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SportsbettingIn this sports betting guide, you will learn the most important thing about this popular pastime. The mission of BestBettingSites.online is to give you all the tools you need to make the most of your betting activity. We provide betting advises and review. You can find the best betting sites. You can also take advantage of the offers that can add value to your bets. We do not provide ratings or rankings and there is a specific editorial decision behind this. Ultimately everyone has different individual requirements. It is therefore impossible for us to determine a betting site that will suit everyone. By providing a view of all the different online services offered by the bookmakers we will, however, help you to find the online betting site that best suits your betting needs.

Check the best betting site by sport

In this particular section, we will be looking at betting by sport. We have collated the best betting sites for your favourite sports or events and also looked at what type of bets they are offering and how you can place them successfully. You will also find the most important tournaments and events by sport and also looked at the best offers. We hope that with our website’s reviews you will be able to find the best betting site that fits your sports’ passion.

Betting on Football

betting on football - Sports BettingIt is not surprising that ‘The Game’ is the world’s most bet on sport and this is also why betting sites are focusing most of their promotions on football. By taking a quick look to one of the major betting sites you will quickly realise that you can bet on pretty much anything. All the leagues are covered from the Champions League to the most remote Asian league.

Betting Sites Have Low Margins

On the most popular games, you can bet on around 200 lines with offers and promotions that are far better than in any other sport. Since the competition on football is really strong, betting sites are running on low margins. This is a great advantage for players who get a very fair game. To make the most of all the offers and secure always the best odds it is advisable to have a wide portfolio of online betting sites.

Betting on Horse Racing

betting on horsesIf you love betting on horse racing then you will have a fantastic range of opportunities as this is a major sport as far as betting is concerned. Even if betting horse racing might not be for everyone and its terminology might seem threatening to beginners, it is how everything started and there are fantastic opportunities with this sport. Bookmakers have worked hard to make betting on horses simpler than ever before. Read our complete guide and find out the best betting sites to bet on the nags.

Betting on Tennis

bet on tennisAnother very popular sport that attracts lots of betting is Tennis. Betting on tennis might not be for everyone but it is particularly loved by professional bettors.  Statistically, tennis does also bring lots of advantage to punters. This is because the game is only between two competitors and it does eliminate lots of variants in regards to the outcome. Tennis is especially popular during the British Summer when other sports and events are in close season. It offers very attractive opportunities so it is worth knowing more about where to bet and what offers are available. Despite the vast majority of online betting sites are offering tennis betting and also live streaming, not all bookmakers are providing the same level of depth in the market. For this reason, make sure you read our tennis guide to find the best online tennis betting site and offers.

Betting on Rugby

Rugby bettingSince Rugby is one of the major sports in the UK bookmakers are providing great coverage and lots of betting opportunities and offers. Regardless if you want to bet on the RFU World Cup or Asian domestic Rugby League matches you will find a betting site that is keen to take your business. Similarly to other main sports, you can bet on almost anything on Rugby. From first try scorer to the number of blood injuries during the game. The best bookmakers also offer live betting and live streaming of some games. If you are interested in betting on rugby make sure you read our complete guide. Here you will find a review of the best betting sites, info on how to bet on Rugby, bet types available and major offers.

Betting on Golf

Betting on GolfGolf has become one of the major sports in the world that is now even more accessible with modern technology and full TV coverage. Golf in latest years can be fully enjoyed from home. This is thanks to the interactive features such as GPS tracking and multi-view cameras. Watching and betting on golf has surely become more fun in the latest years. Lots of bookmakers are providing some great opportunities in this regards. Not only you can bet on a whole tournament but also bet in play hole by hole to add to the excitement. In our betting on golf section, you will be able to find which are the best betting sites to bet on golf and also the major events and related offers.

Betting on US Sports

Betting on US SportsIn the last decades, many punters in the UK have struggled bet and also to watch US Sports. Things have changed tough with the arrival of online betting and the improvement of TV coverage. Nowadays there are lots of opportunities for those who are passionate about American Sports.

Despite a significant increase in US Sports betting opportunities some betting sites are still far behind. It is important to select the right bookmaker if you are serious about betting on sports from the other side of the pond. In our US Sports betting guide, we have analysed the best bookmakers to bet if you are looking for market depth, value, streaming, and others. You will also find other useful information like terminologies, how to bet, history and lots more.

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Betting on Greyhound RacingEven though the past decades haven’t been particularly exciting for Greyhound racing things have changed with the arrival of online betting and has emerged as one of the most popular betting sport in the country. The fact that most betting sites are now live streaming the events has attracted a lot of attention. Nowadays more money is bet on the sport off track than ever before.

The majority of betting sites do cover the dogs but only some are excelling in this sport. Read our guide to find out who are the best betting sites for greyhound betting. Also, find out what are the major meetings and offers opportunities to take advantage of.

Betting on Boxing & UFC

Betting on BoxingBoxing has a sport has come a long way and it is now a modern commercial phenomenon capable of attracting hundreds of millions of pounds in a single fight. In the last decade, we have also seen the rise of mixed martial arts. The UFC franchise that is now followed by millions of fans daily. It goes without saying that bookmakers are offering huge opportunities to bet on those sports. If you are passionate about you can achieve very good results by betting on boxing and UFC with the right betting site. For this reason, we have created a useful boxing and UFC betting guide where you will find the best operators, how to bet, and offers.

