What are the Top 5 Betting Sites?

If you came to this page you probably in a hurry. You simply want the best and fast. Are you looking for the best sports betting sites in the UK? Look no further! Our expert team have reviewed hundreds of top betting sites, compared them and ranked the top 5 best betting sites so that you can pick the one you want safely and quick. Get the best possible deals while signing up by clicking on the ‘Bet Here’ buttons below and good luck!

How We Review Betting Websites

Here at BestBettingSites.Online we analyse lots of different factors when we are reviewing the best betting sites and when we are selecting the top 5 betting sites. The first thing we do is spending a significant amount of time by navigating the bookmaker’s website. Here we check thoroughly what are the features available. We do look for example at what are the sports that are available to wager on and also note down what is the depth of market and the types of bets on offer on the betting site.

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Pro and Cons

In this process, we are listing all the main things that the bookmaker is doing well and not well. In this way, we can start to get a fair and independent view of the site and start to prepare the review for our visitors highlighting pros and cons of the operator.

Mobile betting is key

Nowadays mobile betting is a significant trend and we do our best to ensure that we are not only considering how a betting site is performing on the traditional desktop computer but also how they do on mobile and apps.

In addition to listing all the welcome bonus promotions and offers that the betting site is giving out we also check what are the terms. We analyse how transparent and honest those are. We engage with customer service and look at their current license status.

Only the best betting sites are listed

After all this work, if we believe the betting site is worthy of being listed on BestBettingSites.Online, we write a full review and also rank the bookmaker. If it has made it in the top 5 betting site list we also publish them in this page.

Choosing the Best Bookmaker

BestBettingSites.Online review team has done hours of researching and has reviewed the very best UK top betting sites so that you can benefit from the most thorough and up to date rankings of the leading bookies. You can simply pick your favourite and start betting knowing that you are getting the best possible markets range, odds and betting offers. In this page we have highlighted what are at this moment in time the top 5 betting sites.

Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular

Betting on sports is very popular with millions of wagers that are placed with the UK leading betting sites every week. More and more punters are in fact moving online as they do appreciate the convenience, opportunities and flexibility compared with the traditional betting in shops.

How We Select the Top 5 Betting Sites

BestBettingSites.Online mission is to ensure you are getting the most out of your betting activity. Our team are cautious when selecting betting sites and follow a process which has been tested over the years. When we do assess and select the top 5 betting sites we always consider the following criteria:

Main Criteria To Consider

Safety & Fairness: for a betting site to be considered for ranking it has to be fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Betting Markets Availability: the betting site has to offer an extensive range of sportsbetting markets. It should cover not only the most popular sports like football and horse racing but also niche ones. The depth of the market also has to be very good so that the operator can be considered in the top list.

Get the best odds

Odds Quality: we routinely check all the betting sites we list and also the ones that we don’t to check how good are the odds offered. Having lots of markets is a plus for a betting site, but if the odds are not of good quality, then the offering as a whole is not satisfying for the punters. Remember that over time it is the quality of the odds that define how many chances you have to beat the house.

Secondary Criteria To Consider

Payment Methods: it is expected from a top betting site to offer a wide range of payment methods both as far as deposits and withdrawals are concerned. Withdrawals have to be fast, and the whole payment process should be protected with the best possible security technology.

Platforms: nowadays more and more bets are placed on the go and a top quality bookmaker should be able to offer a mobile platform of excellent quality that will allow the customer to manage their account and place bets seamlessly wherever he is.


Free Bets and Sign-Up Offers: even though the most important thing is to bet with a betting site of great quality, receiving a nice welcome offer is well appreciated. As a result, the vast majority of the top UK betting sites are offering free bets and welcome bonuses when you open an account with them: this free credits will allow you to check their platform and also boost your bankroll. Bookmakers’ offers are normally triggered after you have made the first deposit or placed your first bet.

Terms & Conditions

There are many different betting offers, and it is imperative to read the terms and conditions before getting involved. We do use welcome offers as a ranking criterion, and we look at how transparent the terms are.

What are the types of betting sites welcome bonus offered?

Deposit Bonus – with this offer you only need to deposit a specified amount of money.  After that place your bet and you will receive an extra amount as a bonus from the betting site. The bonus is usually calculated as a percentage of your first deposit.

Make the most of the free bets!

Free Bets – this is the most common type of betting offer. They are usually given once you make your first bet using your own cash. Free bets can be of many different sorts. In some cases, you will get back the original stake and the winnings while with some operators the stake is not provided.

Matched Bets – this betting offer is linked to the value of the first bet you make with your own money. So if a betting site is offering a 100% matched bet offer and you place a £50 bet, you will receive £50 free credit in your account.

Always check the terms and conditions of betting sites bonus offers

It is important to remember that bonus offers and free bets are all regulated by terms and conditions. Some betting offers look better than others at first glance, but when reading the terms, it might not be the case. Is therefore very important to check all the terms before committing to any offers. This will ensure you are getting the most value out of your betting activity.

The important of odds

Of course, betting with a reputable betting site, it is critical but to become a successful long-term punter you will need to have an excellent understanding of the odds. Bookmakers make a profit by setting the odds as this is where they calculate the house margin: if you are able to spot gaps and opportunities were the traders might have got some odds wrong you will immediately increase your chances of winning over the house.

Having several betting accounts is good

All the best betting sites in the UK are displaying odds on a fractional basis as a default. Those however can also be changed to decimal or American depending on your wishes. Our suggestion is to focus on one or two sports where you have excellent knowledge as this will help you spotting potentials opportunities with odds offered by bookmakers. It is also strongly advised to have several betting accounts with different top betting sites. This is because you will be able to select every time you bet, the bookmaker that is offering best odds and offers for the wager you have picked.

Therefore, over a long period, you will massively increase your chances of winning as you will be getting significantly more value.

New Top Betting Sites

At BestBettingSites.Online we know very well that the online betting industry is a fast paced one. New operators are consistently coming up with new ideas and approaches to try and gain customers from the traditional bookmakers.

Therefore we believe that to be able to provide our readers with a top quality service, we need to continuously update our reviews and keep our eyes well open to judge new operators products.

Why it is important to stay updated with new betting sites?

Punters might be lead to think that established betting sites will always have the best offers and odds.  In our experience, we can tell you that you will be surprised by some of the newest entrants in the market. New betting sites have the pressure to get new customers. Therefore to do so they usually come up with brand new features that might not be available elsewhere.

Design and mobile are key to success

Most of them are focusing on delivering a great responsive website design. In this way they can deliver great mobile betting experience. Others are offering multi-wallet payment methods, better niche sport coverage and very sleek mobile applications.

In addition to consistently check what the most established online bookmakers have to offer, we also monitor new betting sites so that by visiting BestBettingSites.Online you will always be fully up-to-speed with all the aspects of the online sports betting industry.

How we evaluate new betting sites quality?

Thanks to our service you won’t have to spend endless hours on the web researching for the top 5 betting sites. We do provide you with all the information about the operators. In this way you can decide which one is more suitable to your betting style.

We spend lots of time researching

Besides, if you are a Premier League punter, a horse racing one or something else. Our team of sports betting experts is working long hours to ensure you are getting absolutely the best from your online betting experience.

By consistently reviewing and researching old and new betting sites we are able to identify the most reliable ones clearly. In this way, you can genuinely enjoy betting online.

We are impartial in the evaluation

We are utterly impartial site. You can ensure that everything we do is done with your best interest in mind. Our mission is to do whatever we can to help you win the battle against the bookmakers. Most importantly, so you can walk away with a profit while having fun betting on sport.  To do so it is useful to know what are the top 5 betting sites in the UK.