What Is IBAS?

IBASIf you have spent some time looking on bookmakers websites you would have noticed some reference to ‘IBAS’. This is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service and it plays a crucial part in the betting industry.

On this page, we will explain exactly what is IBAS role, what they can and can’t do in case you come to a disagreement with a bookmaker.

If you want to get more details on how to complain to a bookmaker or a gambling company check our dedicated section.

The History Of IBAS

In 1998 there wasn’t protection for customers that were betting with bookmakers as the Gambling Act was introduced years later. A bet was simply a ‘gentleman agreement’ and nothing more. The service grew fast in popularity and so far IBAS has awarded more than £5 million back to players.

What are IBAS Duties?

customer complaints - IBASIn a nutshell, the company resolve disputes between punters and licensed operators. So if there is a disagreement over a game played or a bet placed then you can ask the intervention of IBAS. In addition to that, IBAS also give useful advice on how to avoid and also how to resolve disagreements without escalating.

Before going to them you are required to try to get a resolution of your dispute directly with the operator.

How Does The Complaints Procedure Work?

Each time someone escalates a complaint to IBAS this will be analysed by a panel of independent experts from the gambling industry. The panel aim is to reach a decision that is based on best practises, law and legal precedents.

IBAS is free of charge service and gambling operators that hold a Gambling Commission license will have to honour the decision. They can decide on cases up to £10,000. Above that limit, players can look to the courts.

Companies Pay Registration Fees

Licensed gambling companies pay a registration fee to IBAS and they also sign terms and conditions that they will accept IBAS’s decisions in case of dispute.

It is worth noting that not all gambling operators are registered with IBAS. There might be some new betting sites that are not with them yet. Having said that, pretty much all the major betting sites have signed up. In case you have a dispute with a company that is not with IBAS then you should go directly to the Gambling Commission or ASA. Alternatively, you can go to court. You will find a complete list of IBAS registered sites on their platform.

Sectors Of Gambling Industry IBAS Is Dealing With

As you know the gambling industry is massive. IBAS deal with most areas but you can check more directly on their site if you want to know more.

How to make a complaint to IBAS?

IBAS intervene in a dispute when both parties have made every attempt to resolve the issue themselves. So if you believe a betting company hasn’t behaved correctly, the first thing you have to do is to contact the bookmaker directly.

If the dispute is still open, you can escalate it to them. They will request a written statement from all parties involved.

Following The Procedures

ibas_complaints_proceedureIBAS always encourage you to try to resolve the matter with the gambling operator first. The majority of betting companies have PR departments and customer service personnel that would rather get things sorted internally. This is because their ruling will be a time-consuming process for them to go through. If you end up going to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, you will follow this process.

IBAS will ask for a written statement from both parties and also ask for all supporting evidence. Once they have all the information the independent panel will make a decision. If either party disagree they can ask for the decision to be reviewed. The process is very transparent and the aim is to avoid that either party will feel that something is unfair.

How to Appeal Or Complain About A Ruling

If you are not happy with the decision you can appeal a ruling. The next step if still not happy is to submit a written complaint.

If you are still not happy or you believe they have dealt with the matter incorrectly, you can escalate the complaint to the Gambling Commission or even to the British Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

What they are not covering?

If there are issues with customer service including how a website is working this is not something they will be responsible for dealing with. In the same way, they will not accept complaints about accounts that have been closed or bets that are not being accepted.
If you think there has been cheating or you have concerns about a game fairness, you shouldn’t go to the IBAS, but you will want to speak with the Gambling Commission directly.

As a simple rule remember that IBAS handle all disputes while complaints about how the gambling company is operating should go to the Gambling Commission.