Betting on Formula 1

Formula 1 bettingFormula 1 is one of the major sports followed by a huge number of people across the world. Betting is the reflection of this. It is not surprising to see that nearly all betting sites are covering the F1. Having said that, the majority of bookies only cover the main markets. For this reason, if you are passionate about betting on Formula 1 you need to find the right betting site for you. In our Betting on Formula 1 guide, we have taken a look at what are the best betting sites for betting on F1. You will find the different markets, and offers. We have also looked at the history of the sport and also provide a view on how to bet and how to take advantage of the many opportunities that can arise during a Grand Prix.

Betting on Cricket

Betting-on-CricketCricket is a sport with a huge tradition as the first international match dating goes back to the 1700’s. Since then, cricket link with betting was evident. In fact, it was the reason the government introduced the gaming act in 1664. The time hasn’t changed the fact that cricket is the perfect betting sport with markets and lines that range from betting on the next ball to betting on the test series.

The arrival of modern online betting sites has made cricket betting even more fun. It has made it accessible to a wider range of people. Especially around major tournaments and top events like The Ashes you can find some great odds and offers to take advantage of. Check out in our full guide how to bet on cricket, the best cricket bookmakers, and the top competitions and offers.

Betting on Darts

Darts has increased in popularity in the last decades. Both PDC and BDO formats have lots of championships and tournaments all year round. There is obviously a lot to bet in the world of darts. This is because it lends itself very well to live betting and streaming. It is important however to find the right betting site in order to get the best value when betting on darts. For this reason, we have selected in our betting on darts guide the best operators.

In addition to that, we have also looked at the best ways to bet on darts, the major tournaments to get involved with and where to find the best odds and offers.

Betting on Snooker & Pool

betting on snookerSnooker and Pool have emerged as some of the top sports in the country. They have top prize money and tournaments that are played all year round: it is not surprising that, also thanks to the live streaming, betting on snooker is more and more popular.

Not every bookmaker tough give Snooker the importance it deserves and it is important you pick the right one. In our betting on snooker and pool guide, we have analysed which are the best bookmakers to bet on snooker. We have also looked at the top betting opportunities for this sport. If you are not too into this sport but willing to learn, you will find also the rules and a brief history of snooker and pool. We will also look at the best offers so you can make the most your betting experience.

Betting on Novelty And Special Bets

Novelty betsThe increase in Novelty betting has been steady thanks to the rise in online betting: the vast majority of bookmakers do provide markets for alternative bets and those are getting more and more popular. Having said that not all the betting sites are the same. When it comes to special betting and you need to pay attention as we found that some prices are really low in value.

To help you betting on novelty and special bets we have therefore created a dedicated guide where you will be able to get to know more this interesting area and also look at what odds and payout to expect.

Betting on ESports

Electronic sports or eSports is a massive growing phenomenon around the world. It basically refers to any professional video gaming including games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Halo and Battle simulations (League of Legends, Dota II, etc.). There are more and more professional teams in the world that compete for prize monies with millions of people watching live or on streaming. Despite bookmakers clearly see this as a growing area not all of them have managed to crack it yet. It is important to select the right betting site if you are willing to bet on eSports. In our guide, we will provide suggestions on how to find the best eSports betting sites, how to place a bet and what are the major events to focus on.

How do you bet on sports effectively?

Betting on sports should be considered a hobby rather than a profession. Surely there are ways to improve your chances of winning by placing bets on sports. Realistically though only a small percentage of punters can make consistent profits from betting.

Like everything in life, if you are looking to be successful in sports betting, you would have to dedicate time and focus. It is undoubtedly not about making a single massive bet and win lots of cash in one go. The most successful punters are making a series of small and smart bets that will add up over time.

Below we have done a checklist that will help in your betting on sports activity:

Open a dedicated bank account

If you are looking to bet on sports professionally, you would need a set up that reflects that. Having a separate bank account will help you see exactly what are the profits and losses from your sports betting activity. Doing a simple Profit & Loss analysis might be very complicated in a single account with mixed personal transactions, etc.

Create betting accounts with selected betting sites

To place bets on sports you would need to have betting accounts. Some sportsbooks are offering generous sign up offers so it makes sense to shop around and open few accounts. This will also allow you to place bets with the betting site that is offering the best odds for the selections you have picked.

Place smart bets

You would need to manage your bankroll well when you are placing bets. For instance, you should not bet more than 0.5 of your bankroll if you are not confident about a particular outcome. You have to work out a betting strategy and test this on an ongoing basis without risking too much of your money.

Do a betting schedule

Don’t bet randomly on every game. Look at the upcoming games and select then ones where you can identify betting value.

Never chase bad bets

The first thing you want to do when you lose a bet is trying to recover losses. This is a massive error and will almost certainly cause you even more losses as you are betting with emotions. Don’t chase bets regardless if it is a winning one or a losing one. Stick with your routine.

Bet sober

When placing bets, you have to have a clear mind, and you have to be able to focus. In sportsbetting emotions can take over us and drive us to make bad decisions when betting.

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