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Sports Betting Sites UK

Find Your Ideal Sports Betting Sites In The UK

Are you looking to find trustworthy, reliable and generous sports betting sites in the UK but not sure which ones to choose? You are not alone! There are a massive amount of sports betting sites in the UK and even if you are not a complete beginner, it might be rather tough to stay updated as literally new betting sites are launched every single week. Fortunately, our team of experts are here to help you and we have narrowed down the list of sports betting sites in the UK to the top 5. If you already have accounts with them, you can also visit our betting sites section where you will find a broader selection of the best sports betting sites in the UK.

In this article, you will also learn how to find the best UK betting sites and what to look for when signing up. We are very confident that if you are going to follow our advises you will be having a great betting experience. Don’t forget to check betting offers available in our dedicated section to ensure you are not missing out on any value.

Best Sports Betting Sites UK

Important things to know about UK Betting

Betting in the UK is tax-free which means you are going to get 100% of your potential winnings. To bet you must be 18 years old and the operator has to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We strongly advise not to sign up to unlicensed operators as if you do so your money is completely unprotected and the UK Gambling Commission might even block transactions and effectively freeze your money abroad.

As you can probably see yourself, the UK online betting market in the UK is evolving fast with new betting sites and products that are launched every month.

Sports Betting Sites UK

The UK is one of the most established markets when it comes to online gambling. It is highly regulated and this means that it is challenging for a new brand to get a foothold. The UK Gambling Commission has high standards for license holders with betting sites in the UK that have to be committed entirely in not accepting players that are younger than 18 years old. The operators also have to be seen to be socially responsible and proactively protect vulnerable individuals.

Operators also need to pay a decent amount of money to operate: depending on the revenue they make the annual fee can be from £3.4 up to £494K. In addition to those fees there is also a tax on all profits generated from the UK which is 15% (it will be increased to 21% from October 2019). This is in addition to the 19% corporate tax for UK businesses. As you can understand lots of operators have moved their head offices outside Britan to reduce operating costs.

What about UK punters?

UK punters are some of the luckiest in the world as they can benefit from a huge amount of betting offers and also unparalleled safety and transparency. Legally UK resident can sign up to any licensed sports betting sites and be sure their money is safe and protected by the regulation. Sports betting in the UK is completely tax-free and if you believe you have not been treated fairly by a betting site you can file a complaint with an independent adjudication body that will decide on the matter.

Depositing and Withdrawing from UK Sports Betting Sites

The vast majority of banking institutions and online payment providers are based in the UK. This means that they are fully available for any punters to use, as long as they have made a deal with the betting site you have selected. So when choosing a sports betting site in the UK you are likely to be able to use not only credit and debit cards but also e-wallets, Paysafe, bank transfers and a lot more. Recently some UK betting sites have started to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Sports betting sites UK offers

The majority of sports betting sites in the UK will have pretty much similar offers. This is because they are focusing on highly popular sports like football and horse racing. This is why you will find plenty of opportunities when it comes to the biggest events of the most popular sports. Having said that, some new sports betting sites in the UK are adopting a more niche strategy and are trying to acquire new customers by focusing on more obscure sports.

Football betting sites UK

Since football is so popular in the UK, it is not surprising to see that the best sports betting sites in the UK are offering football as their main product. There is a lot of competition for this sport, and as a result, when betting on football in the UK you will be able to get not only great odds but also a wide range of promotions. Odds and offers, however, are not enough alone to make it in the UK market: customers also expect a sound product with many features like in play betting, cash out, live streaming and so on.

Horse racing betting sites UK

Even if horse racing is not as popular as football, it is still very much alive in Britain. Since it does attract lots of customers, most UK sports betting sites are providing huge coverage, competitive odds and top promotions.

Sports Betting Sites UK – New Entrants

Since the UK betting market is very attractive, there are always new entrants that are trying to steal market share from the most established brands. It is therefore not surprising to see new betting sites popping up in the UK almost every month. Not all those sites, however, are equipped to make it in a very competitive environment and some disappear after some time. Others, however, are making the right investments and have come up with innovative products capable of gaining significant pieces of the British betting market.