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What Is The Best Betting Site

How To Find The Best Betting Site?

Deciding what is the best betting site out there is a complicated task. First of all the betting industry is very fluid and some new operators are popping up every single week. Secondly, every one of us is different in regards to betting tastes, and for this reason, there isn’t an only betting site that fits perfectly all of us. Having said that with the experience you are able to recognise what are the betting sites of higher quality as there are some clearly defined criteria to consider when ranking the different operators.

This is why here at BestBettingSites.Online we have done the hard work for you: we have tested, reviewed and compared all the top sports betting sites in the UK market and come up with a list of the best betting sites. Whatever question you have about betting online you will find the answer on our website. In the meantime below we have selected what we believe at the top 5 best betting sites and also briefly mentioned the reasons why. If you already have accounts with those brands, check other top betting sites in our betting sites section. All the operators listed on this site are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission so are 100% trustable and safe.

Best Betting Sites

What are the most important criteria when choosing the best betting site?

As mentioned above everyone has slightly different preferences when it comes to choosing the best betting site. Having said that we have identified 10 different common criteria that you should look for when looking for the top betting site. By following this suggestion, you will ensure that all the aspects of an operator’s betting product are carefully reviewed and are given the attention that they need. You will also have some objective metrics to compare the many betting sports betting sites out there.

Surely considering the betting options, how high the odds are and the market offering is essential but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other categories that should be considered when selecting a betting site. Live betting and also live streaming, for example, are particularly important, and the same can be said for mobile app and range of offers. Payments options, customer support and security, will also need to be taken into account.

New betting operators are coming up all the time with the clear intent of challenging the traditional operators and to do so they come up with innovative ways to place bets on sports. On a first look those new operators might seem very similar but if you start exploring deeper, you will see that those have a range of unique features that make them significantly different one to the others.

How Important Are A Wide Range Of Bet Market?

For both the casual and the professional punter, betting markets are critical. Having lots of sports available to bet on and a great market depth will ultimately increase your opportunities to wager and it is a crucial thing to consider when choosing your best betting site. You should be able to bet on anything it comes through your mind and considering the strong competition within the different betting site, you should expect operators to accommodate.

Not all the betting sites are able to be competitive in the same way in all sports. For this is essential for you to select those betting sites that have a stronger proposition on those sports you are likely to bet on mostly.

How Good Are the In-Play Features?

In-play betting has been one of the recent innovations that have really helped online betting to explode in popularity. What we have noticed during our review is that new operators are focusing a lot to provide a better in-play experience especially on mobile devices. They do so as they see a great opportunity in in-play betting to attract younger generations and ‘steal’ market share from traditional betting sites.

Which Betting Site Has The Best Prices?

Although odds change very frequently, some bookmakers tend to excel especially in some sports. BetVictor, for example, is known to be leading the pack on essential football matches like the Premier League. We do suggest you open a few accounts with the top betting sites so that you can make a decision bet by bet ensuring you are always getting the best possible price.

How Good Is Mobile Betting?

Another area that has revolutionised the world of betting has been the rise in smartphone mobile technology. All studies are showing that the use of mobiles to place bets has increasingly risen in the last few years and the expectations are that this trend is set to continue. For a betting site, it is paramount to be able to offer a great mobile betting experience to their customers. A successful betting site should be capable of providing a sleek mobile site version and also qualitative betting apps.

Who Has the Best Bonus Offer?

The welcome bonus is one of the most important criteria to consider when picking a betting site. Since the competition in the industry is strong, betting sites are forced to offer very generous welcome deals so to stands out and attract new customers. The norm is around £25 free however some betting sites are offering even more lucrative deals: it is crucial always to read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully to avoid any disappointments down the line and ensure you will get the maximum possible bonus.

Payments Methods That Are Available?

The payment methods available can make a huge difference to lots of punters. You want to sign up with a betting site that can offer all the most popular payment methods like credit and debit cards, but also give you the option to deposit and withdraw via e-Wallets like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and others. It is also essential to make sure that you are not being charged fees for transactions: nowadays most betting sites will not charge you and this is what you should expect. If you see that you are being charged fees either for deposit or withdrawals, you should probably look around and pick another betting site.