has been enhanced, this is not a new feature: bookmakers have always given prices on request. The main difference is that now with technology you can get it almost immediately and you can also share it with other punters.

What Is The Value In The Long Run?

The main point is about the value in the long run. Many different factors have to be considered when setting odds, but if you are going with somewhat obscure predictions, you are likely to get low-value odds as the betting sites will always try to play on the safe side if there isn’t competition in the market. Having said that, if you think you know something that the betting site doesn’t or have a strong opinion on something, you should place these bets. You have to be conscious tough that in the long run, those will have a premium.

Below we have made a list of the betting sites that are allowing request a bet and have analysed the pros and cons of asking to get a price for your own markets.

Best Betting Sites For Requesting A Bet

betvictor 1 - Request Your Own Odds BetVictor  Feature: Price it Up | Request Via: Twitter (#PriceItUp) | Sports: Football | Other: Best Odds Prices for Football | Rating: 5/5

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william hill 1 - Request Your Own Odds William Hill  Feature: Your Odds | Request Via: Twitter (#YourOdds) | Sports: Football + Others | Others: Very Quick To Give Prices | Rating: 4/5

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ladbrokes 1 - Request Your Own Odds Ladbrokes  Feature: Get A Price | Request Via: Twitter (#GetAPrice) | Sports: Football + Others | Other: Premier League + Others | Rating: 4/5

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Coral - Request Your Own Odds Coral  Feature: Build a Bet / Your Call | Request Via: Mobile / Online / Twitter (#YourCall) | Other: Football | Other:Price Instantly! | Rating: 4/5

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betfred 1 - Request Your Own Odds Betfred  Feature: Pick Your Punt | Request Via: Twitter (#PickYourPunt) | Sports: Football + Others | Others: Request Up to 30 min | Rating: 3/5

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Are You Getting Good Value When Requesting A Bet?

request-a-betLet’s tackle the controversial aspect straight on. If we look at the majority of Request A Bet odds, those are generally low value. Having said that if you really want to place a bet, poor odds are still better than no odds at all. If the bet you want to place it is not listed by betting sites, you have no choices either then requesting a bet.

How Betting Sites Are Setting The Odds?

Betting sites are setting their odds depending on the different situations. The best scenario for a betting site is to have a fully balanced book: this means having all the different results being backed proportionally so that the operator can make a profit regardless of the outcome. This is a lot easier for top events to achieve as they do drive lots of interest: the most comfortable lines to manage are the ones that have limited possibilities like for example win/draw/win. This is why betting sites are able to offer the best value for those.

The least popular a market is, and the more outcomes are possible (i.e. first goalscorer) the most difficult is for the betting site to manage their book. Frequently betting sites are using ‘wholesale’ companies to try to offset those lines where they are too exposed in the same way as insurance companies, or banks do. Even by trying this way, however, there is always a limit and might end up with unbalanced books. This is the reason why for bets where there is less request they are increasing their margins to compensate for having potential losses or unbalanced markets.

Low Competition Means Less Value

Since you are requesting a bet, the betting sites are already aware that this is a low competition market and therefore they don’t need to make their offer particularly appealing to attract your bet as you don’t have alternatives. The betting site will also have no chances of balancing that market, so the only way is to increase the margins. You can get more details on how bookmakers are setting odds in our dedicated section.

For this reason, we do not suggest you to request a bet regularly. It is a useful tool, however, as if you believe a player will score, take their shirt off and get booked it is likely that you won’t find this market in the main betting site book. In this scenario, your only chance is to request a bet. It is essential that you have excellent reasons to request a bet as you need to remember that commissions will be higher on those odds.

Will All Betting Sites Offer Prices On Request?

Yes, all the bookmakers offer prices on request, and this has been going on for years. The main difference with now is that today’s betting sites are able to provide prices at much bigger speed.

Back in the days, you had to contact the bookmaker either by phone or in writing with a market request for their traders. You would then receive an answer from the bookmaker with the price that you could accept or decline.
The whole process would take at least 24 hours so if you had to request a bet you would have to consider the lead time.

Technology Has Changed All

Technology has changed all this. Nowadays you merely go to twitter with your mobile, and in a few minutes, you will get an answer from the traders with the suggested odds. This means that you can also request a bet while an event is live. The best betting sites have some dedicated traders that in the space of a few minutes will provide the odds required.

One of the great things about using this modern way of requesting a price is that most betting sites are making the odds available also to other punters. In this way, you can see what other people are doing, and you can decide either to back others predictions or to modify them by asking for different prices. Another advantage of opening up those odds to more people is that betting sites have a chance to balance better the various lines and provide more competitive odds.

How Can You Request Odds?

sky-request-a-betRequesting odds is very simple these days, and the most immediate way is to open a Twitter account once you have opened a betting account with betting sites that do provide those services.

Once you have a twitter account, you can just follow the betting site and then send them a message using the right hashtag (you can see the correct hashtag in the table above). Generally, after a few minutes, the dedicated trading team will get back to you with a message with the price and also a link to where you can place or directly they will add the odds on their betting site in the relevant section.

There Might Be Some Limitations

If you are happy with the odds, you can then go and place the bet. Remember that there might be some time limitation with some betting sites: for example with Betfred, you need to make a odds request not later than 30 minutes before the start of the event.

The alternative to this is to either send an email or use the mobile app feature. Coral, for example, have an excellent mobile app feature called Player Bets where you can make any bet requests you like.

What Is Bet Builders?

Some top betting sites also have an automated betting feature that is called Bet Builders. With this feature you can combine popular football markets: the best thing of using Bet Builders is that is a lot quicker even then requesting odds through social media or via the betting site.

The concept is the same as requesting a bet, but the difference is that the software is capable of calculating the odds immediately: in this way you can see the effect on the odds instantly as you add or remove selections and this is not possible when you are making a request through the channels we have looked at before.

You can read all the details about Bet Builder feature in our dedicated section.

How To Get Best Odds When Requesting A Bet?

When you make a bet request, it is not compulsory for you to accept the odds given. For this reason, nobody is stopping you from making the same request to multiple betting sites and seeing which is the one that is offering the best price. In this way, you can at least reduce some of the significant margins that bookmakers usually are building in those type of bets.

Another way to try and get the best price for a request a bet is to plan it a bit in advance: in this way you can use both the social media and also send traditional requests via the bookmaker contact. In this way, you will get some options, and you can pick the best possible price.

PayOut Limits & Stake

It is essential that you realise that limits for requested bets usually are lower than in the regular betting markets. BetVictor, for example, have a maximum payout of £5,000 per customer for PriceItUp feature. Especially if you are placing multiple bets, you want to double check before you commit as this will avoid a disappointment down the line. The best is to ask for limits when requesting a bet.

Related Contingencies And Request A Bet

william-hill-your-oddsSome bets are not allowed to be combined together if there are somewhat linked: this is called related contingencies. So for example, you cannot combine the goalscorer and the correct score of a single match.

This is why betting sites are offering markets like scorecast and wincast: the first one allows you to bet on goalscorer and correct score while the second one on goalscorer and team to win.

When requesting your own odds, you are able to get prices also on some others related contingencies: for instance, you could request a bet like ‘match to have more than 3.5 goals, Hazard to score, Mourinho to be sent off, 10+ corners in the game’. Those types of related contingencies will never be found on a regular betting site, but you can get it priced up with Request A Bet.

Check First Existing Markets

Some betting sites have a fantastic depth of markets, so it is worth that you check first that the bet you want to make it is not already present on the site. Generally, if a betting site is publishing a market on their site, the value of the odds will be significantly better then the ones of a request a bet.

So only require a price if you can’t find your market in any betting site.

Using Inside Information

Usually, you should only request a bet if you are confident that a particular scenario will happen but you can’t find it priced on betting sites. Maybe you had some intel, or perhaps you have a strong feeling about it.

Let’s say for example that you have got to know that a player has split from his girlfriend because she had an affair. You believe the whole situation will have an effect on his performance and he might be therefore more nervous than he is usually is.

The player he is also a central defender, and he might give away more goals than usual. Adding all this together you could request a bet like ‘player X to get a yellow card and his team to concede 1+ goals’. Even though betting sites will build higher margin on this bet, the bits of knowledge that you have will still increase your edge.

Betting Sites Are Very Careful

The above is different than actually using insider information. Let’s say for example that you request a bet as you are working as a steward at Arsenal and have heard the chief exec saying that player X will be transferred to West Brom this week. You then go and request a bet for this exact scenario. The bet comes off and you might even get away and get paid but surely you will not especially as you have placed lots of money on it.

Betting sites are particularly careful especially when a bet is requested to check if you are using an unfair advantage. In this case, you are since the fact that you are working at Chelsea has given you that edge. You might get away a couple of times but eventually, they will spot it, and you risk to have a ban or get your account severely limited.

Betting sites are acting to protect their books at the end of the day are private companies and if they note something fishy they will not hesitate to stop accepting business from you.

Using Your Own Data

Betting sites traders are setting the odds based on the probability of an event to be happening and also on how many people are backing a market and how much they are punting. When there aren’t robust statistical information traders use their own instincts to set odds, and this opens up to possible human errors.

When you are requesting a bet that is not common, traders do not have any reference points also because the competition is not pricing the market. If you do have access to better information, then you are likely to have an edge as your odds will be a lot more accurate and close to probability then the ones made by betting sites traders.

Take Advantage Of Offers

Usually betting sites are rather generous when they are offering very low odds and for this reason, they tend to rebalance the situation with promotions (like in accumulators for example). Request A Bet falls in this category so if you are looking around you might be able to find deals that might significantly reduce the house margin of the betting site.

When there are great weekends of football we have seen offers like ‘place a £10+ odds request bet, receive a £5 free bet’. Similarly, there are also price boosts available that can turn a poor price into a good one.

Consider Exchange Betting

When using Betting Exchange, you can also become your own bookmaker as you can offer bets and also back those that others punters are proposing. The Betting Exchange will earn a commission from all the matched bets, and for this reason, odds are usually better valued in exchanges.

You can also use an exchange to propose a bet. If, for example, you believe a team will lose by 3 or more goals, and there will be a player sent off instead of requesting a bet to a betting site you could lay the opposite of this on a betting exchange: so you are laying a team to concede less than 3 goals and also no red card). In this way, you will achieve the same result, but you usually will get better value in an exchange.